Substitute Teaching from A to Z

Author: Barbara Pressman

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

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Become the go-to substitute teacher that every school district is searching for. Ask any school administrator: a top-notch substitute teacher is golden, and this book gives you the Midas touch. Substitute Teaching from A to Z is a one-stop resource, whether you’re a full-timer, just breaking in, or starting out as a career educator. Reinforced with true life tales from real substitute teachers and the stories of how they solved their biggest challenges, this book is a comprehensive guide written by a veteran teaching expert who specializes in training subs. You'll learn insider tricks on how to: Show school administrators you have the right stuff for the job Choose the most appropriate grades, subjects, and school districts for you Forge great relationships with everyone you work with Land the best classroom assignments Face a new class with confidence Maintain discipline, work without a lesson plan, and much more

Subbing in the City

The A to Z of Substitute Teaching

Author: Sally Goddard

Publisher: Trafford Publishing


Category: Education

Page: 133

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Substitute teaching is one of the least glamorous areas of the teaching profession. Everyone remembers the day their class made the sub cry or refused to do work the sub assigned, or worse, because the teacher was "just a sub". This book focuses the reader's attention on the problems faced by a substitute teacher in Canadian classrooms. The purpose of this book is threefold. First, it describes some of the difficulties and frustrations which many substitute teachers face on a daily basis. Second, I give brief examples describing the problems, the frustrations and, in some cases, the humour as seen by a real substitute teacher. And third, in a section called, "In a Perfect World", I provide suggestions outlining ways that many of the difficulties described could be alleviated, either by the classroom teacher, the school administration, or by the school board staff.

Subbing with Sanity... ...A Work of the Heart

A Guide to Teaching with Love, for All Substitute and Regular Teachers

Author: Shelley A. Christensen

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Self-Help

Page: 150

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Shelley earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education at Arizona State University with a Major in Elementary Education and a minor in Special Education. She is ESL certified and has an Early Childhood Education endorsement. She has also achieved 60+ hours in graduate work in the areas of Elementary and special education. She is currently teaching Kindergarten at Fredonia Elementary School in Arizona. She is a wife of 34 years and a mother of seven. She has taught school for 13 years, substituted in High School Special Education for 1 year, and substituted for 10 years in almost every age group from kindergarten through High School. She has served as President of the Relief Society Women's organization, Primary children's Organization, and Young Women's Organization in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints. She has taught in each of those organizations as well. She finds joy in teaching, singing, writing, photography, flowers, family, and friends.

Sub Culture

Three Years in Education's Dustiest Corner

Author: Carolyn Bucior

Publisher: Outskirts Press


Category: Public schools

Page: 240

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ADVANCE PRAISE FOR "SUB CULTURE": A must-read in todays teaching world. Geoffrey Smith, Director, Substitute Teaching Division of Required reading with a due date of ?Çÿimmediately! William Zimmerman, Iona College, Education Department A hilarious and touching book. Barbara Pressman, Author of Substitute Teaching from A to Z, Florida Atlantic University. College of Education A witty and revealing look into a neglected corner of the educational system. Peter Rudiak-Gould, Author of Surviving Paradise. In damning detail and side-splitting humor, Carolyn Bucior brings observations from her own weekly adventures as a substitute teacher in suburban public schools to bear on important questions of policy and ethics in U.S. public schools. Raegen Miller, Associate Director for Education Research, Center for American Progress As a storyteller, Carolyn Bucior offers that rare (and delicious) combination of wit and depth. In Sub Culture, she uses her narrative gifts to teach us about a phenomenon that will scare the hell out of anybody who cares about the education of children. Lary Bloom, New York Times contributing writer and author of The Writer Within Sub Culture surprises you; its funny, true and refreshingly honest, then goes further by revealing things I always suspected but never knew about schools and kids. Its a great read for anybody who cares about life and education. Lisa Holewa, Author of What Kindergarten Teachers KnowA mid-life career change introduced me to a quirky profession where many employees receive no training, are given enormous responsibilities, solicit sex from minors, and suffer unfortunate events, like having their hair set on fire. The pay averages $14,400 per year. When author and teacher Frank McCourt wrote that teachers are the downstairs maid of professions, he tipped his hand. Like many educators, he had forgotten the substitute teachers in the sub-basement. ?ǪThus begins Sub Culture, an educators memoir that exposes a national crisis within education, and offers solutions across the board. Journalist and mother Carolyn Bucior challenges the status quo in this dusty corner of education. In this startling and revealing book, she offers readers front-row seats as she substitute teaches in various K-12 classrooms (PE, English language learners, high-school chemistry, cooking, multi-age and traditional classrooms), then meets with national experts in teacher absenteeism and substitute teaching in order to make sense of the disturbingly unorthodox world in which she finds herself working. Take your own seat at the front of the class and learn why?ǪSubstitute teaching is costly. The U.S. spends $4 billion a year on subs. Substitute teachers are ineffective. Subs are 10 percent as effective as regular classroom teachers, yet they lead a years worth of a students K-12 education. Substitute teaching is dangerous. Subs have had their coffee spiked with hand sanitizer, been struck repeatedly in the head with a dodgeball, been sentenced to 40 years in prison when school computers displayed pornography?Ǫ and more. Substitute teachers are dangerous. Subs have stolen money from school offices, sexually assaulted students, told children Santa Claus is make believe ?Ǫand more. Shockingly, 56 percent of school districts never interview substitute teachers face-to-face.Teacher absenteeism is unacceptable. Teachers are out of the classroom about two weeks per yearthe very point at which student achievement suffers. U.S. teacher absences are: significantly higher than those in the U.K.; highest on Fridays; and hurting urban students most. Solutions can begin immediately and at low-cost. Researchers and education experts nationwide offer solutions geared specifically for school administrators, school board members, substitute teachers, regular teachers, policymakers, schools of education, PTOs, and parents of K-12 students.

