The Art and Science of Clicker Training for Horses

A Positive Approach to Training Equines and Understanding Them

Author: Ben Hart

Publisher: Souvenir PressLtd


Category: Nature

Page: 174

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HORSES & PONIES. Outlining a revolutionary approach to training horses, mules, and donkeys, this extensive compendium offers an all-inclusive study of clicker training. Exploring a simple and practical style of equine conditioning, this resource clearly depicts how appropriate behavior can be reinforced, incorporating the chosen method into the context of communication with animals. Focusing on enhancing the entire relationship between horse and owner rather than specific problems, this unique reference is ideal for developing a truthful understanding of the equine mind.

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Operant and Classical Conditioning

Author: Frances K. McSweeney

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Psychology

Page: 760

View: 971

This combined survey of operant and classical conditioning provides professional and academic readers with an up-to-date, inclusive account of a core field of psychology research, with in-depth coverage of the basic theory, its applications, and current topics including behavioral economics. Provides comprehensive coverage of operant and classical conditioning, relevant fundamental theory, and applications including the latest techniques Features chapters by leading researchers, professionals, and academicians Reviews a range of core literature on conditioning Covers cutting-edge topics such as behavioral economics

Don't Shoot the Dog!

The New Art of Teaching and Training

Author: Karen Pryor

Publisher: Interpet


Category: Behavior modification

Page: 202

View: 909

Includes a new section on clicker training.

The Domestic Horse

The Origins, Development and Management of Its Behaviour

Author: D. S. Mills

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Pets

Page: 249

View: 572

This fascinating 2005 book gives an insight into the behaviour of the domestic horse. Suitable for scientists, professionals and enthusiastic owners.

The Horse

A natural history

Author: Debbie Busby

Publisher: Ivy Press


Category: Nature

Page: 224

View: 952

The Horse: A Natural History looks not only at the horse in the human context, but also at its own story, and at the way horses live and have lived both alongside people and independently. An initial chapter on Evolution & Development takes the reader from the tiny prehistoric Eohippus to modern-day Equus. Subsequent chapters on Anatomy & Biology and Society & Behavior offer a succinct explanation of equine anatomy, and outline the current thinking on horse behavior, incorporating information taken from the most recent research. Chapter 4, Horses & People, studies the part the horse has played in human history. Finally, a visually stunning gallery of breeds offers wonderful photographs alongside individual breed profiles. This is an essential addition to every horse enthusiasts library.





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