The Art of Smart Football

Author: Chris B. Brown

Publisher: Scbb Press


Category: Football

Page: 182

View: 817

Masterfully blending thought provoking analysis with engrossing storytelling, The Art of Smart Football examines football's most innovative and enduring strategies and ideas, through the lens of the sport's best coaches and players. The Art of Smart Football is an eye-opening, fascinating and accessible contribution to our understanding of America's favorite sport. The Art of Smart Football features analysis of football's top strategists and schemes, including: Pete Carroll's aggressive defense Chip Kelly's spread offense and new-school methods The roots of Bill Belichick's defensive genius Gus Malzahn's up-tempo offense The strategies Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers use to shred defenses Art Briles and Baylor's wide open attack Nick Saban's defensive evolution The book also includes explorations of the newest trends in football, including "packaged plays" that combine runs and passes into one play, "pattern match" defenses that blend man-to-man and zone pass coverages, how defenses are responding to the spread offense, and much more. Praise for The Art of Smart Football: "The Art of Smart Football made me a smarter football writer . . . Football, as presented by these coaches and by Brown, is such an imaginative game. It's a great read: Go buy it." -- Peter King, The MMQB/Sports Illustrated "A must read if you are a football junkie." -- Trent Dilfer, ESPN/13-year NFL Veteran Quarterback "The best analysis in the game today." -- Rolling Stone "Awesome stuff. I recommend The Art of Smart Football to any coach or fan." -- Matt Bowen, ESPN Columnist/NFL Veteran "When Chris B. Brown releases a book, you should buy it." -- Bill Barnwell, Grantland/ESPN "A deep dive into football. Highly recommended." -- Field Yates, ESPN "The Art of Smart Football is a perfect read for anyone looking to take their knowledge of the game up a notch." --

The Perfect Pass

American Genius and the Reinvention of Football

Author: S. C. Gwynne

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: History

Page: 304

View: 136

An “excellent sports history” (Publishers Weekly) in the tradition of Michael Lewis’s Moneyball, award-winning historian S.C. Gwynne tells the incredible story of how two unknown coaches revolutionized American football at every level, from high school to the NFL. Hal Mumme spent fourteen mostly losing seasons coaching football before inventing a potent passing offense that would soon shock players, delight fans, and terrify opposing coaches. It all began at a tiny, overlooked college called Iowa Wesleyan, where Mumme was head coach and Mike Leach, a lawyer who had never played college football, was hired as his offensive line coach. In the cornfields of Iowa these two mad inventors, drawn together by a shared disregard for conventionalism and a love for Jimmy Buffett, began to engineer the purest, most extreme passing game in the 145-year history of football. Implementing their “Air Raid” offense, their teams—at Iowa Wesleyan and later at Valdosta State and the University of Kentucky—played blazingly fast—faster than any team ever had before, and they routinely beat teams with far more talented athletes. And Mumme and Leach did it all without even a playbook. “A superb treat for all gridiron fans” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review), The Perfect Pass S.C. Gwynne explores Mumme’s leading role in changing football from a run-dominated sport to a pass-dominated one, the game that tens of millions of Americans now watch every fall weekend. Whether you’re a casual or ravenous football fan, this is “a rousing tale of innovation” (Booklist), and “Gwynne’s book ably relates the story of that innovation and the successes of the man who devised it” (New York Journal of Books).

The Genius of Desperation

The Schematic Innovations that Made the Modern NFL

Author: Doug Farrar

Publisher: Triumph Books


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 272

View: 460

If necessity has been the mother of invention throughout the history of professional football, it could also be said that desperation is the father. Rare are the football innovations that have occurred without an owner, general manager, coach, or player up against the wall and reaching for a way to succeed anyway. In this meticulously researched, lively book, Bleacher Report lead NFL scout Doug Farrar traces the schematic history of the pro game through these "if this/then that" moments—paradigm shifts in the game from 1920 through the present. More than just a book about schemes and strategies, The Genius of Desperation: The Schematic Innovations that Made the Modern NFL also tells the stories of the game's most prominent innovators, the adversities they endured, and the ways in which they learned to exceed their own expectations on the path to true greatness. Everyone from George Halas to Greasy Neale, Paul Brown to Sid Gillman, Bill Walsh to Chip Kelly is featured, as well as many more. The Genius of Desperation is a narrative arc through the history of the game as it's never been told before.

