Sun Tzu's Ancient Art of Golf


Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Contemporary


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 92

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A humorous guide to playing golf likens the sport to ancient warfare

The School of Sun Tzu

Winning Empires Without War

Author: David G. Jones

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: History

Page: 400

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In The School of Sun Tzu, author David G. Jones offers a voyage of discovery into the world of competition and conflict. His book presents fresh thought on how issue management without conflict can be applied in today’s complex world. The School of Sun Tzu carefully examines how the empire of China came into being, the leadership of its first emperor, and the role played by his learned academies - which gave us the Tao Te Ching and the Ping-fa by Sun Tzu (incorrectly translated as "Art of War"). The concepts, values and practices that helped found China defined the greatness of the first empire. History knows of, but has not articulated the revisionist conspiracy of the second empire that worked so hard to discredit all the good that the first had achieved, while leaving it essentially intact. Fusing history, politics, philosophy, and motivational theory, Jones challenges not only conventional wisdom regarding Sun Tzu and Lao Tzu, but even some generally accepted aspects of Chinese history. It offers enlightening insights into a methodology as valid today for relationship management as it was centuries ago.

The Art of War & Other Classics of Eastern Philosophy

Author: Sun Tzu

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: History

Page: 592

View: 105

The words of the ancient Chinese sages are as timeless as they are wise. The words of ancient Chinese philosophers have influenced other thinkers across the world for more than 2,000 years, and continue to shape our ideas today. The Art of War & Other Classics of Eastern Philosophy includes translations of Sun Tzu's Art of War, Lao-Tzu's Tao Te Ching, the teachings of the master sage Confucius, and the writings of Mencius. From insights on warfare and diplomacy to advice on how to deal with one's neighbors and colleagues, this collection of classical Eastern philosophy will provide readers with countless nuggets of wisdom. IBPA Benjamin Franklin Gold Award Winner 2017!

Literary Agents of North America

The Complete Guide to U.S. and Canadian Literary Agencies : Profiles/Policies, Interests/Specialities, Fees/No Fee

Author: Arthur Orrmont

Publisher: Author Aid/Res Assoc International


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 311

View: 513

Gives policies, specialties, fees, profiles, and contact information for U.S. and Canadian literary agencies

The Art of War for Women

Sun Tzu's Ancient Strategies and Wisdom for Winning at Work

Author: Chin-Ning Chu

Publisher: Currency


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

View: 190

Forget everything you think you know about strength, strategy and success. This brilliant adaptation of the ancient masterpiece The Art of War shows women how to use Sun Tzu’s philosophy to win in every aspect of life. Would you like to transform your weaknesses into strengths? Succeed at work without compromising your ethics? Integrate your style and personal philosophy into every action you take? If so, this book is for you. In The Art of War for Women, bestselling author Chin-Ning Chu brings the eternal wisdom of philosopher-general Sun Tzu to women looking to gain a better understanding of who they are--and, more importantly, who they want to be. Although Sun Tzu’s book is about the application of strategies and determining the most efficient way of gaining victory with the least amount of conflict, every one of those strategies begins with having a deep understanding of the people and the world around us. They also require us to understand ourselves--our strengths and weaknesses, our goals and fears. In other words, the aim is not to apply a series of rules coldly and dispassionately, but rather to integrate ourselves and our unique talents into the strategies we will employ. This is not a feel-good book. (But you will feel good after reading it.) It is not a motivational book. (But you will be motivated to achieve what you want, once you are done.) Ultimately, its purpose it to provide women with the strategies we all need to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of our goals and dreams. Sun Tzu’s Art of War is the most influential book on strategy ever published, selling tens of millions of copies worldwide in several editions. Written by one of today’s foremost authorities on Sun Tzu, The Art of War for Women is sure to become a classic in its own right.

Publishers Weekly

Author: American Book Trade Association



Category: Book industries and trade Canada Periodicals


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Cumulative Book Index




Category: American literature


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A world list of books in the English language.

As I See It "The Art of Coaching to Win" Revised Edition

Author: Dr. Darryl J. Johnson, PhD



Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 102

View: 814

A Treatise on the Art of Coaching to Win. Discussing the Principles and Essentials necessary to develop a Winning Program.


