Tech Savvy Parenting: Navigating Your Child's Digital Life

Author: Brian Housman

Publisher: Randall House Publications


Category: Religion

Page: 143

View: 213

Every parent struggles to find a balance with cell phones, social networks, and video games in the lives of their kids. Most parents feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped to set boundaries for their kids because they don't know what to do with the technology themselves. Tech Savvy Parenting will give parents the practical tools and resources needed to help the whole family use technology wisely and responsibly. It is a valuable resource allowing parents to move from being frustrated to being tech savvy. This full-color book includes 22 infographics and 18 resources that help bring the technical information to life.


Keeping Up with Your Tech-Savvy Kids

Author: Sharon Miller Cindrich

Publisher: Random House Reference


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 240

View: 596

Podcast. IM. Downloadable ring tone. It's the language of the future and chances are, your kids are already fluent. Are you? For all those "tech-challenged" parents out there, E-Parenting will teach you about various technologies and explain how you can make the most of each with your family. Become a master of: ·the internet ·handheld organizers ·cell phones ·digital cameras ·digital recording devices ·GPS technology and much more!

Viral Parenting

A Guide to Setting Boundaries, Building Trust, and Raising Responsible Kids in an Online World

Author: Mindy McKnight

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 288

View: 677

Mindy McKnight, YouTube's favorite mom, shares the tools parents need to keep kids safe in their online lives--and shows how to create stronger family relationships as they do. A cross between Jen Hatmaker and Rosalind Wiseman, VIRAL PARENTING is a guide to raising responsible, safe, and communicative kids in the digital world. Mindy shares practical tools for having honest conversations with kids of all ages about privacy, bullying, respectfulness, and family time, while emphasizing the importance of trust and open communication. These strategies are timeless--whether applied to texting, snapping, Facebooking, kiking, or whatever social media platforms await us in the future, this book is ultimately about teaching children about personal responsibility and safety. Mindy shares practical tools for creating family rules for kids of all ages about privacy, bullying, respectfulness, and family time, while emphasizing the importance of trust and open communication. Using family contracts, guided conversations, device checks, and respectful but firm oversight, the McKnights have raised a close knit family and navigated the complexity of being world-wide internet celebrities with grace. McKnight will show any parent of any child or teen how that's done--setting non-negotiable guidelines and offering a savvy perspective toward privacy that audience have been begging for.

Trend-savvy Parenting

Author: Mary Manz Simon

Publisher: Focus on the Family Pub


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 150

View: 468

Parenting experts provide a helpful synopsis of many modern cultural trends that affect children today, offering practical advice to parents on how to handle current ideas that are potentially harmful for children.

Digital Parenting Guide to Technology

Parent's Guide to Raising Savvy Cyber Kids

Author: Jennifer Geller




Page: 32

View: 597

Savvy Cyber Kids is focused on educating and empowering today's digital citizens to make smart decisions as they grow up with technology. What is the best way to reach children? Through their parents and teachers of course! You can feel confident that by using the tools provided here, you will help your children make smart digital decisions.Given all of the dangers inherent in a digital world, it may be tempting to ban your children from games and social media. No engaging means no trouble, right? But that is not a reality in today's world, where all kids want to do (even toddlers!) is play games on your phone or tablet and social media is a key way tweens and teens socialize and spend their time.Instead of saying no to each request, use each new app, game, or social media request as a teachable moment with your child.Like it or not, you are parenting Digital Natives, young people born into a world that is, if not defined by tech, then certainly surrounded by technology in ever-evolving ways. This means, you are a Digital Parent.From the Savvy Cyber Kids point-of-view we--parents, grandparents, educators and any adult who cares for a young person--have a responsibility to raise cyber aware kids. Their safety, if not their lives, depends on it. And their reputation and their ability to not make negative decisions that will impact the rest of their lives depends on it, too.

Raising Tech Savvy Kids

What Parents Should Know That Their Kids May Already Know About the Internet

Author: Debra Sanders Clark

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 76

View: 262

According to research, there are 50,000 predators online at any given time (Thomas, n.d.). These individuals are likely luring profiles or hiding in chat rooms in search of vulnerable children. Predators know that a growing number of children are now on the Internet, therefore, they monopolize the opportunity because it allows easy access and increased chances to privately communicate with them. Unfortunately, predators are not the only threat online. According to research there are over 5 million Facebook users under the age of 10, although Facebook prohibits users under the age of 13, (Hopkinson, 2015). In addition, there are over 80 million fake profiles on Facebook (Chauhan, 2016). With the increase accessibility of social media, criminals often create fake profiles online to capitalize on the opportunity to steal more than identity. Parents, beware! As a consequence of the many hidden dangers online, parents should be concerned and learn ways to increase youth safety. This self-help manuscript will provide information to help parents help their children have a safe and rewarding Internet experience. Readers will receive the following benefits: explore the pros and cons of technology learn techniques for proper usage of modern technology gain knowledge of potential risks such as: cyberbullying, sexting, predators, exploitation and others learn about secret apps and codes children use to hide their online activities acquire knowledge to implement safety online implement and explain the rules for computer and Internet usage develop a trusting relationship to improve parent and child communication risk, safety and responsibilities receive additional resources offering information and help

