The Aromatherapy Bible

The Definitive Guide to Using Essential Oils

Author: Gill Farrer-Halls

Publisher: Godsfield Press


Category: Aromatherapy

Page: 400

View: 189

Offers an introduction to aromatherapy and explains how to choose and use essential oils for health, beauty and well-being. This book includes skin-care treatments, massage techniques, simple remedies for common ailments and meditations for relaxation. It also provides a directory of 68 common and exotic essential oils.

Essential Oils: The Aromatherapy Tools For A Quick and Fast Way to Wellness And The Healing Art Today!

Author: Catherine Walker

Publisher: Eljays-epublishing


Category: Self-Help


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Do you want to maintain psychological and physical wellbeing? Now, if your answer is yes… then, Aromatherapy is one of the best options you can go for. The reason is not farfetched: it is natural and involves using the volatile oils derived from plants. In fact, the process triggers certain biochemical responses in the brain thus activating the dormant functions of the body, which may have cause the “not feeling well” in the first place! In addition, aromatherapy soothes your body and mind. During the massage you feel a unique sensation and a fresh aroma which cools your brain. There is nothing like you having a massage after a tedious day and you are able to relax your body muscles through aromatherapy. In fact, Aromatherapy oils, otherwise known as Essential Oils, provide the best quality of therapy. It also leads to physical healing and mental healing. Yes, the oils are used by therapist and other professionals to provide top quality massage to their customers using different aromatherapy recipes. In fact, they also have an added advantage of healing some of the diseases such as flu, cold, headache and insomnia. Besides, there are six major aromatherapy massage oils that will give you the best result. They include peppermint, nutmeg, rosemary, chamomile, eucalyptus, and lavender. They all have different functions in the body. For instance, peppermint stimulates mind and body. It also reduces motion sickness and muscle pains. While Nutmeg will help you sleep peacefully and relieve you of all the digestive problems. Chamomile on the other hand relieves you of stress and depression. In addition, it reduces swelling. Rosemary increases your concentration and fights all type of infections. Now, get the book for the full details of all these oil and how you too can start to apply them to archieve the wellness and fitness you so much desired and get your life vitality back! Before I forget, here is a quick tip... when performing aromatherapy, you can apply the following methods; inhalation where the massage oil vapors is inhaled through the lungs.... Anyway , get your copy to avail yourself with all the tips and guides to a successful Aromatherapy today!

The Spirit in Aromatherapy

Working with Intuition

Author: Gill Farrer-Halls

Publisher: Singing Dragon


Category: Medical

Page: 112

View: 910

The importance of intuition in aromatherapy blending, essential and base oil selection and bodywork is the focus of Gill Farrer-Halls' authoritative new book. Drawing on her extensive experience as a practicing aromatherapist and aromatherapy teacher, she explores ways of increasing intuitive awareness of the nature and depth of individual essential oils, and takes the reader through meditative techniques that can help practitioners deepen their practice. She goes on to show how an intuitive and meditative approach can, with time, transform clinical practice, and help practitioners create original, effective, synergistic and holistic blends as well as develop and enhance on-going work with clients. An important resource on the use of intuitive inner wisdom in aromatherapy practice, this book will be of interest and practical use to aromatherapists, bodywork practitioners, students of aromatherapy and all who are interested in essential oils.

Planetary Apothecary

Author: Stephanie Gailing

Publisher: Crossing Press


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 240

View: 881

The Keys to Wellness Are Written in the Stars From impulsive Aries to balance-seeking Libra, methodical Virgo to sensitive Pisces, each astrological personality is distinct, with specific needs of body, mind, and spirit. In Planetary Apothecary, astrologer and nutritionist Stephanie Gailing offers a modern approach to the ancient healing art of medical astrology. You'll find wellness and lifestyle recommendations customized for your zodiac sign, including: • Health-Supporting Foods and Eating Tips • Spa and Wellness Therapies• Relaxation Practices• Yoga Poses • Aromatherapy• Natural Remedies• Flower Essences Filled with strategies and inspiration for nurturing body and soul, Planetary Apothecary brings the healing wisdom of the planets within reach to help you optimize your physical health and emotional well-being. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Mixing Essential Oils for Magic

Aromatic Alchemy for Personal Blends

Author: Sandra Kynes

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 336

View: 379

The Ultimate Guide to Mixing, Matching, and Making Essential Oils Choose the best essential oils for your creative and magical mixing with this straightforward, hands-on guide. Through step-by-step instruction on how to measure, mix, and assess blends, you’ll move beyond following others’ recipes and into creating your own oil combinations. Mixing Essential Oils for Magic offers everything you need to understand not only how to blend but also why specific blends work together. Learn how to mix oils by botanical family, scent group, and perfume note. Discover an encyclopedic listing of essential and carrier oil profiles, as well as thorough cross-references for the oils and their magical associations. With guidance on the historical and present-day uses of essential oils, you’ll make personal blending an integral part of your spiritual and magical practices.

