Squirrels of the World

Author: Richard W. Thorington, Jr.

Publisher: JHU Press


Category: Science

Page: 472

View: 635

Squirrels of the World, written by scientists with more than 100 years of collective experience studying these popular mammals, is the first comprehensive examination of all 285 species of squirrels worldwide. The authors reveal virtually every detail of the family Sciuridae, which includes ground squirrels, tree squirrels, flying squirrels, prairie dogs, and chipmunks. Each species—from the familiar gray squirrel of American backyards to the exotic and endangered woolly flying squirrel of Pakistan—is described in a detailed account that includes distinguishing characteristics, ecology, natural history, conservation status, and current threats to its existence. Squirrels of the World includes • stunning color photographs that document rare and unusual squirrels as well as common varieties• evolution, morphology, ecology, and conservation status• colorful range maps marking species distribution• images of the skull of each genus of squirrel• extensive references -- Lawrence Heaney, Curator and Head of the Division of Mammals, The Field Museum (Chicago)

The world of the gray squirrel

Author: Frederick Schenck Barkalow

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins


Category: Nature

Page: 160

View: 649

Describes the traits and behavior of the gray squirrel and examines the ways it adapts to the four seasons

Gliding Mammals of the World

Author: Stephen Matthew Jackson



Category: Nature

Page: 215

View: 728

This book provides a synthesis of all that is known about the biology of gliding mammals. It includes a brief description of each species, together with a map and a full-colour painting. It outlines the origins and biogeography of each group of gliding mammals and examines the incredible physical adaptations.

Popcorn-eating Squirrels of the World Unite!

Four go Nuts for Popcorn

Author: Matt Dickinson

Publisher: Vertebrate Publishing


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 208

View: 305

Everyone knows that squirrels love nuts, right? Wrong! When three young squirrels meet Salty – a grumpy, greedy old squirrel, addicted to popcorn – they become tangled up in a magical adventure that is to change their lives forever. But what will become of Ben, Cassie and Alfie when the evil honey badgers show up? Will the three friends survive an unexpected tumble in the Pop-O-Matic 3000? Popcorn-Eating Squirrels of the World Unite! by bestselling children’s author Matt Dickinson is a funny, non-stop action-adventure story about four squirrels who dive in to all sorts of mischief and chaos in the pursuit of a delicious new foodstuff: popcorn. Making friends, battling enemies and overcoming obstacles along the way, this is a story for children who like to be thrilled with every page turn.

The Flying Squirrel

King and Queen of the Pet World

Author: Curt Howard



Category: Flying squirrels

Page: 34

View: 579

Discover the World of Squirrels

Illustrated Kids Book with Fun Facts about Squirrels and Builds Kids Vocabulary

Author: Violet Burbach

Publisher: CreateSpace



Page: 56

View: 158

"Discover the World of Squirrels" is filled with fun facts about many people's favorite small furry and very playful wildlife friends. This book focuses on the many species of tree squirrels that live all around the world. Children and adults alike will find themselves smiling at the beautiful squirrel images taken in their natural settings. These colorful images will introduce you to the many types of squirrels who dwell all over the world. Learn why the fox squirrel is found in so many different habitats. Did you know that flying squirrels are the only nocturnal members of the squirrel family? Do you know the name of the largest member of the squirrel family? Squirrels have adapted in many ways to survive for millions of years. Discover where they live and what are their favorite foods to eat and store for the winter. A Glossary ends the book to ensure any new words your kids discover will be defined to make all the information accessible to and understandable by kids of all ages. This is a perfect book to use for "read along" learning. There is a bonus booklet available that will help reinforce understanding of new words kids can learn. It includes 3 Word Searches, a Crossword Puzzle, illustrated squirrel poems and a maze. Order your copy of "Discover the World of Squirrels" today. When you copy arrives start reading it to all your children. It is sure to entertain kids of all ages. Plus they will learn fascinating facts about these adorable furry creatures while learning some new words.

Welcome to the World of Squirrels

Author: Diane Swanson

Publisher: Walrus Books


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 27

View: 493

These are the latest titles in this popular series that introduces children to North American wildlife through color photographs and fascinating text. Young readers will be enchanted by America`s smallest bird, the fearless hummingbird. Its resting heart rate is an astonishing 480 beats per minute and, unlike any other bird, it can fly backwards. Few animals capture the imagination like wild horses. There are nearly 50,000 wild horses still roaming western North America. This book reveals their origins, their complex family systems, and how they live together off the land.


The Animal Answer Guide

Author: Richard W. Thorington, Jr.

Publisher: JHU Press


Category: Nature

Page: 183

View: 548

This entertaining guide unveils the fascinating world of everyone's favorite backyard pest. A great resource for students, this book covers every detail-from the first squirrels of 36 million years ago to the wary critters stealing the acorns of today.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 6

Who Run The World? Squirrels

Author: Ryan North

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 136

View: 590

Collects The Unbeatable Squirrel Gir (2015B) #17-22. It's a normal, quiet day at Empire State University, fi lled with lots of lectures and higher education and students learning quietly. But don't turn away, there's also going to be a fi stfi ght! A big one! And Doreen Green will also get a new Flying Squirrel suit from a mystery benefactor that would render her even more unbeatable, if such a thing were scientifically possible! That pretty much means crime is over forever. There definitely can't be a new super villain in town conspiring to mold Squirrel Girl into the perfect minion...or is there?! Gasp at a secret invasion of character motivations! Thrill at a civil war of emotions! Boggle as monsters truly get unleashed and Doreen's fate hangs in the balance! Also, machine-gun-wielding bears! It's squirrels and girls and punching, oh my!