The Best of Sickipedia

A Collection of the Sickest, Most Offensive and Politically Incorrect Jokes

Author: Ivor Hugh Jardon

Publisher: CreateSpace


Category: Humor

Page: 164

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"It's the perfect present for that rich granny with a heart condition." "This book will give you the best chat in the pub, dazzle dates in fancy restaurants, and provide endless family entertainment at Christmas." "Just what the doctor ordered. Funny as hell from start to finish." This book is a selection of some of the best jokes which have been hand picked from a collection of over 300,000 jokes from Sickipedia - the world's top joke website. The jokes contained within these pages are sick, rude, politically incorrect, offensive, obscene and in some cases Just Wrong, but the end results are Funny and Hilarious. All of the jokes are submitted by the general public to Sickipedia. Every time there is a big story - say a murder or a disaster, following the news comes the jokes. Psychologists probably have something to say about this, but not us, we just want to be the number one place for finding, recording and disseminating this material. WARNING: The content of this book is packed full of inappropriate material. It is definitely NOT suitable for children or the easily offended. Within these pages are jokes about religion, racism, crime and illegal sex acts. Remember what you read are not points of view; they are just jokes - nothing more! Here's a selection of what topics to expect! Some Top Jokes The Sickipedia 10 Commandments Crime The Police Sex Crimes Drink & Drugs Theft Murder Other Crimes What Not to Say on a First Date Illness and Mortality Cancer AIDS & Other STD's Alzheimer/Dementia Disabilities Death The Sickipedians Guide to Britishness Racism The British Chavs, Pikeys and Gypsies The Scottish The Welsh The Irish Europe Americans Asian Indians & Pakistanis Black Excuses for being late Religion Christianity Catholics Jewish Other Religions Good news. Bad News Sex and Shit Sex The Wife Blondes The Rules! Other Football Wordplay One-Liners Misunderstandings Limericks

The Language of Jokes in the Digital Age

Viral Humour

Author: Delia Chiaro

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 166

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In this accessible book, Delia Chiaro provides a fresh overview of the language of jokes in a globalized and digitalized world. The book shows how, while on the one hand the lingua-cultural nuts and bolts of jokes have remained unchanged over time, on the other, the time-space compression brought about by modern technology has generated new settings and new ways of joking and playing with language. The Language of Jokes in the Digital Age covers a wide range of settings from social networks, e-mails and memes, to more traditional fields of film and TV (especially sitcoms and game shows) and advertising. Chiaro’s consideration of the increasingly virtual context of jokes delights with both up-to-date examples and frequent reference to the most central theories of comedy. This lively book will be essential reading for any student or researcher working in the area of language and humour and will be of interest to those in language and media and sociolinguistics.

Securitizing Islam

Identity and the Search for Security

Author: Stuart Croft

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 278

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Securitizing Islam shows how views of Muslims have changed in Britain since 9/11, following debates over terrorism, identity and multiculturalism.

Entertainment Management

Towards Best Practice

Author: Stuart Moss

Publisher: CABI


Category: Travel

Page: 328

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Following on from The Entertainment Industry: An Introduction, Entertainment Management takes the next step in the development of entertainment as a practice and as an academic subject. Aimed at higher level undergraduates, the book discusses best practices in the entertainment industry, profiling a different discipline per chapter, each one a branch of entertainment that offers employment opportunities within the sector. Fields include marketing, P.R., the media, live events, artist management, arts and culture, consultancy and visitor attractions. The book aims to reflect the knowledge students will need for real world of entertainment management such as technical standards, business management, people management, economic aspects and legal issues. Each chapter discusses the background of the discipline, best practice management principles, issues in the wider environment, case studies of real organisations and future trends.

The Languages of Humor

Verbal, Visual, and Physical Humor

Author: Arie Sover

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 336

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Why are things funny? How has humor changed over the centuries? How can humor be a political force? Featuring expert authors from across the globe, The Languages of Humor discusses three main types of humour: verbal, visual, and physical. Despite the differences between them, all have a common purpose, showing us in different ways the reality that we live in, and how we can reflect on that reality. To this end, the book shows how humor has been used to address such topics as the Holocaust and the Soviet Union, and why it has been controversial in cases including Charlie Hebdo. The Languages of Humor explores a subject that is of interest in a wide range of intellectual disciplines including sociology, psychology, communication, philosophy, history, social sciences, linguistics, computer science, literature, theatre, education, and cultural studies. This volume features contributions from world-leading academics, some of who have professional backgrounds in this field. This unique research-led book, which includes over 20 illustrations, offers a top-down analysis of humor studies.

Survey of China Mainland Press

Author: United States. Consulate General (Hong Kong, China)



Category: China


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