Stash and Smash

Author: Cindy Shepard



Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 48

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Be inspired to use your stash of papers, mementos and accents to create something wonderful! You'll find over 120 valuable tips, ideas, samples, and instructions for creating your very own 'Smash It In' journals.

Smash Your Precut Stash!

13 Quilts Using Your Jelly Rolls, Charm Squares & Fat Quarters With Yardage

Author: Kate Carlson Colleran

Publisher: C & T Pub


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 80

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Have you ever bought the perfect stack of fat quarters, only to see that same bundle decorating your shelf two years later? Give stashed fabrics new life with 13quilt patterns to make the most of your precuts! Authors Kate Carlson Colleran and Elizabeth Veit Balderrama show you the basics of how to quilt from your stash, with a special focus on color, print, and scale. Vibrant and versatile quilt patterns are tailored to precut fabric strips, squares, and fat quarters. Learn how to add additional yardage, mix different fabric lines, and design a stunning quilt from fabric you already have on hand."

Stash & Smash

Author: Alex A. Lluch

Publisher: Ws Solutions


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 60

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Stash all the scraps of life so you don’t lose the gleeful memories that are the pieces of you. Go ahead – smash it all in because the good times keep rolling and you’ve got no time to waste. Stash & Smash has it all, from pockets for your trinkets to decorative embellishments and trendy tags. So whether you’re on the go or want to get creative, you can customize a truly one-of-a-kind keepsake. Express yourself and preserve memories that will last a lifetime. This charming scrapbook features: - Concert tickets - Postcards - Awards - Souvenirs - Brochures - Drawings - Love letters - Family & pet photos - Magazine clippings - Recipes - Poems & quotes - Notes from friends

Phonics for Dummies

Author: Susan M. Greve

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Education

Page: 384

View: 301

Features kid- and parent-friendly tips and activities The fun and easy way to grasp the ABCs of reading Want to introduce your child to reading, or strengthen your child's reading skills? This fun and entertaining guide shows you how to use phonics as an easy and engaging path to reading. Phonics For Dummies contains tips on mastering letter sounds in reading, activities to engage your child's enthusiasm, and advice for making reading interesting and fun. Discover how to: Use phonics to learn to read Improve reading and spelling skills Master unusual sounds and spellings Build your child's vocabulary Play games that encourage progress All this on the audio CD: Dozens of letter sounds in friendly lessons Keywords to help your child with reading and spelling Easy examples and tips for your child to follow Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

Stash Envy

And Other Quilting Confessions And Adventures

Author: Lisa Boyer

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 142

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Another book of quilting humor -- from the author of the ever-popular book "That Dorky Homemade Look!" Funny woman Lisa Boyer is an expert quilter. And she's determined to enjoy making quilts. In fact, she will not -- absolutely will not -- let the risk of making a mistake, or a less-than- perfect quilt, keep her from relishing the task! In the 34 chapters of this new book, Lisa covers: The need for new fabric colors -- "blurple," "rorange," and "brellow," to name a few; The virtues of lumps in a quilt; How to share your bum fat quarter at a fabric exchange; How crocheting doilies will drive you back to quilting; How to cope when your quilts lack depth and dimension. Lisa Boyer is a breeze of fresh air. She brings you back to the pleasure of quilting with her confessions and adventures in Stash Envy!

American Psycho

Author: Bret Easton Ellis

Publisher: Pan Macmillan


Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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A cult classic, adapted into a film starring Christian Bale. Is evil something you are? Or is it something you do? Patrick Bateman has it all: good looks, youth, charm, a job on Wall Street, reservations at every new restaurant in town and a line of girls around the block. He is also a psychopath. A man addicted to his superficial, perfect life, he pulls us into a dark underworld where the American Dream becomes a nightmare . . . With an introduction by Irvine Welsh, Bret Easton Ellis's American Psycho is one of the most controversial and talked-about novels of all time. A multi-million-copy bestseller hailed as a modern classic, it is a violent black comedy about the darkest side of human nature.


The Frozen Throne, Official Strategy Guide

Author: Bart G. Farkas

Publisher: Bradygames


Category: Games

Page: 205

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Provides walkthroughs, tactical maps, mission strategies, and the basics of multiplayer games.

Box-Office Smash

Author: D. M. Paige

Publisher: Darby Creek ™


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 112

View: 100

Jason can't believe his luck when he opens the letter from his high school's wealthy alum Harmon Holt telling him he'll be interning on a movie set in LA. Even better, it's with one of his favorite horror-movie directors. But it turns out the road to the big time is paved with lots of small-time work. Can Jason check his pride and be part of the team?