Training football for smart playing

on tactical performance of teams and players

Author: Israel Teoldo

Publisher: Appris Editora e Livraria Eireli - ME


Category: Education

Page: 319

View: 197

In an ever-changing world, such as soccer's, only intelligence may truly help, since, besides being able to act effectively, it is essential to know how to think about the best way to act. Therefore, in the more recent years of modern soccer, the tactical component has been increasingly valued and diffused. Particularly in Brazil, this dimension of sport performance has been studied and applied by many professionals of this field, from the youth academies to professional level. This book was conceived to help those who devote much of their time to improving the quality of the game, and to training highly enlightened, creative and intelligent players. Hence, this work presents procedures and ideas that, besides assisting in the task of evaluating the tactical performance of soccer players and teams, also allow improving their expression throughout the learning and training phase.

The Art of Intrusion

The Real Stories Behind the Exploits of Hackers, Intruders and Deceivers

Author: Kevin D. Mitnick

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Computers

Page: 288

View: 215

Hacker extraordinaire Kevin Mitnick delivers the explosive encore to his bestselling The Art of Deception Kevin Mitnick, the world's most celebrated hacker, now devotes his life to helping businesses and governments combat data thieves, cybervandals, and other malicious computer intruders. In his bestselling The Art of Deception, Mitnick presented fictionalized case studies that illustrated how savvy computer crackers use "social engineering" to compromise even the most technically secure computer systems. Now, in his new book, Mitnick goes one step further, offering hair-raising stories of real-life computer break-ins-and showing how the victims could have prevented them. Mitnick's reputation within the hacker community gave him unique credibility with the perpetrators of these crimes, who freely shared their stories with him-and whose exploits Mitnick now reveals in detail for the first time, including: A group of friends who won nearly a million dollars in Las Vegas by reverse-engineering slot machines Two teenagers who were persuaded by terrorists to hack into the Lockheed Martin computer systems Two convicts who joined forces to become hackers inside a Texas prison A "Robin Hood" hacker who penetrated the computer systems of many prominent companies-andthen told them how he gained access With riveting "you are there" descriptions of real computer break-ins, indispensable tips on countermeasures security professionals need to implement now, and Mitnick's own acerbic commentary on the crimes he describes, this book is sure to reach a wide audience-and attract the attention of both law enforcement agencies and the media.

The Art of Getting Wrecked

Author: Peter Roren

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand


Category: Fiction

Page: 364

View: 719

The Art of Getting Wrecked is the true story about what led the author to build a yacht in his garden, sail off to circumnavigate the world, and hopefully, somewhere along the route, find his roots, dreams, and Shangri La. His dream of a circumnavigation was put on hold in the Caribbean when he was shipwrecked after hitting a reef at night. Peter and his mate Mariann raise their dream while living on the beach and go on to survive just about everything that can be thrown at sailors- tropical storms, a Latin-American revolution, a mutiny, and two dismastings. Peter's 35 years on a tiny tropical island are described with pathos, wit, and gentle humour. His amazing story offers a whimsical mix of observation, opinion, and anecdote. By choice he is thrust into a small Caribbean island culture, which he describes with sincerity, warmth, and respect for the people of Bequia. His Island in the Sun, where he has lived the good life since 1984.

The Art of Falling

Author: Jenny Kaczorowski

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 250

View: 442

For seventeen-year-old Bria Hale, image is everything. She's a militant vegan with purple hair, Doc Martens and a permanent scowl. Kissing captain of the football team Ben Harris? Definitely not part of that image. Now with each secret kiss, she's falling deeper for the boy every girl at Oceanside High is crushing on. Throw in a few forbidden bacon cheeseburgers and she's facing one major identity crisis. Ignoring Ben should be easy, but when a flashy display of artistic spirit lands her in close quarters after hours with the boy she's too cool to like, she can't keep pretending those kisses meant nothing. With her reputation and her heart on a collision course, Bria must either be true to herself or to the persona she's spent all of high school creating. Praise for THE ART OF FALLING THE ART OF FALLING gives an honest look at self discovery during those delicate teen years, and how easy it can be to succumb to the stereotypes, yet how brave it is to rise above them. - Ginger at Jenny Kaczorowski's writing is easy to follow and before I knew it I was halfway through the book. If all of Bloomsbury Spark's books are like The Art of Falling they have a winning formula. - Luna at Luna's Little Library Jenny Kaczorowski's debut is fun, engaging and sweet and I'll definitely devour her future novels when I'm in need of an afternoon of escapism! - Sophie at So Many Books, So Little Time The romance between Bria and Ben was heartwarming, and the journey as Bria struggles to break out of the role she's created is very satisfying. - Airianna at Ninja Girl Reads

