Stanley M. Horton

Shaper of Pentecostal Theology

Author: Lois E. Olena



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Stanley M. Horton was well known and respected as a gifted leader--a history-maker whose impact will be felt on future generations forever.Discover how God used his writings and teachings to affirm the doctrinal destiny of Pentecostalism and the Assemblies of God in the twentieth century and up to the present. You'll enjoy the adventures and miracles of his childhood set against the backdrop of early Pentecostalism. You'll also learn how he went on to unite passionate faith and disciplined scholarship in a beautiful balance.Leaders young and old will be inspired by the humble grace of this faithful servant of Christ.

Children of the Calling

Essays in Honor of Stanley M. Burgess and Ruth V. Burgess

Author: Eric Nelson Newberg

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


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This volume of essays, dedicated to Stan and Ruth Burgess, has been written by their colleagues and students to honor them as they retire after many years of distinguished service to Evangel University, Southwest Missouri State University, and Regent University. Several meanings can be subsumed under the title Children of the Calling. Stan and Ruth grew up in India, children of Pentecostal missionaries who felt they had "divine callings." They were influenced not only by the religious callings of their parents, but also by the cultural milieu of India. Though they did not personally take on board the specific missionary calling of their parents, they charted life maps that benefitted from the cross-cultural proficiencies developed in their childhoods in India, which to a large extent colored the influence they would have on their children, academic colleagues, and students, some of whom have submitted essays for this Festschrift. The diversity of subjects in this volume attests to the breadth of the scholarly work of Stan and Ruth Burgess. The first section narrates the major highlights of Stan and Ruth's academic biographies, the second presents pioneering studies of biblical studies and church history, and the third offers application-based research and personal reminiscences.

Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Restoration

Multidisciplinary Studies from a Pentecostal Perspective

Author: Martin W. Mittelstadt

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


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Although history is replete with tales of revenge, Christian forgiveness provides an alternate response. In this volume, Pentecostal scholars from various disciplines offer their vision for forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration. The essayists offer long-overdue Pentecostal perspectives through analysis of contemporary theological issues, personal testimony, and prophetic possibilities for restoration of individual relationships and communities. Though Pentecostals remain committed to Spirit-empowered witness as recorded in Luke-Acts, these scholars embrace a larger Lukan vision of Spirit-initiated inclusivity marked by reconciliation. The consistent refrain calls for forgiveness as an expression of God's love that does not demand justice but rather seeks to promote peace by bringing healing and reconciliation in relationships between people united by one Spirit.

Women in Pentecostal and Charismatic Ministry

Informing a Dialogue on Gender, Church, and Ministry


Publisher: BRILL


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Women in Pentecostal and Charismatic Ministry: Informing a Dialogue on Gender, Church, and Ministry, co-edited by de Alminana and Olena, offers missing and/or silent voices in the Pentecostal/charismatic movement an important corrective and a way forward to shape gender-focused discussions.