The Armor of Amaterasu Ohkami

Author: Warlock Asylum

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub


Category: Religion

Page: 80

View: 141

The Armor of Amaterasu Ohkami is a collection of essays on the advanced practices of Shinto Magic, according to the Art of Ninzuwu Tradition. The reader should have a working knowledge of the Art of Ninzuwu and its philosophy. This text is not for the beginner. It can, however, be used as a reference for those interested in Esoteric Shinto.

Eccentric Spaces, Hidden Histories

Narrative, Ritual, and Royal Authority from The Chronicles of Japan to The Tale of the Heike

Author: David Bialock

Publisher: Stanford University Press


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 488

View: 206

After The Tale of Genji (c. 1000), the greatest work of classical Japanese literature is the historical narrative The Tale of the Heike (13th-14th centuries). In addition to opening up fresh perspectives on the Heike narratives, this study also draws attention to a range of problems centered on the interrelationship between narrative, ritual space, and Japan's changing views of China as they bear on depictions of the emperor's authority, warriors, and marginal population going all the way back to the Nara period. By situating the Heike in this long temporal framework, the author sheds light on a hidden history of royal authority that was entangled in Daoist and yin-yang ideas in the Nara period, practices centered on defilement in the Heian period, and Buddhist doctrines pertaining to original enlightenment in the medieval period, all of which resurface and combine in Heike's narrative world. In introducing for the first time the full range of Heike narrative to students and scholars of Japanese literature, the author argues that we must also reexamine our understanding of the literature, ritual, and culture of the Heian and Nara periods.

Warriors of Legend

Reflections of Japan in Sailor Moon

Author: Jay Navok

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub


Category: Social Science

Page: 148

View: 697

The book Warriors of Legend is one of the first of its kind, using a specific Japanese anime/manga series- the megahit Sailor Moon- to teach about Japan. Neophytes to Japan studies will find Warriors of Legend an accessible way to learn about this fascinating country. Those who know quite a lot about Japan already will find their understanding enhanced by the way the book analyzes the nuances of Tokyo's history and Japanese society. The book also argues that Sailor Moon is a unique series in that it was both internationally popular and strongly structured by the culture of the city of Tokyo and post-Economic Bubble Japan.

Gods' Music

The Japanese Folk Theatre of Iwami Kagura

Author: Terence Lancashire



Category: Folk music

Page: 351

View: 939

Michelin Green Guide Japan

Author: Michelin

Publisher: Michelin Travel & Lifestyle


Category: Travel

Page: 536

View: 780

This eBook version of the Green Guide Japan by Michelin captures the spirit of the country, from the Okinawa archipelago’s sandy beaches to Honshu’s forested slopes. This fully revised and expanded Green Guide Japan presents a country famous for its rich heritage, plentiful hot springs, state-of-art railway network and complex, delicious cuisine. Delight in Kyoto’s shrines and temples, explore Nara’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, and shop in Tokyo’s eclectic boutiques. Discover historic pagodas, futuristic skyscrapers, peaceful villages and a varied flora and fauna. Wherever you go, Michelin's celebrated star-rating system makes sure you see the best Japan has to offer.

RLE: Japan Mini-Set F: Philosophy and Religion (4 vols)

Author: Various Authors

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 1448

View: 232

Mini-set F: Philosophy & Religion re-issues 4 volumes originally published between 1926 and 1967. For institutional purchases for e-book sets please contact [email protected] (customers in the UK, Europe and Rest of World)

Legend of the Onika

Author: Edo Maeda

Publisher: Alpha Book Publisher


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels


View: 396

The story of humanity overcoming divinity is about an orphan and a princess. Two very different individuals would go on to write human history. Together they gather other powerful humans to combat the powerful Onika. Using powerful spells to trap the Onika in their weapons, they fight against the very gods for their freedom.