Zen in the Art of the SAT

How to Think, Focus, and Achieve Your Highest Score

Author: Matt Bardin

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 240

View: 873

How do you prepare for a test? Study the material, of course. But studying for the SAT is different—knowing facts is not enough. On the SAT, basic information is presented in tricky new combinations, and getting the right answers depends less on what you know than on how you think. Zen in the Art of the SAT, written for those in grades 9–12, can help you achieve your highest score on the new SAT. • Learn to let go of worries and fears, calm your mind, and bring your attention to the present moment. • Explore the main obstacles actual students have faced and how they overcame them. • Assess yourself: know what role anxiety plays in your test-taking and learn how to change reading habits that may be limiting your success. • Create a study plan that will work for you. • Find out how your parents can support you best. • Discover your mind’s hidden natural ability to solve problems. The techniques in Zen in the Art of the SAT were developed through years of work with students in New York City, one of the most competitive test-prep markets in America.

The Art of Disruption

A Manifesto For Real Change

Author: Magid Magid

Publisher: Bonnier Zaffre


Category: Political Science

Page: 256

View: 764

'Read this book!' Caroline Lucas 'My money's on Magid.' Thandie Newton 'A man so inspiring you will have no choice but to cast your hopeless lethargy asunder' - Rufus Hound A guide to being courageous and community-minded, and to disrupting and dismantling age-old power structures in work, life and politics, written by someone who has done exactly that. Let's be honest. Magid Magid's story seems an unlikely one. He's a Somali-born black Muslim refugee who became the youngest ever Lord Mayor of Sheffield and one of the last UK MEPs. Magid has made headlines nationally and internationally for his creative ways of campaigning while not conforming to tradition and being unapologetically himself. Magid had no idea that the poster he dreamed up for a local music festival in 2018 would go viral. The poster contained the 10 commandments he tries to live by. He had no idea that this poster would come to represent a movement that has swept him to the heart of local and European establishment politics. Now, for the first time, he reveals the stories behind each of these 'commandments'; what drives him, the obstacles he overcame and what makes him hopeful. 'His voice and representation are inspirational and a force to reckon with.' Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, lawyer, activist and author 'It's easy to problematise the world, but Magid has offered us answers , solutions and even the possibility of a new politics.' Jon McClure, lead singer of Reverend and The Makers 'Magid's book could not be more timely. A must read for anyone who wants to change the world.' Chunky Mark, The Artist Taxi Driver

The Art of Sportscasting

How to Build a Successful Career

Author: Tom Hedrick

Publisher: Taylor Trade Publications


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 310

View: 304

Author Tom Hedrick has elicited and gathered strategic and tactical advice from the top professionals in sporstcasting. Over 76 top-notch sports broadcasting personalities share their experience and acquired wisdom, including Curt Gowdy, Ray Scott, Bob Costas, Jack Buck, Jim Nantz, Keith Jackson, Bob Starr, Joe Castiglione, Kevin Harlan, and Mitch Holthus. While their stories are enjoyable and motivating, these pros do more than reminisce. They itemize specific actions with lists of do's and don'ts and tips. Most importantly, they talk about the strong personal values and philosophies that are and have been essential to their success and to the journey for getting there.

The Art of Hard Conversations

Biblical Tools for the Tough Talks That Matter

Author: Lori Stanley Roeleveld

Publisher: Kregel Publications


Category: Reference

Page: 192

View: 232

Your next conversation could impact someone's life forever Hard conversations challenge everyone. Some people make every effort to avoid them altogether; others dive in enthusiastically, damaging relationships in the process. A solid middle ground is difficult to find--especially for those who want to make sure they're following a biblical model for these tough encounters. Lori Roeleveld firmly believes that the dialogues everyday Christians delay are often the very channels God wants to use to deepen relationships and transform lives. And she is eager to address the challenges they pose and to guide readers to meaningful conversations that rely on the wisdom of the Bible rather than the world. In The Art of Hard Conversations, Roeleveld provides motivation, inspiration, and practical, readily applied skills to make those tricky talks more effective. Through funny, vulnerable personal stories, sound biblical teaching, and sections of tips and assignments to practice, the principles here are guaranteed to increase the confidence and competence of Christians in discussing sensitive topics of every kind.

The Art of Writing an English Essay

Essay, Paragraph Comprehension and Exams with Tmodel Answers

Author: Ashraf Moawad Mustafa

Publisher: Al Manhal


Category: Literary Collections

Page: 392

View: 329

يتناول هذا الكتاب طرق كتابة مقال باللغة الإنجليزية، ومهاراتها وكيفية صقلها والتدريب عليها، كذلك وكيفية فهم نص باللغة الإنجليزية ...

