Economic Legislation of All the States

The Law of Incorporated Companies Operating Under Municipal Franchises, Such as Illuminating Gas Companies, Fuel Gas Companies, Electric Central Station Companies, Telephone Companies, Street Railway Companies, Water Companies, Etc., Preceded by a Suggestive Discussion of the Economic Principles Involved in the Operation, Control, and Service of Such Companies

Author: Allen Ripley Foote



Category: Civil service

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Incorporating Children in Worship

Mark of the Kingdom

Author: Michelle A. Clifton-Soderstrom

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 166

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Incorporating children in worship is a powerful and overlooked mark of God's kingdom. This book argues that children's full participation in worship signifies not only a vibrant, faithful communion but also offers a critical window into the Spirit's work of linking the church to Christ. Children have a vocation in worship. They embody the theological virtues in distinct ways that enrich the worship of the whole church. Moreover, incorporating children reflects the difference in unity that is God's triune life. Receiving children in their difference moves the worshipping body toward the telos of worship--glorification of God and sanctification of humanity--and habituates the worshipping body to incorporate other, often more threatening, kinds of difference.



Author: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe




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The Bible in the Public Schools

Arguments in the Case of John D. Minor Et Als. Versus the Board of Education of the City of Cincinnati Et Als. Superior Court of Cincinnati. With the Opinions and Decision of the Court




Category: Religion in the public schools

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Internal Revenue Cumulative Bulletin

Author: United States. Internal Revenue Service



Category: Tax administration and procedure


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