Soulmate Myth

Author: Judy Hall

Publisher: The Wessex Astrologer


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 290

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Many people are looking for their soulmate and expect to be blissfully happy when they find one. But, sadly, they seem doomed to disappointment. Soulmates are both a powerful fact and one of the biggest illusions of all time.

The Soul Mate Myth

A 3-Step Plan for Finding REAL Love

Author: Jean Cirillo

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 256

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You've been tricked. Society keeps telling you that there's a one-and-only soul mate just for you, a Prince Charming that will be as perfect as your relationship. And what's worse: you've started believing it. Now, Jean Cirillo, PhD, will teach you to stop swooning over picture-perfect legends and remember what really makes a man worth loving for a lifetime. This practical book takes on everything you know about what works in a relationship and will get you to look at love with fresh eyes. With this book in hand, you'll be able to: Separate the man from the myth Get rid of unreasonable expectations without giving up on what's really important Enjoy aspects of love and dating you've previously taken for granted Love and be loved for the right reasons Commit to a real-life man and build a lasting relationship Armed with case studies of strong marriages and resilient love, this book exposes the lie of the perfect match and gives you the tools you need to identify and pursue exciting--and attainable--new possibilities for love.

Natural-Born Soulmates

Follow Your Inner Wisdom to Lasting Love

Author: Lauren Thibodeau

Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 221

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Soulmates. The concept is an ancient one that still captures the imagination, tugging at the deepest core of who we are. Who doesn't want a soulmate—or two or three? Soulmates nudge us away from the illusion that we're only human and remind us that we're spirits first! They help us become our best selves. They are catalysts, enhancers for our spiritual growth. And we all have more than one. Soulmates may love us, but they also confuse us, confound us, irritate us, disappoint us—and often bring us indescribable joy and delight in living. Just by being in our lives, reminding us of the power of soul-to-soul connection, soulmates help us transform from humans with occasional spiritual connections to spiritual beings aware of the importance of human connections, human bodies, human lives. In Natural-Born Soulmates, Dr. Lauren Thibodeau destroys what she calls "the soulmate myth," made famous by the line "you complete me" from the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire. Through a series of simple self assessments she developed, Dr. Lauren Thibodeau then teaches us to access our inner wisdom, to discern what "vibe" we're sending out, and to determine what level of connection we're experiencing in any given soulmate relationship. There are soulmates out there to whom we can honestly say, "You enhance me," which is exactly what soul-to-soul connections do: make us better than we were before. This groundbreaking book will help readers to: Recognize their soulmates—past, present, and future. Attract new soulmates—romantic ones included. Improve relationships with existing soulmates. Learn from their soulmate relationships so they don't need to repeat the experience. For anyone ready to find their true soulmate, this powerful book is an important and necessary guide.

The Relationship Handbook

How to Understand and Improve Every Relationship in Your Life

Author: Kevin B. Burk

Publisher: Serendipity Press


Category: Psychology

Page: 340

View: 555

In this comprehensive guide to human relationships, Burk helps readers discover the secrets of how to create commitment, rekindle romance, spark the flame of passion, and enhance intimacy.

Divine Love—from Soul Mate Lessons to Twin Flame Reunion

Author: Ingrid Darragh

Publisher: BalboaPress


Category: Self-Help

Page: 192

View: 313

Life Coach and Master EFT Practitioner Ingrid Darragh shares her practical tips and exercises to help you to heal from every past hurt and to support you to open your heart to deeper levels of divine love, joy, and bliss, including her forgiveness process. Discover the difference between a soul mate relationship and a twin flame connection and learn how you can embody the qualities of divine love in your own life. In this book, Ingrid shares proven techniques to support you to: boost your levels of self-love by falling in love with yourself become clear about what it is that you are looking for in a partner learn the importance of forgiveness and healing every past hurt use the Law of Attraction and gratitude to help manifest divine love in your life deal with anything that is blocking you from allowing divine love into your life understand the difference between a soul mate connection and a twin flame relationship learn how to embody the attributes of divine love and to be ready to connect with your twin flame Based on many years of coaching clients on a one-to-one basis and in group workshops, this book is filled with real-life case studies, as well as Ingrid’s own life experience, backed up by practical life-coaching exercises and EFT tapping that you can do to attract the love that you deserve. As featured on Hay House Radio and EFT Radio

The Soulmate Path

Find the Love You Want and Strengthen the Love You Have

Author: Monte Farber

Publisher: Weiser Books


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 272

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In this volume, Monte Farber and Amy Zerner, who have been soulmates since 1979, describe the path they walk every day. It’s a path that any of us can walk, whether we’re looking for love or looking to improve the relationship we’re in. A moving, insightful, frank, and often funny account, they share their own stories—from meeting and falling in love, to beginning to work together, to dealing with the stresses and challenges that inevitably occur. With every story and at each step of their journey, they offer readers Secrets to practice in their own lives. They also provide readers 36 lessons to remember when attracting and developing a relationship. Because Monte & Amy are so well-known for their oracles, they also made a way that the reader can consult theses lessons in answer to questions they may have, following the principle that the Universe gives us what we need.

