Sport and Peace-Building in Divided Societies

Playing with Enemies

Author: John Sugden

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Political Science

Page: 182

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Sport is a cultural institution that stands at the interface between political and civil society. In divided communities, sport has been an agent of separation, sectarian hatred and violence, but also a highly effective tool for conflict resolution, reconciliation and peace-building. In this important study, John Sugden and Alan Tomlinson draw on their extensive international experience of working with divided communities to develop a methodological and theoretical model for peace-building in sport. The book showcases original case studies from three regions of the world in which sport has played a prominent role in social deconstruction and reconstruction: Northern Ireland, Israel/Palestine and South Africa. Combining a wealth of primary and secondary data, the authors chart the rise of the contemporary Sport for Development and Peace movement (SDP) and outline an important new practice-based framework for understanding, researching and working to achieve positive social change in the SDP sector. This is essential reading for any student, researcher or practitioner with an interest in the sociology of sport, sport development, international development, peace studies or conflict resolution.

Conflict and Peace Building in Divided Societies

Responses to Ethnic Violence

Author: Anthony Oberschall

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Political Science

Page: 262

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This groundbreaking book provides an integrated account of ethnic, nationality and sectarian conflicts in the contemporary world including the role of collective myths, the mass media and the ethnification of identities as contributors to ethnic conflicts and wars. In addition to many examples from the last two decades, Oberschall provides a comprehensive overview of the conflict and peace processes in Bosnia, Northern Ireland and the Middle East. Oberschall analyzes: peace building through constitutional design power sharing governance disarming combatants, post-accord security and refugee return transitional justice (truth and reconciliation commissions, war crimes tribunals) economic and social reconstruction in a multiethnic society. In addition to many examples from the last two decades, Oberschall provides a comprehensive overview of the conflict and peace processes for Bosnia, Northern Ireland, and Israel-Palestinians. He argues that insurgency creates contentious issues over and above the original root causes of the conflict, that the internal divisions within the adversaries trigger conflicts that jeopardize peace processes, and that security and rebuilding a failed state are a precondition for lasting peace and a democratic polity. This book will be essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and academics interested in the fields of peace studies, war and conflict studies, ethnic studies and political sociology.

Sports-Based Health Interventions

Case Studies from Around the World

Author: David Conrad

Publisher: Springer


Category: Medical

Page: 324

View: 377

This unique volume explores a growing collaboration between the sport and health sectors to deliver innovative public health interventions in the community. It explores the role of sport and sports settings as a vehicle for achieving health outcomes, as well as some of the practical and moral challenges presented by sport and public health partnerships working together. Twenty detailed examples illustrate the broad range of programs which have already been developed around the world, from across the spectrum of public health activity. Chapters include: • Time Out for Your Health: A sports-based health intervention approach with American football teams• Promoting Mental Wellbeing in Rugby League communities• Slum Soccer – female empowerment through football• Football 4 Peace• Sport as a post-disaster psychosocial intervention for children in Bam, Iran• Sex and Sport: An Australian rules football-based chlamydia screening initiative As well as showcasing what has been achieved in this exciting new field, Sports-based Health Interventions shares valuable advice and lessons learnt to inform the next generation of sports-based public health initiatives.

Sport and Society

A Student Introduction

Author: Barrie Houlihan

Publisher: SAGE


Category: Social Science

Page: 608

View: 978

'This third edition of Sport and Society, with contributions from some of the field’s most highly respected scholars, covers the myriad of complex, pervasive and global issues confronting sport in the 21st century. It continues to be a foundation text for students across most sport disciplines' - Russel Hoye, La Trobe University, Australia ‘The third edition of Sport and Society reinforces its place as one of the most valuable texts for students and others engaging in social scientific study of sport. Overall, the book continues to achieve an unrivalled balance between different social science disciplines that have been applied to sport; between local, national and international issues; and between broad overviews and specific detail on every topic. The end result is a book that is "a must" on many academic reading lists!' - Iain Lindsey, Durham University, UK Fully updated and revised, the Third Edition of Barrie Houlihan and Dominic Malcolm's ground-breaking Sport and Society provides students and instructors with a one-stop text that is comprehensive, accessible, international, and engaging. This popular book: Approaches the study of sport from a multi-disciplinary perspective Presents the importance of social structure, power, and inequality in analysing the nature and significance of sport in society Addresses the rapid commercialization and regulation of sport Engages in comparative analysis to understand problems clearly and produce sound solutions Expands students' knowledge through chapter summaries, guides to further reading, and extensive bibliographies Offers five new chapters addressing the key contemporary issues of: lifestyle sport; sport for development and peace; the governance of international sport organisations; sports fandom; and sport in East Asia. A superb teaching text, this new edition will be relished by instructors seeking an authoritative introduction to sport and society and students who want a relevant, enriching text for their learning and research needs.