Coloring Book and Poster Collection

Anime Is an Illustrationof Tokyo Ghoul in Colorful Anime and Manga

Author: IllustrationofUU Coloring




Page: 40

View: 794

COLORING BOOK COMBINE WITH POSTER COLLECTION (FULL COLOR PHOTO BOOK): 20 pages for coloring + 20 removable postersContent included:1/ Anime Is An Illustrationof Tokyo Ghoul In Colorful Anime & Manga2/ Anime Is An Illustration Of Naruto Shippuden In Colorful Anime & Manga3/ Anime Is An Illustration Of Boruto In Colorful Anime & Manga4/ Anime Is An Illustration Of One Piece In Colorful Anime & Manga5/ Anime Is An Illustration Of Goblin Slayer In Colorful Anime & Manga6/ Anime Swordsman Anime & Manga7/ Anime Boku No Hero Waifus Anime & Manga8/ Anime Son And Father Anime & Manga9/ Anime Anime Girl Anime & Manga10/ Anime Ink Punch Anime & Manga11/ Anime Fairy Tail Girls Erza Scarlet And Lucy Heartfilia Rel Anime & Manga12/ Anime Naruto Anime & Manga13/ Anime Todoroki Shouto Boku No Hero Academia Anime & Manga14/ Anime 002 & Hiro Anime & Manga15/ Anime Is An Illustration Of Attack On Titan In Colorful Anime & Manga16/ Anime Is An Illustration Of One Piece In Colorful Anime & Manga17/ Anime Is An Illustration Of Little Witch Academia In Colorful Anime & Manga18/ Anime Is An Illustration Of One Piece In Colorful Anime & Manga19/ Anime Is An Illustration Of Spirited Away In Colorful Anime & Manga20/ Anime Rin Tohsaka At School Anime & MangaTAGs: all time top seller fun pewdiepie asian bubble tea kawaii cute food drink korea chinese suck balls uzumaki rasengan sasuke sakura ninja gt86 brz frs subaru scion infinity car brock lee rock broccoli brocc karate jutsu shinjutsu weaboo butts kakashi hatake rin nohara chidori kitsune fox mask inari shinto folklore sensei anbu spirit boruto okami amaterasu hentai gaara traditionell love mother hinata tokyo girl senpai comic cosplay story yourname animelover fairytail animelove kiminonawa dragonball swordartonline sao onepiece narutoshippuden neko hunterxhunter noragami animefan animeworld deathnote tokyoghoul animeboy animegirl animeart pokemon quan zhi gao shou the kings avatar full expert 全职高手 china sword art online aot cool cheap gaming games konosuba megumin shingeki no kyojin snk levi eren mikasa armin jaeger yeager ackerman arlert my hero academia boku shonen sasha braus jean kirschtein connie reiner bertolt colossal armored rogue beast zeke bape hypebeast yeezy jordan camping climbing hiking swimming slogans stickers trending laptop hobbies yin yang theater memes dank artistic tote bags colorful yoga religion feminism lgbt hamilton rupaul space underwater unique hiphop music lovely hearts emo hottopic topic pink blue heart frame nice beautiful women relationships fist africa dots beauty men rights people peaceful peace dbz sailormoon sailor moon gundam cowboybebop goku luffy nami sanji straw iwara pirate zoro swordman saitama genos cartoon dargonball speed of sound sonic silver fang whales elephant sale marvel animal cat dog bird elephants save jared leto suicide squad nintendo mario zelda triforce eggs pretty headband tevye fiddler roof broadway a ham alexander musical skin kawai orcbolg armor goblin slayer knight dungeon fantasy hunter warrior adventure doom goblinslayer priestess maiden cow guild x clover fairy tail girls waifu wifu goblins mob psycho 100 dororo ghoul swordsman blade demon destruction that i got reincarnated as slime geek berserk guts berserker sacrifice casca eclipse gutts zodd griffith gatsu dragonslayer behelit grifis logo horror animation movie skull herald horse castle falcon medieval gold giant giantess lady mtlady mha fanart neon scorpion waifus gamer yandere kuudere loli hikkikomori bnha box ecchi weeboo uraraka ochaco mina ashido momo yaoyorozu toru hagakure kyoko jiro kyoka tsuyu asui panda present lazy adorable abstract how roll minimal father day dad mum summer hipster sister brother autumn halloween christmas xmas labor patriot romantic couple