The Connected Parent

An Expert Guide to Parenting in a Digital World

Author: John Palfrey

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 304

View: 446

An essential guide for parents navigating the new frontier of hyper-connected kids. Today's teenagers spend about nine hours per day online. Parents of this ultra-connected generation struggle with decisions completely new to parenting: Should an eight-year-old be allowed to go on social media? How can parents help their children gain the most from the best aspects of the digital age? How can we keep kids safe from digital harm? John Palfrey and Urs Gasser bring together over a decade of research at Harvard to tackle parents' most urgent concerns. The Connected Parent is required reading for anyone trying to help their kids flourish in the fast-changing, uncharted territory of the digital age.

Future-proof Your Child for the 2020s and Beyond

How to parent in disruptive times

Author: Nikki Bush

Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 320

View: 853

Mommy, Daddy, what should I be when I grow up?’ This is the question every child asks when they begin to develop a sense of the future, and it’s never been harder for parents to answer it than now. This century is characterised by disruptive change that is turning our world upside down. Jobs aren’t just changing, but whole industries are ceasing to exist. The scripts for success and failure are being rewritten on a daily basis in our families, at work and in life. Do parents know who and what their children need to be, let alone what they might be able to do, in the future world of work? This book doesn’t just paint a picture of what the future might hold, but provides frameworks and practical advice for what parents can do today in order to build solid foundations for their children in order to maximise their chances of success. Children who are equipped with the right skill sets, attitudes and world views will remain relevant and able to take advantage of future opportunities. Aimed primarily at anyone involved in raising children from birth to age twelve, including grandparents, educators, support teams and extended family, it is also an insightful handbook for those with teens. Future-proof Your Child for the 2020s and Beyond is an invaluable guide for parents who wish to create realistic and relevant parenting goals that will set their children up to thrive, no matter what awaits them in the futu

Screen-Smart Parenting

How to Find Balance and Benefit in Your Child's Use of Social Media, Apps, and Digital Devices

Author: Jodi Gold

Publisher: Guilford Publications


Category: Psychology

Page: 314

View: 989

As a practicing child psychiatrist and mother of three, Jodi Gold has a unique understanding of both the mind-boggling benefits and the serious downsides of technology. Dr. Gold weaves together scientific knowledge and everyday practical advice to help you foster your child's healthy relationship to technology, from birth to the teen years. You'll learn: *How much screen time is too much at different ages. *What your kids and teens are actually doing in all those hours online. *How technology affects social, emotional, and cognitive development. *Which apps and games build smarts and let creativity shine. *How your own media habits influence your children. *What you need to know about privacy concerns, cyberbullying, and other dangers. *Ways to set limits that the whole family can live with.

The Tech Diet for your Child & Teen

The 7-Step Plan to Unplug & Reclaim Your Kid's Childhood (And Your Family's Sanity)

Author: Brad Marshall

Publisher: HarperCollins


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 288

View: 549

Are you a parent struggling to set healthy, effective rules around technology in your house? Or have you already set clear parameters but find yourself outsmarted by your tech-savvy kids? Are you sick of hearing technology experts throw statistics and research at you with few practical parenting strategies on offer? Brad Marshall, The Unplugged Psychologist, is on the front line helping parents deal with the dominance of gaming and problematic technology use. His clinic, the Internet Addiction Clinic @ Kidspace, was one of the first in Australia established to help young children, teenagers and families whose lives are totally torn apart by technology. The Tech Diet for your Child and Teen provides real-life strategies that any parent can implement to create a healthy balance and put your kids' development first. Based on solid psychological research explaining why screen addiction is so powerful, Brad's jargon-free advice gives a clear plan for parents who have had enough and are serious about changing the way their kids use and interact with technology. The Tech Diet for your Child and Teen contains: Ways to apply workable solutions for excessive internet use and gaming rather than fighting about it Advice on how to take control of the Wi-Fi and manage smartphones and data Practical tips to help survive the school holidays How to tackle kids telling you they are doing 'homework' while switching screens A holistic plan that puts your child's wellbeing first, screens second Special information for children with conditions such as ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, anxiety and depression