Urban Peacebuilding In Divided Societies

Belfast And Johannesburg

Author: Scott Bollens

Publisher: Westview Press


Category: Science

Page: 340

View: 159

Urban Peacebuilding in Divided Societies explores the effects of urban policy and planning in the management of ethnic conflict in strife-torn societies, focusing on the cases of Belfast and Johannesburg. It combines perspectives from urban geography, political science, social psychology, and urban planning to study the relationship between ethnic ideologies and the urban strategies that affect ethnic territoriality in the form of urban land use, housing, economic development, services, and citizen involvement. The book contrasts Belfast, embedded within an uncertain shift from conflict to political settlement, with Johannesburg, engaged in post-resolution reconciliation, to analyze, along different points of societal transition, the contributions of urban policymaking to peacemaking and peacebuilding. It describes the differing roles—obstructive or facilitative—that contested cities can play amidst broader peacemaking efforts, consistent with Bollens' contention that there are lessons in urban peacebuilding for constructing mutually tolerable living environments at the regional and national levels. Effectively, cities (and urban policies) are the locus for operationalizing national ideologies of ethnic coexistence.

Shared Society or Benign Apartheid?

Understanding Peace-Building in Divided Societies

Author: John Nagle

Publisher: Springer


Category: Political Science

Page: 247

View: 381

This book analyses the role power sharing, social movements, economic regeneration, urban space, memorialisation and symbols play in transforming divided societies into shared peaceful ones. It explains why some projects are counterproductive while others assist peace-building.

Football for Peace

Teaching and Playing Sport for Conflict Resolution in the Middle East

Author: John Sugden

Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Verlag


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 180

View: 152

This volume looks at how sport - and football in particular - can be used to cross cultural, personal, and religious boundaries to provide an atmosphere of co-existence.

Yearbook of the United Nations

Author: United Nations



Category: International agencies


View: 835

Issue for 1946-47 includes a summary of the organization's activities from its inception to July 1, 1947.

Youth and Sport for Development

The Seduction of Football in Liberia

Author: Holly Collison

Publisher: Springer


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 241

View: 917

Processes of development concerning reconciliation, rehabilitation and peace-building have become a central theme for global organizations tasked with intervening in broken and divided societies after violent conflicts. What can reunite populations divided by war and violence whilst attempting to build a peaceful civil society? This book considers the impact and value of sport, notably football, towards achieving this goal. Using extensive fieldwork from Liberia, Collison highlights the multiple and diverse stakeholders and actors aligning themselves with ‘Sport for Development and Peace’ interventions. By unpacking and conceptualising the ambiguous terminology, complex social effects and the lived experience of SDP, this book draw upon participant voices and the author’s own lived experience within SDP to gain symbolic understandings of culture, identity and the formal and informal social structures in which participants and interventions operate. Collison identifies that SDP has become fashionable within development agendas but it remains an aspirational image, a notion of seduction, rather than a tested method of reintegration and youth development in post-conflict environments. Youth and Sport for Development questions the assumptions of SDP rhetoric and programs, and traces the effects of football - the favoured vehicle of SDP- on youth in post-conflict Liberia. Examining three core themes: post-conflict development, youth and community, this book centralises the narratives of young football players in Liberia and will appeal to scholars across Anthropology, Sociology, Sports Studies, Politics and Development.

Relocating Global Cities

From the Center to the Margins

Author: Michael Mark Amen

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated


Category: Social Science

Page: 226

View: 424

Drawing on eight case studies from key cities on the periphery of global cities literature, Relocating Global Cities argues that all cities are globalizing in important ways. Case studies of Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Bangkok, Manila, Tampa, Sydney, Brussels, and Caracas provide the basis for an alternative theoretical approach to global city formation. Reconciling a market-based understanding and an agency-based understanding of global cities, this book proposes that globalization and cities are mutually constituted by the global political economy engaging with transnational and local agents. The volume proposes an alternate theoretical approach to the literature of globalization while remaining grounded in concrete discussions of key cities. Its expert contributors reconcile the conflicting ways in which two dominant paradigms, one emphasizing market forces and the other the unique actions of individuals and groups, embody our understanding of global cities. This book will be of interest to students and researchers alike, and is a perfect complement to texts in Urban Studies and Globalization.

