Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Author: Judy Blume

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 144

View: 674

Living with his little brother, Fudge, makes Peter Hatcher feel like a fourth grade nothing. Whether Fudge is throwing a temper tantrum in a shoe store, smearing smashed potatoes on walls at Hamburger Heaven, or scribbling all over Peter's homework, he's never far from trouble. He's a two-year-old terror who gets away with everything—and Peter's had enough. When Fudge walks off with Dribble, Peter's pet turtle, it's the last straw. Peter has put up with Fudge too long. How can he get his parents to pay attention to him for a change?

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Student Packet

Author: Jean Jamieson

Publisher: Novel Units


Category: Children

Page: 43

View: 480

Fudge, Peter, Sheila, and the rest of the gang from the beloved books by "New York Times" bestselling author Judy Blume are back in these reissued paperback classics, featuring brand-new new cover art.

Four Fudge Books

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Otherwise Known As Sheila the Great, Superfudge, & Fudge-a-mania

Author: Judy Blume

Publisher: Puffin


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 688

View: 520

What's better than a double dose of fudge? An entire box! The first four books in the incredibly popular Fudge series are now available in a gifty boxed set. Whether Fudge is swallowing a turtle, digging up worms, or vowing to marry his neighbor Sheila, he'll definitely be driving his older brother Peter crazy. One thing's for sure, anything is possible when Fudge is around!

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing : a Novel Study

Author: Sonja Susut

Publisher: [North Battleford, SK] : Rainbow Horizons Pub.


Category: Language arts (Elementary)

Page: 162

View: 230

A study of Judy Blume's novel Tales of a fourth grade nothing.

Pure Fudge

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing/Superfudge/fudge a Mania

Author: Judy Blume

Publisher: Dutton Childrens Books


Category: Juvenile Fiction


View: 998

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing: A Fudge

Author: Judy Blume

Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 138

View: 999

Peter thinks he has the world's biggest problem - his little brother, Fudge. Fudge causes trouble wherever he goes and it's usually up to Peter to sort out the mess. When Peter wins a tiny green turtle called Dribble, he's determined to keep it away from his brother. But when Fudge does get his hands on Dribble - disaster strikes! Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing is the first book in this hugely successful series from the bestselling author and household name Judy Blume, featuring cover art from picture book star, Emily Gravett.

Double Fudge

Author: Judy Blume

Publisher: Pan Macmillan


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 224

View: 628

'Ooh, money, money, money,' sang Fudge. 'I love money, money, money!' Pete's little brother, Fudge, has a new obsession. He's mad about money and he wants loads of it. In fact, he's going to print a hundred million trillion 'Fudge Bucks' and buy the whole world. Or maybe he'll just settle for buying the capital city of America and call it Fudgington. He's driving Pete nuts. Will Fudge ever stop being the most embarrassing brother on the planet? Double Fudge is the final book in this hugely successful series from the bestselling author and household name Judy Blume.

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Novel Literature Unit Study and Lapbook

Author: Teresa Ives Lilly

Publisher: CreateSpace


Category: Education

Page: 146

View: 954

This unit study offers many wonderful activities to use while having students read the book, but the book is not included. The entire unit also offers the ability to create a lapbook if you print out some of the pages. There are between 6 and 10 lessons. Activities in this lesson include Fill in the Blank, Multiple Choice, True and False, Comprehension, Encyclopedia Skills Activity, Journal Activity, Vocabulary, Sequencing, Handwriting, Main Idea, Prediction, Comparison Literature Skills Activities including: Main Character, Main Setting, Main Problem, Possible Solutions, Character Traits, Character Interaction, Cause and Effect, Description, Pyramid of Importance, Villain vs. Hero. Creative Writing Activities including: Letter, Fairy Tale, Mystery, Science Fiction, Fable, Dream or Nightmare, Tall Tale, Memoir, Newberry Award, A Different Ending. Writing Skills Activities including: Description, Expository, Dialogue, Process, Point of View, Persuasion, Compare and Contrast, Sequel, Climax and Plot Analysis. Poetry Skills Activities including: Couplet, Triplet, Quinzain, Haiku, Cinquain, Tanka, Diamante, Lantern and Shape Poem. Create a Newspaper Layout Activities including: Editorial, Travel, Advice Column, Comics, Society News, Sports, Obituary, Weddings, Book Review, Want Ads, Word Search. Poster Board Activities including: Collage, Theater Poster, Wanted Poster, Coat of Arms, Story Quilt, Chalk Art, Silhouette, Board Game Construction, Door Sign, Jeopardy. The unit has many activities which can be generally used with other books along with the specific questions and comprehension for this book.