The Global Assault on Teaching, Teachers, and their Unions

Stories for Resistance

Author: L. Weiner

Publisher: Springer


Category: Education

Page: 281

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Public education's character is increasingly under assault as privatization of education is advanced. This collection of essays by noted scholars, teacher activists, and teacher's union leaders from around the world fuses insights with background and analysis to make real the goal of quality education for all the world's children.

Substitute Teaching

Everything You Need for Success

Author: Sidney W. Gilford

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Education

Page: 84

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This book has been written to be a resource to those who are new to substitute teaching or are seasoned teachers considering substitute teaching.

Handbook of International Research in Mathematics Education

Author: Lyn D. English

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Education

Page: 726

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This third edition of the Handbook of International Research in Mathematics Education provides a comprehensive overview of the most recent theoretical and practical developments in the field of mathematics education. Authored by an array of internationally recognized scholars and edited by Lyn English and David Kirshner, this collection brings together overviews and advances in mathematics education research spanning established and emerging topics, diverse workplace and school environments, and globally representative research priorities. New perspectives are presented on a range of critical topics including embodied learning, the theory-practice divide, new developments in the early years, educating future mathematics education professors, problem solving in a 21st century curriculum, culture and mathematics learning, complex systems, critical analysis of design-based research, multimodal technologies, and e-textbooks. Comprised of 12 revised and 17 new chapters, this edition extends the Handbook’s original themes for international research in mathematics education and remains in the process a definitive resource for the field.

Student Voice Teacher's Special: 100 Teen Essays + 35 Ways to Teach Argument Writing: from The New York Times Learning Network

Author: Katherine Schulten

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company


Category: Education


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Help your students craft convincing arguments with award-winning mentor texts written by teenagers and companion teaching guide. This bundle includes one copy each of Student Voice: 100 Argument Essays by Teens on Issues That Matter to Them and Raising Student Voice: 35 Ways to Help Students Write Better Argument Essays, from The New York Times Learning Network. At a time when examples of “student voice” are everywhere, from Greta Thunberg to the Parkland students to the teenagers in the streets of Hong Kong, the argument writing that students study in school is still almost entirely written by adults. It is a wholly different experience for teenagers to study the work of their peers. It’s relatable. It’s relevant. And it doesn’t feel like an untouchable ideal. In this new collection of 100 essays curated by The New York Times, students will find mentor texts written by their peers—13-18-year olds—on a wide range of topics including social media, race, school lockdown drills, immigration, tackle football, the #MeToo movement, and COVID-19. For any teacher who feels that students write better when they have some choice over the topic and form, when they write for an audience beyond the teacher and a purpose beyond a grade, and when they get to sound like themselves, this anthology is an invaluable resource to accompany any composition text. In the companion teacher’s guide, Katherine Schulten—a former teacher and writing coach herself—provides teachers with 35 strategies and classroom-ready activities for using these peer mentor texts with their students. Raising Student Voice also includes 500 writing prompts, a “topic generator” with questions to help students decide what they’d like to write about, and a sample essay annotated with the comments of Times judges.

How to Be Successful in Your First Year of Teaching Middle School

Everything You Need to Know That They Don't Teach You in School

Author: Mary Ellen Griffith

Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company


Category: Education

Page: 336

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This heavily researched, detailed book will help first-year middle school teachers learn how to handle supplies, planning, parents, overcrowded classrooms, the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act, piles of paperwork, money shortages due to budget cuts, negativity from pubescent students and other staff members, at-risk students, students who are capable but choose not to work, and special needs students. You will learn how to ask principals and administrators for help, memorize names quickly, create seating charts, write lesson plans, follow a daily routine, help struggling readers, gain respect, find a mentor, develop and implement a grading system, discipline students who feel they are more mature than they are, create assessments, find free things for teachers online, and build your confidence. The most important thing of all, you will learn how to deal with the rapidly changing emotions and hormones of new teenagers and middle school age students.

I Come to Teach!

A Comprehensive Guide and Planner for Substitute Teachers and Program Coordinators

Author: Geneva Cannon

Publisher: Avenegg, Inc.