Information and Communication Technology for Peace

The Role of ICT in Preventing, Responding to and Recovering from Conflict

Author: Daniel Stauffacher

Publisher: United Nations Publications


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 101

View: 685

Report from ICT4Peace project published by the UN ICT Task Force.

Sport for a Better World

Report on the International Year of Sport and Physical Education 2005




Category: Physical education and training

Page: 423

View: 583





Category: Northern Ireland


View: 654

Sport and the Irish

Histories, Identities, Issues

Author: Alan Bairner

Publisher: Univ College Dublin Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 288

View: 273

This book brings together the work of a numbers of scholars who have an interest in the historical, social and political significance of sport in Ireland. It contributes not only to wider debates about Irish history, society and politics and but also to the steadily growing body of work devoted to understanding the role of sport in the shaping of modern societies. In terms of history, the book takes the reader from the late nineteenth century and the origins of modern sport, through the formation of the Irish Free State to the divisions that have so adversely affected Northern Ireland since the late 1960s. The book also allows readers to consider the relationship between sport, national identities and gender in a contemporary Irish context together with the role that sport can play in terms of conflict and conflict resolution.

Civil Society & Peacebuilding

A Critical Assessment

Author: Thania Paffenholz

Publisher: Lynne Rienner Pub


Category: Political Science

Page: 511

View: 168

Understanding civil society / Christoph Spurk -- Civil society and the state / Kjell Erling Kjellman and Kristian Berg Harpviken -- Civil society and peacebuilding / Thania Paffenholz -- A comprehensive analytical framework / Thania Paffenholz and Christoph Spurk -- Guatemala: a dependent and fragmented civil society / Sabine Kurtenbach -- Northern Ireland: civil society and the slow building of peace / Roberto Belloni -- Bosnia-Herzegovina: civil society in a semiprotectorate / Roberto Belloni and Bruce Hemmer -- Turkey: the Kurdish question and the coercive state / Ayşe Betül Çelik -- Cyprus: a divided civil society in stalemate / Esra Çuhadar and Andreas Kotelis -- Israel and Palestine: civil societies in despair / Esra Çuhadar and Sari Hanafi -- Afghanistan: civil society between modernity and tradition / Kaja Borchgrevink and Kristian Berg Harpviken -- Nepal: from conflict to consolidating a fragile peace / Rhoderick Chalmers -- Sri Lanka: peace activists and nationalists / Camilla Orjuela -- Somalia: civil society in a collapsed state / Ken Menkhaus ... [et al.] -- Nigeria: dilemmas of co-optation in the Niger Delta / Darren Kew and Cyril Obi -- What civil society can contribute to peacebuilding / Thania Paffenholz -- Enabling and disenabling factors for civil society peacebuilding / Thania Paffenholz ... [et al.] -- Conclusion / Thania Paffenholz.

With God on their Side

Sport in the Service of Religion

Author: Timothy Chandler

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Religion

Page: 224

View: 880

'Sport' and 'religion' are cultural institutions with a global reach. Each is characterised by ritualised performance and by the ecstatic devotion of its followers, whether in the sports arena or the cathedral of worship. This fascinating collection is the first to examine, in detail, the relationship between these two cultural institutions from an international, religiously pluralistic perspective. It illuminates the role of sport and religion in the social formation of collective groups, and explores how sport might operate in the service of a religious community. The book offers a series of cutting-edge contemporary historical case-studies, wide-ranging in their social and religious contexts. It presents important new work on the following fascinating topics: * sport and Catholicism in Northern Ireland * Shinto and sumo in Japan * women, sport and the American Jewish identity * religion, race and rugby in South Africa * sport and Islam in France and North Africa * sport and Christian fundamentalism in the US * Muhammad Ali and the Nation of Islam. With God on their Side is vital reading for all students of the history, sociology and culture of sport. It also presents important new research material that will be of interest to religious studies students, historians and anthropologists.