The Art of Sports Photography

Author: Marc Aspland

Publisher: Prestel Pub


Category: Photography

Page: 144

View: 773

One of today's most accomplished sports photographers, Marc Aspland, presents the highlights of a storied career documenting incredible moments in sports. Fans of sports, photography, and portraiture will find something to astonish them on every page of this exciting retrospective.

The Art of Sport

The Best of Reuters Sports Photography


Publisher: Financial Times Management


Category: Athletics

Page: 188

View: 628

The Art of Sport offers a striking collection of sporting pictures taken by Reuters photographers who have had the vision to see and capture extraordinary moments of prowess, drama and beauty from the world of sport. A mixture of first-hand accounts and fine imagery, the photographs in this collection bring alive some of the most colorful, eventful and memorable moments in recent sporting events from around the world. They comprise a story with many threads--action, celebration, skill, power and grace--and offer some of the most spectacular and significant sporting images you will ever see. Some will be familiar, others will jog memories, but most will be seen here for the first time, and all have a story behind them. The Art of Sport sets each photograph in context, outlining the circumstances behind the image- how the photographers came to witness these events and how they managed to document them. It showcases the two essential characteristics of the top sports photojournalist--a nose for a story and an eye for a photo.


The Art of Sport

Author: Eileen Langsley



Category: Gymnastics

Page: 208

View: 648

This album is a unique book which celebrates the beauty and excitement of competitive gymnastics through the medium of photography. In addition it is a book which invites those from within the sport - gymnasts, coaches and judges - to express their views and feelings about what gymnastics means to them and what it has given to their lives. The worldwide appeal and popularity of the sport is reflected in these pages and it is hoped that the book will become a valued souvenir for all who love gymnastics.

Cool Careers Without College for People Who Love Sports

Author: Carla Mooney

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 104

View: 300

Whether a reader’s interests are in playing sports, coaching, or simply sharing a sports experience with others, he or she will find a find a foothold in this extensive career guide. There are many, many career options within the field of sports, and, as this title will show readers, several of them don’t require higher education. This guide breaks down these options, offering a long list of online and offline resources for the determined career seeker and several first-person accounts from professionals in the field.

Portrait Photography

The Art of Seeing Light

Author: Don Blair

Publisher: Amherst Media


Category: Photography

Page: 124

View: 583

The tools, lighting styles, and problem-solving techniques used by top portrait photographers are covered in a practical manual that features instruction on dragging the shutter for a balanced exposure and metering a subject with confidence. Original.

The Art of Strip Photography

Making Still Images with a Moving Camera

Author: Maarten Vanvolsem

Publisher: Universitaire Pers Leuven


Category: Photography

Page: 212

View: 218

Maarten Vanvolsem explains how the strip technique can tell a different story of time and space in photographic images, a story that leads to new expressions and experiences of time and movement.

The Art of Black & White Photography

Author: John Garrett

Publisher: Amphoto Books


Category: Photography

Page: 160

View: 855

A comprehensive guide to black and white photography, featuring more than 190 superb photographs with precise details of how they were taken and printed. Included are hints and tips for photographing portraits, sports and action, architecture, nudes, children, reportage, still life, landscape, and nature. - Back cover.

Digital Nature Photography

The Art and the Science

Author: John and Barbara Gerlach

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Photography

Page: 220

View: 996

Identifying a beautiful image in nature is easy, but capturing it is often challenging. To truly seize the essence of a photograph shot out of the studio and in the world requires an artistic eye and impeccable set of photographic techniques. John and Barbara Gerlach have been teaching photographers how to master the craft of photographing nature and the outdoors through their workshops and best-selling books for more than twenty years. Now, equipped with brand new images to share and skills to teach, this celebrated photo team is sharing their latest lessons in the second edition of Digital Nature Photography. Notable revisions in this new edition include introducing the concepts of focus stacking and HDR, as well as expanded discussions of multiple exposure, wireless flash, RGB histograms, live view, shutter priority with auto ISO, hand-held shooting techniques, and the author’s equipment selections. The inspiring imagery in this book covers a broader range of subjects than before including ghost towns, the night sky, animals, and sports, in addition to the classic nature photographs we expect from this very talented author team. This book is a comprehensive guide to one of the broadest subjects in photography, explained and dymystified by two respected masters.