Word Identification Strategies

Phonics from a New Perspective

Author: Barbara J. Fox

Publisher: Prentice Hall


Category: Education

Page: 258

View: 486

Acknowledging that phonics is a necessary tool for helping children become independent readers, this practical, up-to-date book ensures readers learn strategies supported by current research-helps ready future teachers for today's standards-based educational system and the expectations of administrators, parents, and others. This book incorporates current best practices in phonemic awareness, word families, letter-sound patterns, and multi-letter groups into 96 practical, research-based activities. Coverage addresses the needs of children who have difficulty identifying words in context, as well as those whose first language is not English. By focusing on transferable teaching strategies rather than rote letter/sound learning, this book reshapes how future teachers will introduce this critical component of reading to tomorrow's classrooms. For prospective teachers of grades K-5.


Drug War Survival Skills and True Dope D

Author: M. Chris Fabricant

Publisher: Harper Collins


Category: Law

Page: 384

View: 640

Busted! is a funny, smart, subversive worst-case scenario guide for casual drug users and their tolerant friends.It's the Bible on how not to get busted and what to do if you are. Using celebrity busts, outrageous everyman busts, and the author's professional experience, Busted! is everything you need to know about the criminal justice system, Drug War style, before it's too late. Like a Law & Order episode, the book takes the reader through a typical small-time drug possession case from committing the crime (the buy/recommending a dealer), to handling police encounters like a pro, to getting busted, to spending a night in jail, to fighting your drug bust, to pleading guilty, through trials and appeals, and, finally, punishment - with irreverent humor and expert advice all the way to the bitter end. Busted! also includes drug possession law for the house party, the rave, your roommate's stash; search and seizure on the street, in your ride, in your apartment, and up your ass. Drug War Driving Lessons covers DUI's and drugged driving; also learn how to make your phone call from jail count, how to ace your bail hearing, and protect your Internet privacy. The Dope Law Index includes possession law for marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and methamphetamine for all 50 states. BUSTED! helps the casual drug user to know his rights, walk the thin grey line between legal and illegal and ultimately stay out of jail.

Skylanders Trap Team Signature Series Strategy Guide

Author: BradyGames

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Games & Activities

Page: 256

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The wildly popular Skylanders series returns with the ultimate adventure, featuring the new Trap Master Skylanders and over 40 trappable villains. With Cloudcraker Prison destroyed and Skylands' most notorious villains set free, players must find and capture these evildoers using the magic of Traptanium. Once trapped, the villains' awesome powers can be used to fight for good!

Word Families

Plus Techniques and Materials for Developing Systematic Approaches to the Teaching of Reading and Spelling

Author: Don McCabe



Category: English language

Page: 359

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Dark Whispers

Author: Samantha Garver

Publisher: Zebra Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 786

Samantha Garver delivered a wickedly sensual debut in One Night to Be Sinful. Now she weaves an intriguing new tale of unlikely lovers unraveling a mystery shrouded in danger and dark desire... Uncommonly tall and extraordinarily independent, Harriet Mosley regularly rushes in where other ladies fear to tread. Indulging her taste for adventure, Harriet's friends pay for her to visit a house of spirits, rumored to be haunted by figments of its tragic past. Bow Street Runner Benedict Bradbourne is reeling from the loss of his business partner, who was murdered. Bradbourne's quest for vengeance has taken him from London's bustling streets and shadowy alleyways to a country estate whose corporeal residents may prove even stranger than the ghosts who supposedly dwell there. Intrigued by the bespectacled, mysterious Benedict, Harriet begins to feel the first flames of desire course through her blood. But in the dark hallways of the ramshackle manor, something more sinister than ghosts stalks--and will do everything in its power to keep Harriet and Benedict apart forever...

Essential Songwriter's Rhyming Dictionary

Handy Guide

Author: Kevin Mitchell

Publisher: Alfred Music


Category: Music

Page: 160

View: 898

This is the easiest, most practical rhyming dictionary available. Now you can find the word you're looking for while discovering words you hadn't thought of. This invaluable resource lists words in dictionary format, contains only the words you need (not the ones you don't), includes places, proper names, cliches, expressions, slang words and more! It also includes song lyric tips to help you work through writer's block.

Automotive News




Category: Automobile industry and trade


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Funk and Wagnalls Crossword Puzzle Word Finder

Author: Edmund I. Schwartz

Publisher: Perigee


Category: Games & Activities

Page: 754

View: 686

Lists two, three, four, five, and six letter words commonly used in crossword puzzles, and shows how to find any word if only one or two letters are known

Blake's Word Bank

Middle Primary

Author: Peter Clutterbuck

Publisher: Blake Education


Category: English language

Page: 112

View: 455


Author: Robert DiChiara

Publisher: Fawcett


Category: Fiction

Page: 374

View: 536

When a man from his past attempts to blackmail him, Carl Rodman, a well-heeled real-estate executive haunted by the memory of his young son's death in a hit-and-run accident, plans a murder. Original.