Bulletproof Dating

Shield your relationship against heartbreak

Author: Renato Cardoso

Publisher: Unipro


Category: Education

Page: 362

View: 607

The 21st century manual for before, during and after dating. Imagine waking up one day to find out that you married the wrong person, or that you lost your true love because you ruined your relationship, or that you'd missed it when that special person came into your life. For those who don't want to spend the rest of their lives regretting a bad decision, Bulletproof Dating is a must-read. No matter what stage of singleness you're in — whether you're alone, waiting, flirting, dating, hooking up, picking up the pieces of your broken heart, divorced, widowed or waiting for a miracle — this book will help you navigate the complicated world of modern relationships. Years of experience have given Renato and Cristiane Cardoso authority to say that most divorces start... during courtship! Bulletproof Dating will open your eyes and show you practical actions you can take. It's a manual for all ages, from teenagers to more mature singles. After all, it's never too early (or too late) to learn intelligent love.

Relationships For Dummies

Author: Kate M. Wachs

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 416

View: 480

“Follow the advice of the top romance specialist, and you can’t go wrong.” —Woman’s World “She’s interviewed with Oprah and Phil Donahue, Time, the New York Times, USA Today, the Washington Post, Redbook and Cosmopolitan. Clearly Dr. Kate engages in no false advertising—she’s a nationally acclaimed relationship expert.” —Chicago Tribune Let’s face it, making a relationship work takes patience, perseverance, energy, and an unflagging commitment to maintain a happy healthy relationship. And sometimes, it takes a little help from a wise and knowledgeable friend. Written by celebrated psychologist-matchmaker, Dr. Kate Wachs, Relationships For Dummies is a source of inspiration and ideas on how to find and keep a healthy relationship. Whether you’ve just started dating or have been together with that special someone for years, Dr. Kate can help you: Tell the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy relationship Have a more loving, fun-filled relationship Enjoy a more vibrant and satisfying sex life Work through most relationship problems Find the positive and the fun in every relationship stage Dr. Kate explodes common relationships and compatibility myths that cause people grief, and with the help of insightful quizzes, case studies, and real-life America Online letters Dr. Kate covers all the bases, including: Finding that special someone and knowing if it’s really Mr. or Ms. Right Pacing and nurturing intimacy in the early stages of a relationship When, where, how, and with whom to have sex when dating Knowing when and if it’s time to move in together When and if to get married Keeping psychological and emotional intimacy alive Keeping physical and sexual intimacy alive From compatibility to communication, commitment to connecting in the bedroom, Relationships For Dummies is your total guide to having the relationships you want and deserve.


How Career, Parenting, Technology, Food, Politics, and Romance Became Our New Religion and What to Do about It

Author: David Zahl

Publisher: Fortress Press


Category: Religion

Page: 211

View: 327

At the heart of our current moment lies a universal yearning, writes David Zahl, not to be happy or respected so much as enough--what religions call "righteous." To fill the void left by religion, we look to all sorts of everyday activities--from eating and parenting to dating and voting--for the identity, purpose, and meaning once provided on Sunday morning. In our striving, we are chasing a sense of enoughness. But it remains ever out of reach, and the effort and anxiety are burning us out. Seculosity takes a thoughtful yet entertaining tour of American "performancism" and its cousins, highlighting both their ingenuity and mercilessness, all while challenging the conventional narrative of religious decline. Zahl unmasks the competing pieties around which so much of our lives revolve, and he does so in a way that's at points playful, personal, and incisive. Ultimately he brings us to a fresh appreciation for the grace of God in all its countercultural wonder.

Book of Why

Author: Judy Hall

Publisher: The Wessex Astrologer


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 250

View: 262

Best selling author of The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall, shares her experience of over 35 years regressing clients. She shows how decisions made with soul groups in the space between lives - the interlife - explain the way our lives unfold and how we can renegotiate out of date agreements.