The Art of Public Writing

Author: Zachary Michael Jack

Publisher: Parlor Press LLC


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 292

View: 118

Today’s professionals recognize the need to elevate written communication beyond argument-driven pedantry, political polemic, and obtuse pontification. Whether the goal is to write the next serious work of best-selling nonfiction, to develop a platform as a public scholar, or simply to craft clear and concise workplace communication, The Art of Public Writing demystifies the process, showing why it’s not just nice, but necessary, to connect with those inside and outside one’s area of expertise. Drawing on a diverse set of examples ranging from Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species to Steven Levitt’s Freakonomics, Zachary Michael Jack offers invaluable advice for researchers, scholars, and working professionals determined to help interpret field-specific debates for wider audiences, address complex issues in the public sphere, and successfully engage audiences beyond the Corner Office and the Ivory Tower.

The Art of Strategy: A Game Theorist's Guide to Success in Business and Life

Author: Avinash K. Dixit

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 512

View: 324

“I am hard pressed to think of another book that can match the combination of practical insights and reading enjoyment.”—Steven Levitt Game theory means rigorous strategic thinking. It’s the art of anticipating your opponent’s next moves, knowing full well that your rival is trying to do the same thing to you. Though parts of game theory involve simple common sense, much is counterintuitive, and it can only be mastered by developing a new way of seeing the world. Using a diverse array of rich case studies—from pop culture, TV, movies, sports, politics, and history—the authors show how nearly every business and personal interaction has a game-theory component to it. Mastering game theory will make you more successful in business and life, and this lively book is the key to that mastery.

The Art of Lobbying

Author: Bertram J Levine

Publisher: SAGE


Category: Political Science

Page: 249

View: 764

Often the whipping boys of politicians and pundits, lobbyists are the recipients of lampooning stump portrayals and sensationalized news coverage. Little attention is given to how most lobbyists simply do their job or become effective at what they do. Whether it&BAD:’s helping staff draft legislative language, providing members with quality policy and political information, or just being a good listener, lobbyists must build and maintain relationships. If they do, they&BAD:’ll succeed in advancing their policy objectives within the give-and-take process of the American legislative system. The Art of Lobbying examines strategies and techniques from the perspective of those who are lobbied&BAD:—the people who know what resonates and what falls upon deaf ears in congressional offices. A former longtime lobbyist himself, Levine has interviewed more than 40 current or former members of Congress, along with their staffers, to give a thorough review of the relevant academic literature and offer a behind-the-scenes perspective on what constitutes the art of lobbying.

The Art of a Beautiful Game

The Thinking Fan's Tour of the NBA

Author: Chris Ballard

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 240

View: 289

In The Art of a Beautiful Game, Chris Ballard, the award-winning Sports Illustrated writer who has covered the NBA for the past decade, goes behind the scenes to examine basketball in ways that will surprise even die-hard fans. An inveterate hoops junkie who played some college ball, Ballard sits down with the NBA's most passionate, cerebral players to find out their tricks of the trade and to learn what drives them, taking readers away from the usual sports talk radio fodder and deep into the heart of the game. Ballard talks to Dwight Howard, a prolific shot-blocker, about the enervating feeling of meeting another man at the height of his leap; challenges Steve Kerr to a game of H-O-R-S-E to understand the mentality of a pure shooter; reveals the roots of Kobe Bryant's unmatched killer instinct; and spends time with LeBron James to better understand both his mental game and his seemingly unlimited physical skills. He tracks down renowned dunkers from Dominique to Shaq to explore the impact of the dunk on the modern game, shadows Shane Battier during his preparations to defend LeBron, takes lessons from a freethrow shooting guru who once hit 2,750 in a row, and attends an elite NBA training camp to feel the pain that turns a prospect into a pro. Packed with lively characters and basketball history, and grounded in superb writing and the reportage that is the hallmark of Sports Illustrated, The Art of a Beautiful Game is an often witty, always insightful look at the men like Steve Nash, Yao Ming, and Alonzo Mourning who devote themselves to this elegant and complicated sport. It ultimately provides basketball fans what they all want: an inside read on the game they love.