Danièle Ryman's Aromatherapy Bible

An Encyclopaedia of Plants and Essential Oils and how They Help You

Author: Daniele Ryman

Publisher: Piatkus Books


Category: Aromatherapy

Page: 338

View: 227

Daniele Ryman's Aromacology Bible is an encyclopedia of plants and essential oils. Written by the internationally renowned perfumer and aromatherapist Daniele Ryman, this accessible and comprehensive book is packed with advice on how plants and oils can be used to heal common ailments and promote general wellbeing. - An expert's guide to how to use essential oils safely - An A-Z of over 80 plants and their essential oils, and their healing benefits - Aromatherapeutic treatments for over 100 symptoms and ailments - Recipes, safety tips, botanical and historical information


An Aromatherapy Bible Study

Author: Wendy Selvig





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The Aromatherapy Advocate

A Christian Handbook

Author: Naomi Ball



Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 64

View: 372

The Aromatherapy Advocate, is about how to use essential oils, with a discussion about oils of the Bible. It is written from a Christian point of view, and strongly believes that God created plants with healing benefits at the beginning of time. This book maintains that these plants and their therapeutic oils are gifts from God to be used wisely and carefully. Many Christian experts advise against using aromatherapy because it is so strongly affiliated with other Eastern religions. Also, wild claims have been made about essential oil benefits, but as this book points out, there is enough evidence to support the basic, every day uses of aromatherapy. The Aromatherapy Advocate will share with you: Why aromatic oils went from being medicine to adulterated flavoring What the Bible actually says about aromatic oils A list of aromatic plants, and oils of the Bible Common New Age religious practices to avoid Practical and truthful ways to use essential oils How smells affect us How our emotions affect our health Why essential oils can't heal our spirits or souls Essential oil chemistry, briefly Many useful recipes for the whole family More recipes for fun projects

Reflexology and Aromatherapy Bible

Author: Toni Austin




Page: 106

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If you've ever experienced the bliss of a great Reflexology treatment, you'll know exactly how beneficial the system can be for treating the whole body and now you can learn how to use this ancient health system for yourself, for your family, for anyone. The amazing Toni Austin brings all of her passion and enthusiasm to one of her favourite subjects and shows you how to make the very most of authentic Reflexology.Based on ancient Oriental traditions that recognised the connections between specific parts of the feet and the rest of the body, Reflexology is a wonderful, non-invasive technique for soothing tensions and improving circulation whilst directing energy to the parts of the body that need to be re-balanced. The method has been used in various forms for thousands of years and has become increasingly popular as a superb way to ease tension and help people to feel truly wonderful. Toni Austin now shares her knowledge and expertise in this ancient art so that you can use it yourself. Isn't that fantastic? But there's more!Toni's been using Aromatherapy with her clients for many years and now she'd decided to share her encyclopaedic knowledge with a wider audience. What an amazing combination! Reflexology plus Aromatherapy - no wonder she's such a popular therapist! Amongst a treasure chest of fascinating information, tips and practical advice, you can learn how to:* Treat specific conditions with wonderfully therapeutic massage* Select the exact locations on the feet to reduce a whole host of symptoms* Re-balance the body's natural energy flow* Relax and soothe the mind and body* Release harmful toxins from the body* Stimulate the immune system and boost lymphatic drainage* Choose the exact Aromatherapy oils to relieve specific physical symptoms* Charge the atmosphere in your home with carefully selected oils* Blend and mix oils to produce new and exciting results* Calm and relax the mind and body with carefully selected oils This amazing collection of Reflexology and Aromatherapy techniques could transform your life and introduce you to a range of knowledge and skills that will enhance the quality of your health and wellbeing. Join the thousands of people who've already benefited from these fabulous therapies and learn to apply the methods to yourself and your loved ones. It's a fantastic opportunity to learn about two life-enhancing therapies that are simply a joy to work with. Download the books today and start to enjoy the benefits for yourself. It's just too beautiful to miss!