Digital Leisure, the Internet and Popular Culture

Communities and Identities in a Digital Age

Author: Karl Spracklen

Publisher: Springer


Category: Social Science

Page: 228

View: 491

Spracklen explores the impact of the internet on leisure and leisure studies, examining the ways in which digital leisure spaces and activities have become part of everyday leisure. Covering a range of issues from social media and file-sharing to romance on the Internet, this book presents new theoretical directions for digital leisure.

Is He The One? Finding and Keeping Your Soulmate

Author: Kelly Wallace

Publisher: Kelly Wallace


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 132

View: 241

As a professional psychic counselor for over 20 years who specializes in love and life issues, I see how hard it is for my clients to find true love. For most people, it might not be difficult to get dates or be in short-term relationships, but it's incredibly hard to find "the one." First dates may go along wonderfully but never turn into anything long-term or new relationships that seemed to have so much hope simply crash and burn, joining the wreckage of our past. Others find it almost impossible to even attract potential dates and spend months, years, even decades being alone, hoping and praying that their soulmate will find them at long last. Still, others have completely given up on ever finding true love and have simply decided to stay in a cold or dysfunctional relationship or remain alone. Obviously, there's no shortage of people on the planet, so why is it so hard to find true love? This is why I wrote Is He The One? Finding and Keeping Your Soulmate. It covers the many pitfalls and obstacles we face while on the path to finding our soulmate, and ways you can overcome anything and everything that's stopping you from enjoying the relationship you've always dreamed of. I'll show you how to blast through your barriers and ultimately find and keep your Mr. Right.


Everything you need to know about the paranormal

Author: Sylvia Browne

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 352

View: 457

In this compelling new book, bestselling author Sylvia Browne offers her most comprehensive guide to the afterlife. Phenomenon is a fascinating compendium of all things on the Other Side that influence our life here on Earth. Sylvia Browne provides evocative stories and powerful explanations to help make life on the Other Side real for all of us. In Phenomenon, she provides reassuring answers to questions such as: Atlantis - Where did it go and when will it return? Clairvoyance - How do you know if you have the gift? Deja vu - Are past lives the answer to this strange phenomenon? Ghosts - What are they? Miracles - Can they happen every day? Reincarnation - Have we lived before? Sorcery - Is there something we should fear? Zombies - Are they only in horror movies? An easy-to-use reference full of hope and guidance, Phenomenon is sure to have wide appeal among Browne's loyal fans and anyone in search of signs of the paranormal.

Divine Prescriptions

Spiritual Solutions for You and Your Loved Ones

Author: Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

Publisher: Renaissance Books


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 288

View: 695

Dr. Virtue teaches us how to use our sixth sense so we can lay our hearts open to the possibility of healing. Begin a dialogue with the angels and you can achieve, in a practical way, the fulfilling life you want and deserve. In Divine Prescriptions, bestselling author Dr. Doreen Virtue illuminates the ways all of us can receive healing messages from God and the guardian angels when we need guidance. The angels will speak to us about health, family, relationships, finances, and careers, and Divine Prescriptions proves that fact citing case studies, angel readings, and transcripts from Dr. Virtue's angel therapy sessions. When the problems we face are too complex to be solved by counselors, friends, or even Dear Abby, Dr. Virtue shows us another way-a divine way-to discover answers. Divine Prescriptions also explains how and why God and our guardian angels use us as messengers to give advice and consolation to others. She explains how to distinguish between normal conversations and key messages from the angels (who are constantly around us) and provides step-by-step instructions for performing angel readings. Dr. Virtue's universe is benign, the angels around us mean us well, and once we are able to receive their vitally important communications our goals and those of the people we love will become attainable.

