Storying Relationships

Young British Muslims Speak and Write about Sex and Love

Author: Richard Phillips

Publisher: Zed Books Ltd.


Category: Social Science

Page: 224

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Storying Relationships explores the sexual lives of young British Muslims in their own words and through their own stories. It finds engaging and surprising stories in a variety of settings: when young people are chatting with their friends; conversing more formally within families and communities; scribbling in their diaries; and writing blogs, poems and books to share or publish. These stories are interesting to read and to hear, but they also have wider significance because they challenge stereotypes about Muslims, who are portrayed as unhappy in love and sexually different, even dangerous. The young people who emerge in this book, contradicting racist and Islamophobic stereotypes, are assertive and creative, finding and making their own ways in matters of the body and the heart. Their stories – about single life, meeting and dating, pressure and expectations, sex, love, marriage and dreams – are at once specific to the young British Muslims who tell them, and resonant reflections of human experience.

Create Your Own Love Story

The Art of Lasting Relationships

Author: David W. McMillan

Publisher: Beyond Words Publishing Company


Category: Psychology

Page: 304

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Each couple has its own love story - a story that is the essence of its relationship and that transcends time. Create Your Own Love Story shows how to take the shared history of how you met, how you fell in love, and how you overcame trials to create a love story that makes your relationship stronger, more enduring, and more soul-satisfying. The book is based on a four-part model derived from Dr. McMillan's twenty year's work in community theory and clinical psychology: spirit, a relationship's passion; trust, a relationship's power; trade, a relationship's value; and art, a relationship's meaning. Through these four principles. McMillan empowers couples to use their stories to create a love that is strong enough to survive external challenges yet nourishing enough to shelter each partner's spirit. Effective whether used by one or both partners, Create Your Own Love Story is an invaluable guide for those on a quest for true love that triumphs over time.

An Eastern Love-Story

Kusa Jatakaya, a Buddististio Legend: Rendered, for the first time into english verse from the Singhalese Poem of Alagiyavanna Mohottala. By Thomas Steele

Author: Alagiyavanna Mohoṭḷala



Category: Tipiṭaka

Page: 280

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