Arlington County Chronicles

Author: Charlie Clark

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing


Category: Photography

Page: 224

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Modern-day Arlington County is a center for government institutions and a critical part of the Washington, D.C. community. But the identity of the area goes far beyond the influence of the nation's capital. During the War of 1812, the original copy of the Declaration of Independence was hidden from the British in a local area gristmill. Arlington was the only county in Virginia to vote against secession, despite being home to Robert E. Lee. In the 1950s, a young Jim Morrison was raised partly in Arlington. The county even boasts an infamous $1 million bus stop. In this collection of his most funny and fascinating columns, local author, historian, journalist and "Our Man in Arlington" Charlie Clark regales with stories of politics, personalities and everything in between.

Shadow Lane Volume 4

The Chronicles of Random Point, Spanking, Sex, B&D and Anal Eroticism in a Small New England Village

Author: Eve Howard

Publisher: CCB Publishing


Category: Fiction


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Ever since the 1950's, spanking has been practiced for the pleasure of adults in Random Point. The present era finds Hugo Sands at the center of its scene. Formerly a stern and imperious dom, his persistent love for Laura has all but civilized him. But instead of enchanting his favorite submissive, Hugos' sudden tameness has the opposite effect on Laura, who breaks every rule of their relationship to provoke him into reacting like the strict martinet she once knew and loved. Meanwhile, Ivy League brat Susan Ross selects Sherman Cooper as the proper dominant to provide her naughty friend Diana Stratton with the discipline she craves. Finally, all the young women of Random Point conspire to rescue a delightful submissive from a cruel master. About the Author: In Random Point, everything is linked to spanking and this is true for the author of the Shadow Lane novels as well. Eve Howard has been writing and producing spanking erotica since the 1980's. Eve has written, directed and produced over 140 spanking videos. Female-friendly and designed to make people feel good, rather than guilty, about being into spanking, Eve suggests an irreverent alternative to the all or nothing B&D subculture portrayed in such beloved classics as "The Story of O." Many spanking fans have discovered the real life spanking scene by following the same patterns of social networking as described in the Shadow Lane novels. And for almost twenty years, Eve's company Shadow Lane has been one of the primary social organs of the real life spanking scene. There are nine titles in the Shadow Lane series and Eve is currently working on Volume 10. She lives with her husband Tony Elka and their three cats in Las Vegas.

"904" The Jeffries Family Chronicles

Author: The Jeffries Family



Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 194

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This book is about a loving family from 904 47th PL., in the Deanwood community, of Washington, D.C.. They not only survived tough economic times but endured the trials of having a father who was an alcoholic. Everyone knew them because they were one of the largest families in Deanwood. This book is a combination of eleven stories written by the surviving siblings. The Jeffries family was well respected for their service to others while living at "904" and those actions carried on into their adult lives. Some of them became caregivers, worked in ministry fields, were athletes, educators and some served in the military and worked for the government. They are the epitome of a family who still loves and celebrates each other. The house at 904 reared a beautiful family and they've written this book to leave a beautiful legacy for their future generations.

Media Resistance

Protest, Dislike, Abstention

Author: Trine Syvertsen

Publisher: Springer


Category: Social Science

Page: 153

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This book is open access under a CC BY license. New media divide opinion; many are fascinated while others are disgusted. This book is about those who dislike, protest, and try to abstain from media, both new and old. It explains why media resistance persists and answers two questions: What is at stake for resisters and how does media resistance inspire organized action? Despite the interest in media scepticism and dislike, there seems to be no book on the market discussing media resistance as a phenomenon in its own right. This book explores resistance across media, historical periods and national borders, from early mass media to current digital media. Drawing on cases and examples from the US, Britain, Scandinavia and other countries, media resistance is discussed as a diverse phenomenon encompassing political, professional, networked and individual arguments and actions.

The Royal Semi-Authoritarian Democracy of Bhutan

Author: Dhurba Rizal

Publisher: Lexington Books


Category: Political Science

Page: 452

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"Bhutan represents a political system which coalesces the rhetorical acquiescence of democracy with illiberal authoritarian attributes under the former royalist shadow. The camouflage of this kind of authoritarian regime is not yet a democracy but is instead a new form of semi-authoritarian “Jigmecracy”; an old Jigme system with new labels."

American Fiction Since 1940

Author: Tony Hilfer

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 302

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In this remarkable book, Tony Hilfer provides a major survey of the wealth of post-war American fiction. He analyses the major modes and genres of writing, from realist to postmodernist metafiction and black humour, the fiction of social protest, women's writing, and the traditions of African-American, Southern and Jewish-American fiction. Key writers discussed include William Faulkner, Norman Mailer, Ralph Ellison, Saul Bellow, Joseph Heller, Vladimir Nabokov and Joyce Carol Oates. The book concludes by exploring contemporary trends through detailed case-studies of Donald Barthelme and Toni Morrison.

The Streets of San Francisco

Blacks, Beats, Homosexuals, and the San Francisco Police Department, 1950-1968

Author: Christopher Lowen-Engel Agee



Category: African Americans

Page: 990

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S & M

Studies in Dominance & Submission

Author: Thomas S. Weinberg

Publisher: Prometheus Books


Category: Psychology

Page: 312

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The contributors to this revised classic incorporate autobiographical and firsthand accounts to emphasize the complexity and symbolic nature of this "velvet underground" of human sexuality. A variety of subworlds and identities are explored: the professional dominatrix; prostitution and S&M; heterosexual, gay, and lesbian S&M; the role of pain and fantasy; and organized S&M groups. Recent trends such as nonmainstream body modification are discussed, along with the increasing integration of S&M themes in areas of popular culture such as the arts, literature, mass media, and fashion.


Author: Bob Rusch



Category: Blues (Music)


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