The Age-Free Zone

Author: Barry Sears

Publisher: Harper Collins


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 432

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Enter The Age–Free Zone... You have the power to reverse aging –– beginning with your next meal! Ask yourself these life–changing questions: Is it too late to reverse aging? What type of diet will increase my sexual energy and desire? Can I make my hormones work more effectively? Do high–carbohydrate diets accelerate aging? How can I reduce free–radical–induced aging? How does stress reduce brain longevity? No one wants to get old or show the signs of age. In this breakthrough book Dr. Barry Sears goes beyond looking at food simply as a source of calories and explains the incredibly powerful biological effects it has on your hormones. In addition to unravelling the mysteries of your hormones and their role in aging, Dr. Sears reveals the essential dietary information you need to start your own age–reversal journey. Begin your age–free lifestyle today! The Age–Free Zone includes: A week of Age–Free Zone meals for men and women Age–Free Zone meals for the business traveller Age–Free Zone meals in fast–food restaurants A simple, at–home Age–Free Zone exercise program

Free Zone Scientology

Contesting the Boundaries of a New Religion

Author: Aled Thomas

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 200

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In this novel academic study, Aled Thomas analyses modern issues surrounding boundaries and fluidity in contemporary Scientology. By using the Scientologist practice of 'auditing' as a case study, this book explores the ways in which new types of 'Scientologies' can emerge. The notion of Free Zone Scientology is characterised by its horizontal structure, in contrast to the vertical-hierarchy of the institutional Church of Scientology. With this in mind, Thomas explores the Free Zone as an example of a developing and fluid religion, directly addressing questions concerning authority, leadership and material objects. This book, by maintaining a double-focus on the top-down hierarchy of the Church of Scientology and the horizontal-fluid nature of the Free Zone, breaks away from previous research on new religions, with have tended to focus either on new religions as indices of broad social processes, such as secularization or globalization, or as exemplars of exotic processes, such as charismatic authority and brainwashing. Instead, Thomas adopts auditing as a method of providing an in-depth case study of a new religion in transition and transformation in the 21st century. This opens the study of contemporary and new religions to a series of new questions around hybrid religions (sacred and secular), and acts as a framework for the study of similar movements formed in recent decades.

Nuclear-Free Zones

Author: David Pitt

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Political Science

Page: 154

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There is growing interest world wide in nuclear-free zones. Originally published in 1987, this book explores the question of what constitutes a nuclear-free zone and charts the progress of the movement to establish them. The book shows how definitions of nuclear-free zones vary from those intended to exclude everything nuclear (including nuclear power installations and the dumping of nuclear waste) to those aiming to exclude nuclear weapons in a limited way. Special attention is paid to the three treaties which have established major international nuclear-free zones, (Latin America, South Pacific, Antarctica) examining their strengths and weaknesses as well as areas where the idea has been proposed (Balkans, Africa). The book concludes with a review of problems and prospects for the future.

The Age of the Arctic

Hot Conflicts and Cold Realities

Author: Gail Osherenko

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 316

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This book will be essential reading for all interested in this important region of the world.

Wrinkle-Free Zone

Your Guide to Perfect Skin in 30 Days

Author: James P. Meschino

Publisher: Basic Health Publications, Inc.


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

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Introducing breakthrough nutritional science in easy-to-understand language, this book empowers readers to create their own personal skin-care program that is simple to follow, fun, and very effective.

Free Zone of Manaus

Author: Samuel Benchimol



Category: Free ports and zones

Page: 128

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Esta publicação tem como objetivo divulgar a história do crescimento econômico derramado pela Zona Franca de Manaus.

Nuclear Weapons Free Zones

A Comparative Perspective

Author: Exequiel Lacovsky

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Political Science

Page: 240

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This book explores the conditions under which Nuclear Weapons Free Zones (NWFZs) can be established. It analyzes four hypotheses that explain the factors contributing to the formation of NWFZs, building upon realist, constructivist and liberal theories from international relations. Through structured focused comparison, the book presents and compares the emergence of NWFZs in Latin America, the South Pacific, Southeast Asia, Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East, which is a prospect for a NWFZ. The book argues that NWFZ projects depend on the following conditions: the security interest of regional states in avoiding nuclear threats, preexisting regional institutions and regional economic cooperation, leadership by a core of regional powers and shared interest in spreading non-proliferation norms. Democracy is not a necessary condition, but democratization can help overcome barriers presented by hesitant or opposed regional governments. As too many of the mentioned necessary conditions are lacking in the Middle East, a NWFZ project, thus, will be possible only after major political changes. This book will be of much interest to students of nuclear proliferation, arms control, security studies and International Relations.

Legal Aspects on a Nordic Nuclear-weapon-free Zone

Revised Papers Presented at the Second Scandinavian Seminar on a Nordic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone, in Espoo, Finland, August 30-September 1, 1984

Author: Karl Johan Lång



Category: Nuclear-weapon-free zones

Page: 164

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Free Zones in the New Europe

Author: Richard L. Bolin



Category: European Economic Community countries

Page: 97

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Iron Age




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Senate File

Author: Iowa. General Assembly. Senate



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Teleports in the Information Age

Proceedings of Teleport '86

Author: World Teleport Association. General Assembly & Congress

Publisher: North Holland


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 352

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The Razor's Edge:International Boundaries and Political Geography: Essays in Honour of Professor Gerald Blake

Author: Gerald Henry Blake

Publisher: Springer


Category: Law

Page: 573

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This festschrift by thirty of Blake's colleagues and former students reflects the topics and regional preoccupations Professor Blake has kept returning to throughout his long career, especially the Middle East, maritime boundaries, and the relation between borders and demographics. Several of the authors extend his work in such areas as Arctic jurisdiction, environmental issues of transboundary water management, and geographic information systems (GIS).