The Parent's Workbook for Parenting in the Digital Age

What All Parents Need to Know for Safe and Responsible Use of Internet, Tech and Social Media

Author: Elizabeth Milovidov

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 46

View: 993

This short workbook is for busy parents and caregivers in the digital age who are looking to get up to speed on the basics in online safety and digital citizenship. In concise terms and easy-to-read reference sheets, the guide provides the key essentials in digital parenting, such as understanding privacy, personal information, password security as well as cyberbullying, digital citizenship and social media for good. The topics, solutions and commentaries are all based on Elizabeth Milovidov's work as an eSafety consultant and Independent Expert on Digital Parenting and Children's Rights and Internet and are designed to provide pertinent information and references - at a glance. Resources, recommended reading and digital parenting ideas are shared in each section in order to further your knowledge should wish you to delve deeper. Dr. Milovidov provides instant tools for digital parents . . . a collection of best practices from North America and Europe to keep digital parents on track during these sometimes stressful, yet always exciting technological times.

The Technology Connection

Building a Successful Library Media Program

Author: Kathleen Schrock

Publisher: Linworth Publishing, Incorporated


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 244

View: 440

Offers advice for school library media specialists in such areas as collaborating with teachers, professional development, integrating technology with the curriculum, Internet access, funding, and public relations.

Plugged-In Parenting

How to Raise Media-Savvy Kids with Love, Not War

Author: Bob Waliszewski

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.


Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 626

Plugged-In Parenting comes at a time when parents find themselves between a rock and a hard place. They want to protect their children from the increasingly violent and sexualized content of movies, TV, the Internet, and music as well as cyberbullying and obsessive cell phone texting. But they fear that simply “laying down the law” will alienate their kids. Can parents stay connected to the media while staying connected to God and to each other? This book makes a powerful case for teaching kids media discernment, but doesn’t stop there. It shows how to use teachable moments, evidence from research and pop culture, Scripture, questions, parental example, and a written family entertainment constitution to uphold biblical standards without damaging the parent-child relationship.

Generation NeXt Parenting

A Savvy Parent's Guide to Getting it Right

Author: Tricia Goyer

Publisher: Multnomah


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 305

View: 310

Get Real, Become Focused, Begin Thriving! You’re a generation of parents aspiring to excellence in every way, but you’re also just plain tired. You don’t need another parenting book promising perfection or another formula guaranteeing great kids; you need practical advice that shows how to deal with your and your children’s hearts. If you’re worn out from trying to do too much while giving your child every opportunity under the sun, if you’re striving to excel in every way but suffering from a lack of focus, this book is your solution. It will help you understand how your specific tendencies are common to your generation as a whole. You’ll embrace the positive qualities that enable you to parent for God’s glory. Lay a firm foundation and thrive as you raise up the next generation! Wanna Do It Right Without the Expert Advice? Looking for practical, doable tips and guidance for raising today’s kids? Want to help them love God and be all that they can be (even if they don’t join the Army)? If 70s and 80s bands (Run DMC), fashion (hot pink anything), and technology (music on cassette) bring back vivid youthful memories, Generation NeXt Parenting is the resource for you. Like secrets exchanged at recess with a trusted friend, this book offers helpful hints for raising your children during this exact time in history. Extensive research, input from hundreds of Gen X moms and dads, and a variety of Scripture references will help you navigate even the toughest parenting dilemmas. “Chock-full of useful quotes from experts and everyday parents, this is a grace-infused handbook for Gen Xers navigating the parenting journey.” -Mary E. DeMuth, Author of Building the Christian Family You Never Had “As a young father, I not only relate to Tricia’s message, but I’m very encouraged that there is a fantastic parenting resource for our generation.” -Jordan Rubin, Founder of Garden of Life and author of The Great Physician’s RX for Health and Wellness This book is designed like a magazine (not because you miss reading Seventeen, but because no parent has time to read a book cover to cover) and includes: • Quotes from fellow Gen X parents • Stats • Quizzes • Sidebars • Song lyrics • Study questions

How You Always Meant to Parent

Setting Aside the Distractions of Today to Focus on Your Legacy of Tomorrow

Author: Brian Housman





View: 846

Discover a practical approach to parenting with great insight into overcoming the distractions life throws at every family. Brian Housman gives broad principles that incorporate spiritual truths vital to maintaining spiritual engagement even through the difficult teen years. Readers are encouraged to let go of the mistakes of the past and keep moving forward towards building a lasting relationship and launching your child into adulthood with a love for God.