A Festschrift for Anthony Braxton

Author: Graham Lock



Category: Jazz

Page: 269

View: 297

Life As A Warrior

A guide for winning, conquering adversity, & overcoming challenges

Author: Michael A. Lesesne Jr.

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Self-Help

Page: 94

View: 333

Life As A Warrior is a groundbreaking treatise on strategy and competition. Borrowing from such classics as: The Art of War, The Book of 5 Rings, and On War, Life as a Warrior delves into such themes as focus and determination, discipline and self-control, as well as an emphasis on building from past experiences to achieve future success. Life as a Warrior will benefit not only those who are in competitive situations, but also anyone who’s striving to incorporate strategic thought and vision into any endeavor. Simply put, Life as a Warrior is a must read for anyone who wants to win and succeed in life.

Forthcoming Books

Author: Rose Arny



Category: American literature


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The Birth of a New Science

Author: James Case

Publisher: Hill and Wang


Category: Mathematics

Page: 368

View: 454

The Mathematical Theory of Games Sheds Light On A Wide Range of Competitive Activities What do chess-playing computer programs, biological evolution, competitive sports, gambling, alternative voting systems, public auctions, corporate globalization, and class warfare have in common? All are manifestations of a new paradigm in scientific thinking, which James Case calls "the emerging science of competition." Drawing in part on the pioneering work of mathematicians such as John von Neumann, John Nash (of A Beautiful Mind fame), and Robert Axelrod, Case explores the common game-theoretical strands that tie these seemingly unrelated fields together, showing how each can be better understood in the shared light of the others. Not since James Gleick's bestselling book Chaos brought widespread public attention to the new sciences of chaos and complexity has a general-interest science book served such an eye-opening purpose. Competition will appeal to a wide range of readers, from policy wonks and futurologists to former jocks and other ordinary citizens seeking to make sense of a host of novel—and frequently controversial—issues.

Quill & Quire




Category: Book industries and trade


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Deader by the Lake

A Reno McCarthy Thriller

Author: Doug Cummings

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 432

View: 307

How do you solve a murder nobody wants solved and catch a killer nobody wants caught? When a woman with explosive secrets is murdered, City Hall orders a cover up. But fired TV reporter Reno McCarthy has never been politically correct. Reno's out for justice and he won't back off-even if it means a showdown with a brutal manipulator intent on turning Chicago into a branch office of the Russian mob. Reno's city is on the verge of a 21st Century mob war; one that will make the Roaring Twenties seem like a cap gun fight. It's summer in Chicago. It's supposed to be cooler by the lake. Not this summer. " complex, fast-paced snappy." -Barbara D'Amato, past President, Mystery Writers of America "Crisp, street-wise dialogue. Cummings pulls no punches." -John Drummond, author of Thirty Years in the Trenches: Covering Crooks, Characters and Capers " a crime spree all by itself. It has politics, sleaze and sleazy politics. It's peopled by cops, hookers, gangsters and even nastier types like radio hosts and senators. And Doug Cummings knows the territory." -Sam Reaves, author of Dooley's Back

Dare Mighty Things

Mapping the Challenges of Leadership for Christian Women

Author: Halee Gray Scott

Publisher: Zondervan


Category: Religion

Page: 256

View: 764

The main challenges and strategies of success for CHRISTIAN WOMEN LEADERS Are you showing up for your own life? Or are you watching it slowly drain away, each moment emptied of its potential? At age twenty, Halee Gray Scott was doing things her way when God challenged her with these two questions. Confronted with the brevity of human life, she determined to start living with purpose and passion and help others do the same. For the last seven years, Halee has been studying the lives of female Christian leaders to determine what keeps them from fully flourishing as people of influence. It’s not that Christian women cannot or do not want to lead; it’s that their way is fraught with roadblocks. In Dare Mighty Things, Halee unpacks the results of her research, tackling the top challenges for Christian women, including: What prevents us from seeing ourselves as leaders How to discern what we are really, truly meant to do How to navigate between our roles as women and leaders How the myth that only “exceptional” Christian women can lead hurts all Christian women Dare Mighty Things is a guidebook for women navigating the difficult waters of leadership. Packed with helpful advice and strategies for success, it will challenge you to claim your God-given potential and lead with confidence, poise, and grace.