Kodaly in the Kindergarten Classroom

Developing the Creative Brain in the 21st Century

Author: Micheal Houlahan

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Music

Page: 576

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Since the mid-twentieth century, Zoltán Kodály's child-developmental philosophy for teaching music has had significant positive impact on music education around the world, and is now at the core of music teaching in the United States and other English speaking countries. Kodály in the Kindergarten Classroom is the first comprehensive handbook to update and apply the Kodály concepts to teaching music in early childhood classrooms. Kodály in the Kindergarten Classroom provides teachers with a step-by-step road map for developing children's performance, creative movement, and literacy skills in an organic and thoughtful manner. Through six years of field-testing with music kindergarten teachers in the United States, Great Britain, and Hungary (the home country of Zoltán Kodály), authors Micheál Houlahan and Philip Tacka have developed a methodology specifically for 21st century classrooms. Houlahan and Tacka use the latest research findings in cognition and perception to create a system not only appropriate for kindergarteners' particular developmental stages but also one which integrates vertically between kindergarten and elementary music classes. The methods outlined in this volume encourage greater musical ability and creativity in children by teaching kindergarteners to sing, move, play instruments, and develop music literacy skills. In addition, Kodály in the Kindergarten Classroom promotes critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration skills. Although the book uses the Kodály philosophy, its methodology has also been tested by teachers certified in Orff and Dalcroze, and has proven an essential guide for teachers no matter what their personal philosophy and specific training might be. Over 100 children's books are incorporated into Kodály in the Kindergarten Classroom, as well as 35 detailed lesson plans that demonstrate how music and literacy curriculum goals are transformed into tangible musical objectives. Scholarly yet practical and accessible, this volume is sure to be an essential guide for kindergarten and early childhood music teachers everywhere.

Guide to the Pianist's Repertoire, Fourth Edition

Author: Maurice Hinson

Publisher: Indiana University Press


Category: Music

Page: 1216

View: 829

Guide to the Pianist’s Repertoire continues to be the go-to source for piano performers, teachers, and students. Newly updated and expanded with over 250 new composers, this incomparable resource expertly guides readers to solo piano literature. What did a given composer write? What interesting work have I never heard of? How difficult is it? What are its special musical features? How can I reach the publisher? It’s all here. Featuring information for more than 2,000 composers, the fourth edition includes enhanced indexes. The new "Hinson" will be an indispensable guide for many years to come.

Guide to the Pianist's Repertoire, third edition

Author: Maurice Hinson

Publisher: Indiana University Press


Category: Music

Page: 976

View: 598

"The Hinson" has been indispensable for performers, teachers, and students. Now updated and expanded, it's better than ever, with 120 more composers, expertly guiding pianists to solo literature and answering the vital questions: What's available? How difficult is it? What are its special features? How does one reach the publisher? The "new Hinson" includes solo compositions of nearly 2,000 composers, with biographical sketches of major composers. Every entry offers description, publisher, number of pages, performance time, style and characteristics, and level of difficulty. Extensively revised, this new edition is destined to become a trusted guide for years to come.

Musical Opinion




Category: Church music


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Issues for include section: The Organ world.

The International Cyclopedia of Music and Musicians

Author: Oscar Thompson

Publisher: New York : Dodd, Mead


Category: Music

Page: 2609

View: 705

Entries and articles on figures and movements of the past decade and on national and regional musics and reconsiderations of established and traditional figures and critical perspectives

The International Who's Who in Popular Music 2002

Author: Andy Gregory

Publisher: Psychology Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 594

View: 479

TheInternational Who's Who in Popular Music 2002offers comprehensive biographical information covering the leading names on all aspects of popular music. It brings together the prominent names in pop music as well as the many emerging personalities in the industry, providing full biographical details on pop, rock, folk, jazz, dance, world and country artists. Over 5,000 biographical entries include major career details, concerts, recordings and compositions, honors and contact addresses. Wherever possible, information is obtained directly from the entrants to ensure accuracy and reliability. Appendices include details of record companies, management companies, agents and promoters. The reference also details publishers, festivals and events and other organizations involved with music.

The London Trilogy

Riding House Street, Nine Elms Lane & Kings Scholar's Passage to Vauxhall Bridge Road

Author: Edward St. Boniface

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd


Category: Fiction

Page: 784

View: 753

This is a trilogy about three young men finding the fulfillment of their youthful ambitions, from the late 1980s onwards, in rock music and journalism, up to the present day and middle age. As middle age comes on, each must accept a wider responsibility for their past sins. Having either emigrated to or been born in London, all of them become caught up in tantalising opportunities in the capital to fulfill their ambitions of success and fame. Each of them also finds that success comes with an immense price for them personally, and private failures that unmercifully torment them. Their hopeful idealism and dreams become tainted by ruthlessness, opportunism and betrayal of their principles. As each character grows older, he realises he wants to redeem himself and somehow resolve the worst things he has perpetrated in his life – but true redemption requires genuine sacrifice; one even more intense and difficult than their hard-won successes of the past. It may be more than any of them can endure. All of this happens against the background of London’s fantastic, fabulous variety and wealth and exoticism, opportunity and glamour, corruption and poverty and loneliness and harshness. Its pitfalls, rewards and insatiable demands as a fast-moving cultural and media capital are a significant part of the novel’s tone, with an intensified sense of time and place. Edward St. Boniface takes inspiration from a wide range of authors, including Ray Bradbury, Mark Z. Danielewski and David Foster Wallace. The London Trilogy is a work of adult contemporary fiction that will appeal to fans of highbrow and literary novels, bildungsromans and satire.

Traditional World Music Influences in Contemporary Solo Piano Literature

A Selected Bibliographic Survey and Review

Author: Elizabeth C. Axford



Category: Music

Page: 441

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Identifies pieces in contemporary solo piano literature that show world music influences not traditionally associated with the standard repertoire of Western European art music. The resulting annotated bibliography therefore includes pieces which use or attempt to emulate non-Western scales, modes, and folk tunes, and rhythmic, percussive or harmonic devices and timbres.