A Savvy Mom's Guide to Parenting Generation Z

Author: Kat Mahoney

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 156

View: 635

A Savvy Moms Guide to Parenting Generation Z, focuses on parental digital responsibility, video game knowledge, and social connection in the modern generation. This guide will help moms (and dads) learn how to co-exist positively with their digitally addicted kids through video games, mobile apps, and social media.

Magazine Markets for Children's Writers 2008

Author: Marnie McNiff



Category: Authorship

Page: 608

View: 923

676 updated and verified listings of children's magazines that are currently accepting freelance material, with articles featuring interviews with top editors, and more on multicultural writing, early reader fiction and nonfiction, and fresh takes on holiday content.

Are Your Kids Naked Online?: How to Protect Your Tech-savvy Kids from Online Self-destruction!

Author: Lisa Good

Publisher: Aykno Media Group


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 212

View: 793

This book is about much more than naked photos of your children showing up online. Will your kids' social media accounts keep them out of that prestigious college? Will those naked photos on their cell phone that they didn't request land them in jail or get them charged with a felony? Are your tweens and teens buying fake IDs on the dark web to get into dance clubs and buy alcohol? Will your child be charged with manslaughter for bullying? If the person they bullied commits suicide, the answer is YES! Are your kids buying drugs like Molly or tainted marijuana for parties on the Dark Web? Are things YOU post on social media about your children putting them in danger or affecting their future? Are Your Kids Naked Online breaks down the facts from fiction and is supported by academic research focused on technology, not only showing the real issues in an objective balanced way without down playing the real dangers and consequences, but also without fear mongering. The Goods end most of the chapters with a "What You Can Do" section that has tips and guidance for parents. Many of the chapters also contain a real life story of how the technology today is really impacting children and their families, and how it doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, whether you live in a big city or a small town, what race or religion you are, the consequences that technology can have are indiscriminate. Chris Good's and Lisa Good's expertise as 20 year veterans in the Cyber Security and Information Technology Industry as well as parents of 4 (just four) teenagers gives them a unique and important perspective. As trained Cyber Security and IT Professionals, they understand first-hand the ins and outs of technology, as well as the underbelly of the dark web. As parents of four digital teens, they know what actually works, what your super smart tech-savvy kids can easily bypass and can relate to the reality of being a parent in the always-on digital world. The Goods have spoken at Harvard, NASDAQ, and Coca-Cola, as well as appeared on CBS and NBC TV shows about the importance of protecting your children online. Chapters (with real life stories, research, helpful conversation starters, as well as tips and suggestions on what you can do from a technology perspective) include: Times Have Changed The Lingo of Today's Digital Kids - An Online and Social Media Primer for the Rest of Us Pandora's Box - School Issued Devices Smartphones - Are They Necessary and at What Age Smartphone Apps - Doorway to Danger and Hidden Secrets Sexting - The Real Consequences Sharenting - Are YOU Endangering Your Children? A Social Reputation - It Will NEVER Go Away Won't You Be My Friend? Predators and Social Media The Dark Side of Gaming - Addiction, Porn and Bullying Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Cyber Bully? The Dark Web - What It Is - What It's Not Tech Giants - Do As I Say, Not As I Do Trust but Verify Is the Key Most children today know more than their parents do when it comes to technology, which convinces many parents to take the parental path of least resistance. They throw their hands up in the air and state as fact, "What's the use, they know more about technology than I do. They already have access, so it's too late. I can't do anything about what they do online. Hopefully, it will be okay." This is not true. It's not hopeless. There are options, and you need a plan. Knowing what the options are, what would work best for your family, and developing a strategy is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of parenting in today's digital world. Are Your Kids Naked Online provides guidance from technology experts on how to build a plan to protect your kids from online self-des

Sams Teach Yourself Today E-Parenting

Author: Evelyn Petersen

Publisher: Sams Publishing


Category: Computers

Page: 310

View: 861

Explains how to use Internet and PC resources to foster self esteem, creative problem solving, people skills, and responsibility; collects Web sites for parents; and discusses online safety.

The Parenting Survival Kit

How to Make it Through the Parenting Years with Your Family, Sanity, and Wallet Intact

Author: Aleta Koman

Publisher: Perigee Trade


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 463

View: 276

Offers advice on such parenting issues as attachment and bonding, child development, child care, communication, discipline, financial planning, health, bereavement, play, schedules, sibling rivalry, sleep, stress, and self-esteem.