Zen and the Art of Subration

How Mastery of the Art of Subration Activates Physical Immortality and Cultural Evolution to Usher in the Golden Age

Author: Ashoka Annamaya Ishaya

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 424

View: 678

Zen and the Art of Subration is a three-part masterwork arising from the author’s thirty-five-year journey to overcome cultural conditioning and achieve the ultimate transformation: living on light and oxygen. Ashoka Annamaya Ishaya shares an intimate look into how she discovered tantric and Taoist practices for cultivating immortality and integrated them into her life. She follows up this first-person account with a teaching guide distilling knowledge and practices aimed at readers on their own transformative path toward achieving your immortal jing cycle. Ishaya believes that if a critical mass of humans commit to the process of sustainable immortality, we can affect the evolution of our entire species. Ishaya pursues an illuminating range of questions: • Are we as a species destined to be enlightened? • Can we apply mindfulness skills to evolve our physiology? • How can our health-care system better support the maturation of our species? • Can we become an immortal species? The treatise concludes with a scholarly overview of noted prophets from varied traditions and times who have taught and fostered transformation of consciousness and sustainability of culture.

The Art of the Motor

Author: Paul Virilio

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press


Category: Computers

Page: 168

View: 671

The Art of the Motor includes analyses of such recent developments as nanotechnology and virtual reality. It conjures a world in which information is speed and duration is no more. Information as speed? This, Paul Virilio tells us, is the third dimension of matter-the speed of the transmission of information has collapsed the extension of the dimension of space and the duration of the dimension of time.

The Art and Science of Expert Witness Testimony

A Multidisciplinary Guide for Professionals

Author: Karen Postal

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Psychology

Page: 228

View: 468

Featuring in-depth interviews of attorneys, judges, and seasoned forensic experts from multiple disciplines including psychology, medicine, economics, history, and neuropsychology, The Art and Science of Expert Witness Testimony highlights and offers bridges for the areas where the needs and expectations of the courtroom collide with experts’ communication habits developed over years of academic and professional training. Rather than seeing testimony as a one-way download from expert to jurors, The Art and Science of Expert Witness Testimony focuses on the direct, dynamic, unique communication relationship that develops as each juror’s lived experience interacts with the words of experts on the stand. This book expands the academic tradition of "methods-centered credibility" to also include "person-centered credibility," where warmth, confidence, and relentless attention to detail build trust with jurors. Seasoned forensic experts share what they actually say on the stand: their best strategies and techniques for disrupting traditional academic communication and creating access to science and professional opinions with vivid, clear language and strong visuals. The difficult but necessary emotional work of the courtroom is addressed with specific techniques to regulate emotions in order to maintain person-centered credibility and keep the needs of jurors front and center through cross-examination. This innovative compilation of research is essential reading for professionals and practitioners, such as physicians, engineers, accountants, and scientists, that may find themselves experts in a courtroom. The Art and Science of Expert Witness Testimony provides a unique experience for readers, akin to being personally mentored by over eighty-five attorneys, judges, and seasoned experts as they share their observations, insights, and strategies—not to "win" as a defense, prosecution, or plaintiff expert, but to be productive in helping jurors and other triers of fact do their difficult intellectual job in deciding a case.

The Creative Discipline: Mastering the Art and Science of Innovation

Mastering the Art and Science of Innovation

Author: Nancy K. Napier

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 248

View: 535

Why are some organizations more creative than others? What sets innovative, high-performing organizations apart? Can creativity and innovation be learned and enhanced? The answer to the last question, say creativity experts Nancy Napier and Mikael Nilsson, is a resounding yes. And with general consensus that creativity and innovation drive business growth, fostering creativity couldn't be more important. In The Creative Discipline, Napier and Nilsson illustrate six key factors that power creative, high-achieving organizations, and they provide managers with guidelines for incorporating those factors into their own companies. Business people will learn how innovative organizations get superior results from employees not just through disciplined methods of thinking, but also through free-flowing work spaces and work practices that help supercharge the imagination. Combining research on creative organizations in several sectors, this book argues that innovative organizations known for doing things differently (and profitably) approach creativity and innovation in similar, disciplined ways, regardless of industry or field. That discipline fosters new ideas, solutions, and approaches, and it ensures that the flow of creativity is constant. The Creative Discipline demonstrates that: -Innovative, high-performing organizations have three disciplines in common: (1) within discipline mastery, (2) out of discipline thinking, and (3) a disciplined process that leads to innovation. -Innovative organizations also have three factors that strengthen the creative disciplines: faces (creative entrepreneurs, leaders, and teams); places (the physical and organizational infrastructure that is reflected in offices, buildings, and location); and traces (elements that act as catalysts for creativity—the culture, networks, and policies that support creative and innovative endeavors). The book explains each factor for creative success in detail. Best, Napier and Nilsson show creativity and innovation at work in a range of sectors from sports to software to theater and contemporary circus. They also show how innovative practices in developed countries like the U.S. and Sweden compare to those in developing countries like Vietnam. Companies can learn to innovate and in the process reap benefits like higher sales and profits, greater productivity—while regaining a valuable element missing in so many workplaces: fun.