Category: Substitute teachers

Page: 128

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Mentoring Teachers

Navigating the Real-World Tensions

Author: Ann Lieberman

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Education

Page: 192

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Student Voice: 100 Argument Essays by Teens on Issues That Matter to Them

Author: Katherine Schulten

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company


Category: Education

Page: 272

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Finally, mentor texts written by teenagers, to help your students craft convincing arguments. In this new collection of 100 essays curated by The New York Times, students will find mentor texts written by their peers—13-to-18-year-olds—on a wide range of topics, including social media, race, video games, lockdown drills, immigration, tackle football, and the #MeToo movement. All of the essays were either winners or runners-up from The New York Times Learning Network 2014–2019 Student Editorial contests, in which students could take on any issue they liked and, in 450 words or fewer, persuade readers—including educators from around the country as well as Times judges—to adopt their point of view. The essays have been selected for their voice, style, and use of evidence, as well as to present snapshot of issues across a dozen categories that are of particular interest to adolescents. Student Voice is also available as a package with Raising Student Voice: 35 Ways to Help Students Write Better Argument Essays, from The New York Times Learning Network, a teacher's companion guide packed with practical advice from teachers, Times editors, and even student winners about how to use these essays in writing instruction.

5-Gen Leadership

Leading 5 Generations in Schools in the 2020s

Author: Mark White

Publisher: Corwin Press


Category: Education

Page: 192

View: 388

An unprecedented leadership challenge for school administrators Today’s school leaders face the unprecedented challenge of leading five generations: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and brand-new Generation Z teachers, along with Gen Alpha, today’s youngest students. Based on extensive research and the author’s experience working with thousands of educators and students, 5-Gen Leadership addresses the nuances and expectations implicit with leading each generation. With an emphasis on developing a multi-generational lens through which to view school improvement, this book covers topics such as recruiting and retaining today’s young teachers, tailoring professional development for each generation, and helping each generation succeed in a complex, accelerating world. Readers will also find: Tactics for transitioning to 5-Gen Leadership and understanding the four distinct generations in the teaching staff Moving leadership styles from a managing model to a coaching model Advice for understanding and creating a welcoming environment for Gen Z and Gen Alpha Suggestions for closing the digital generation gaps that emerged during the COVID-19 school closures A glimpse into the future to imagine how new generations of leaders will help reshape schools by 2030 If we’re going to make the most of reforming our schools in the 2020s and keep up with the exponential rate of change in society we must understand today’s students and the four disparate generations in our staffs. This book is critical to help leaders bridge those gaps. "How do we prepare today’s students for the rapidly changing workplace and society in which they will live, work, and interact in an education system designed for a century that has passed us by? In 5-Gen Leadership: Leading 5 Generations in Schools in the 2020s, Mark White clearly provides a well-lit path to assist educators to successfully make the necessary cultural, structural and instructional changes that are needed." -Bill Daggett, Founder International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE)

God's Appointments

Author: Gloria (Vermaas) Goering

Publisher: Xulon Press


Category: Religion

Page: 474

View: 140

One here, two there, a few here and there!One after another, Gloria's quiet meek spirit draws people to Christ!50 Yearsof testimonies that will thrill your heart and encourage you in your witnessing!Understand what being "born again" is all about! In the normal flow of life, Gloria runs into people that are seeking a personal relationship with God. She uses Jesus and Nicodemus' conversation recorded in John 3:1-21, to show how Jesus Christ gave instructions on how one can get to Heaven. People are curious as to what it was that Jesus told Nicodemus and many decide to become "born again." Gloria is a wife, mother of four, grandmother of seven, and spiritual mother and grandmother of many! There are spiritually searching hearts and God will use those who are ready to help bring them to a saving knowledge of Christ.Over 80 helpful soul-winning tips covering: preparations, attitudes, approaches, observations, methods, and bringing to a conclusion.Gloria and her husband, JamesGloria Goering (Available for individual and group mentoring on soul -winning)P.O. Box 4185 Waterloo, IA 50704

A Teaching Guide to Revitalizing STEM Education

Phoenix in the Classroom

Author: Daryao Khatri

Publisher: R&L Education


Category: Education

Page: 128

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A useful guide for both high school teachers and postsecondary faculty, this book explains how to organize, arrange, and streamline STEM content so that it is approachable, understandable, and applicable for students. Likewise, this guide discusses important classroom management skills and pedagogical techniques that will help students master these critical subjects. Providing and explaining over a dozen lesson plans, A Teaching Guide to Revitalizing STEM Education will encourage educators to effectively optimize the recent emphases on science, technology, engineering, and math education.

The Ups & Downs (plus more?) of Substitute Teaching

Author: Wilhelmina Pinheiro

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Art

Page: 160

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This book is a product of 35 years of teaching experience by the author in all grade level which include the elementary level, high school and college level. The author would like to share her ups and downs as a teacher hoping that it will guide all teachers in dealing with situations that may come their way as they are not aware whether the day will pass with agony or triumph. What inspired the author to write this book is the persistent question made by her husband asking her: "tell Daddy what happened to my Baby in school today? And so, the author said that a 12 year old boy who was in a special education class said to her: "Mrs. P., since it is only the 2 of us in this room, WHY DONT WE HAVE SEX? here is another one. When the author started taking notes of the behavior of a misbahaved student in her class...the student said to her: "IF YOU BUST ME, I WILL BUST YOU FIRST". More revelations will be found in the book.