Coloring Book and Poster Collection

Samurai Benkei Anime and Manga

Author: SamuraibsD Coloring




Page: 40

View: 205

COLORING BOOK COMBINE WITH POSTER COLLECTION (FULL COLOR PHOTO BOOK): 20 pages for coloring + 20 removable postersContent included:1/ Samurai Benkei Anime & Manga2/ Samurai Samuraicecream Gift For All Ice Cream Lovers Who Pract Comics3/ Samurai Classic Samurai Woman With Katana Black & White Anime & Manga4/ Samurai The Samurai Illustration Fantasy5/ Samurai Robotic Samurai Geometry Vector Illustration Anime & Manga6/ Samurai Illustration Of Rurouni Kenshin Anime & Manga7/ Samurai Samurai Anime & Manga8/ Samurai Samurai Anime & Manga9/ Samurai Illustration Inspired Anime & Manga10/ Samurai Ilustration Inspired Anime & Manga11/ Samurai Kawaii Manga Anime Japan Ninja Samurai Katana Cyborg E Anime & Manga12/ Samurai Kawaii Manga Anime Japan Ninja Samurai Katana Cyborg E Anime & Manga13/ Samurai Kawaii Manga Anime Japan Ninja Samurai Katana Cyborg E Anime & Manga14/ Samurai Kawaii Manga Anime Japan Ninja Samurai Katana Cyborg E Anime & Manga15/ Samurai Kawaii Manga Anime Japan Ninja Samurai Katana Cyborg E Anime & Manga16/ Samurai Kawaii Manga Anime Japan Ninja Samurai Katana Cyborg E Anime & Manga17/ Samurai Kawaii Manga Anime Japan Ninja Samurai Katana Cyborg E Anime & Manga18/ Samurai Kawaii Manga Anime Japan Ninja Samurai Katana Cyborg E Anime & Manga19/ Samurai Kawaii Manga Anime Japan Ninja Samurai Katana Cyborg E Anime & Manga20/ Samurai Kawaii Manga Anime Japan Ninja Samurai Katana Cyborg E Anime & MangaTAGs: folklore mythology demon okami amaretsu issun waka amaterasu bakugami celestials chun rei sakuya nami nagi shiranui susano yojimbo sanjuro toshiro mifune akira kurosawa cinema black and white film movies retro art otaku famous actors actor seven ronin katana seppuku hara kiri tatsuya nakadai movie sword takashi miike 60s drama death a toshirō honor samourai bushido rashomon oni theyyam barong bali badass god kerala india facepaint dance classical mask dancer folk kecak color indian ritual supernatural ogres troll devil most relevant artform play character zelda kabuki monster horror fangs genji overwatch scary cool horns balinese darth maul s sith hattori hanzo quentin tarantino thurman okinawa kill bill bruce lee sushi anime sleeve kyoto tokyo shrine temple origami karate shinjuku harajuku buddha buddhism geisha osaka nagoya shinto confucius roppongi nihon nippon shina sheena ringo kawasaki nissan subaru mitsubishi manga sakura hiroshima nagasaki sapo kyushu fukuoka fuji mountain hirosaki castle ninja shogun martial arts judo kawaii 7 hacker cyborg skull noir 2077 80s gaming robotics tiger wolf robotic robot helmet mecha tech scifi metal grey scale head line ink tattoo fight blade ninjutbot ninjutbots rurouni kenshin sagara sanosuke kanji aku wanderer blood graphic sun network cherry tree blossom great present original gift kids nature shishio inferno heavenly dragon amakakeru ry no hirameki sakabatou makoto x battousai scar hiten mitsurugi legend ends warrior armor armour spatter dark champloo fuu jin en warriors sunset miyamoto musashi nipon rainbow mickey mouse princess bambi minnie tink tinkerbell mary poppins sandityche land walt world wdw dlr cute inspired by lunastonecrafts lunastone friends together silhouette winnie the pooh eeyore tigger piglet tangled rapunzel shadow yellow purple lined sleeping beauty splatter paint ariel cinderella tiana belle jasmine brave aurora snow mulan pocahontas elsa anna moana korg korgms20 synth music ms20 ilustration digital illustration 2017 space odyssynth collection league gentlemen tubbs edward are you local funny comedy reece shearsmith steve pemberton love pattern sailor neptune pencil jrgrj artistas crudo mesh triangle geometrized geometry background plane simple colorful flowers lines figure spider widow web roses gothic goth red amateur supermaryface punk killer