Design and Lifestyle of Concorde

Author: Lawrence Azerrad

Publisher: Prestel Publishing


Category: DESIGN

Page: 192

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This stylishly illustrated book looks back at the future of air travel and is as sleek and elegant as the Concorde aircraft it celebrates. When the first commercial Concordes zoomed off the runways in Paris and London in the late 1960s, crossing the Atlantic in just under three hours, they established a new standard for luxury flight. Powered by 38,000 pounds of thrust and easily recognizable with its delta wing and drooping nose, the Concorde jet embodied the pinnacle of aviation technology and industrial design. It quickly became the preferred mode of transatlantic flight for superstars and business moguls alike. Opening with a lively history of the jet and how it changed travel, the book focuses on the look and feel of the Concorde. Photos of the jet's evolving interiors show how the original, starkly designed cabin gave way to luxury seats and interiors designed by the likes of Sir Terence Conran and Andrée Putman. Filled with fascinating historical and technical background, and drawn from the author's personal collection of more than one thousand Concorde-related objects, this elegant book offers rarely seen historical photography and firsthand contributions from the people who helped create the Concorde experience from take-off to landing and beyond.

Living Without Oil

Megatrends in a new energy era

Author: Adjiedj Bakas

Publisher: Infinite Ideas


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 312

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The price of oil is currently six times as high as fiveyears ago, and will double within the next two years.We're all aware of the negative aspects of being sodependent on oil and you can't ignore the affects on ourplanet from its abundant use. Even with the more advancewestern nations taking a stance on alternative energysources and ......

The Art of the State

Culture, Rhetoric, and Public Management

Author: Christopher Hood

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 261

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Why does public management-the art of the state-so often go wrong, producing failure and fiasco instead of public service? What are the different ways in which control or regulation can be applied to government? Why do we find contradictory recipes for the improvement of public services? Are the forces of modernity set to produce worldwide convergence in ways of organizing government? This important new study aims to explore such questions, central to current debates over public management. Combining contemporary and historical experience, it employs grid/group cultural theory as an organizing frame and method of exploration. Using examples from different places and eras, the study seeks to identify the recurring variety of ideas about how to organize public services. And contrary to widespread claims that modernization will bring a new global uniformity, it argues that variety is unlikely to disappear from doctrine and practice in public management.

Michelin Green Guide Great Britain

Author: Michelin Travel & Lifestyle

Publisher: Michelin Travel & Lifestyle


Category: Travel

Page: 544

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This eBook version of the Green Guide Great Britain by Michelin features the best of Great Britain, its three unique countries and dozens of different cultures and landscapes. Tours, maps, full-color photos, illustrations and plenty of fascinating sidebars help you to explore this island where heritage, history and high culture play a continuing role, but nothing stands still for long. Whether walking among the Victoriana of Tunbridge Wells, taking a tour of the British Museum, or beach-hopping on the Pembrokeshire coast, Michelin's celebrated star-rating system and respected maps make sure you see the best that Great Britain has to offer.

World Book's Year in Review


Author: World Book, Incorporated



Category: History

Page: 528

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Text and photographs recount the major world events of 2001.

United States Citizenship Handbook

Author: Simon Vladovich

Publisher: Vladovich International Pub


Category: Political Science

Page: 282

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The U.S. Citizenship Handbook presents a vast number of most interesting events from America's past: Early Settlements, Pre-American Revolution, American Revolution, Declaration of War against the British, Revision of the Articles of Confederation, Constitution Convention, The War of 1812-1814, American Civil War, Declaration of Independence (Complete Text), Signers of the Declaration, Constitution of the United States (Complete Text), Government of the United States (Legislative, Executive, Judicial), State and local governments, States and District of Columbia, U.S. Territories and Possessions, Federal Elections, World Events, U.S. Symbols and Censuses, Land of Immigrants, Naturalization Program, and U.S. Citizenship Questions and Answers.