Soulmates: Finding And Keeping Mr. Right

Author: Kelly Wallace

Publisher: Intuitive Living


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 130

View: 656

If you're tired of being alone or going from one Mr. Wrong to another, Soulmates - Finding And Keeping Mr. Right can change all that! Through easy yet effective exercises, affirmations, and total life transformation tips, Kelly Wallace shows you how to dump negative relationship patterns and take control of your destiny. True love can be yours. Become a magnet for your soul mate! What we'll cover: - Soulmate Basics Elusive Love How To Use This Book Learning To Listen The Truth About Soulmates Learning From Romance Novels Relationship Myths Bye-bye Baggage Sleeping Beauty Syndrome - Getting Reading For Your Soulmate Attracting Love Reinventing Yourself Overcoming Shyness Kick-Ass Confidence - Finding Your Soulmate Can You Really Attract Love? Dating Sites - Love Story Or Horror Story Too Good To Be True? Spotting Dating Site Liars Dating After Divorce Finding Love In Midlife With Kids Ending First Date Nerves Creating Chemistry Is He Really Into You? Handling New Relationships Dating A Man With Kids Dangers Of Long-Distance Love Building Trust In A Long-Distance Relationship Is He Your Soulmate? - Keeping Your Soulmate Keeping Passion Alive Arguing Can Be Good Jealousy And Insecurity Are You Sabotaging Your Relationships? - When To Hold On And When To Let Go Should You Stay Or Should You Go? Red Flags That Point To Trouble Does He Need His Space? Staying For The Paycheck Recognizing A Toxic Relationship Fixing What's Broken Taking A Break Signs Your Relationship Is Over Do You Really Want Your Ex Back? Surviving A Breakup What Now? My Goal Book A Reading

A Biography of Loneliness

The History of an Emotion

Author: Fay Bound Alberti

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Loneliness

Page: 320

View: 742

Despite 21st-century fears of a modern "epidemic" of loneliness, its history has been sorely neglected. A Biography of Loneliness is the first history of its kind to be published in English, offering a radically new interpretation of loneliness as an emotional language and experience. Usingletters and diaries, philosophical tracts, political discussions, and medical literature from the eighteenth century to the present, historian of the emotions Fay Bound Alberti argues that loneliness is not an ahistorical, universal phenomenon. It is, in fact, a modern emotion: before 1800, itslanguage did not exist.As Alberti shows, the birth of loneliness is linked to the development of modernity: the all-encompassing ideology of the individual that has emerged in the mind and physical sciences, in economic structures, in philosophy and politics. While it has a biography of its own, loneliness impacts onpeople differently, according to their gender, ethnicity, religion, outlook, and socio-economic position. It is, Alberti argues, not a single state but an "emotion cluster", composed of a wide variety of responses that include fear, anger, resentment and sorrow. In spite of this, loneliness is notalways negative. And it is physical as well as psychological: loneliness is a product of the body as much as the mind.Looking at informative case studies such as Sylvia Plath, Queen Victoria, and Virginia Woolf, A Biography of Loneliness charts the emergence of loneliness as a modern emotional state. From social media addiction to widowhood, from homelessness to the oldest old, from mall hauls to massages,loneliness appears in all aspects of 21st-century life. Yet we cannot address its meanings, let alone formulate a cure, without attention to its complex, protean history.

The Magical Sexual Practices of Ancient Egypt

The Alchemy of Night Enchiridion

Author: Judy Hall

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 200

View: 536

A step-by-step guide to raising kundalini and embodying the dynamic, sexual force, that is the Power of Sekhem. Sex is the most potent force in the universe. A primal power. And sacred sexuality is a gateway to the divine. Something that the ancient Egyptians recognised instinctively. In The Magical Sexual Practices of Ancient Egypt, bestselling author, Judy Hall, offers the reader powerful sexual magic for the present day. It reveals sexual secrets hidden for millennia. This jealously guarded secret doctrine is now available to everyone. The system activates your creative erotic potential. Kindling the inner and outer mystic marriages, it is a joining of souls with the divine. Through a cosmic orgasm that is literally mind-blowing, the process generates the power to manifest and integrate expanded consciousness into the everyday world. The system can be used to attract a twin-flame or make a sacred marriage with an existing partner. The practice can also be worked alone to invoke an integration with your highest Self. Crystals support the practice throughout. Accompaniment to Judy Hall's new novel, The Alchemy of the Night.

Crystal Prescriptions

Crystals for Ancestral Clearing, Soul Retrieval, Spirit Release and Karmic Healing. An A-Z Guide.

Author: Judy Hall

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 408

View: 281

This practical sixth book in the Crystal Prescriptions series covers crystals for karmic clearing, soul integration and healing the family tree. In addition to our own karma, we are hampered by ancestral memories, attitudes and beliefs that are not necessarily ours. Fortunately, some extraordinary new crystals have appeared which help us to quickly and easily break lineages and clear our ‘junk DNA’, without having to relive the trauma of karmic history. With the assistance of these crystals, and some old favourites, it is possible to heal far back into the genealogical line and our own karmic past. The healing is then projected forward into the future so that generations to come can have the benefit of garnered soul and ancestral wisdom, but without the baggage.

The Dark Vampire

Author: L. J. Red

Publisher: L. J. Red


Category: Fiction


View: 275

He doesn’t trust humans. Until he meets his fated mate. A lethal vampire warrior, Aaron has never cared for humans. Until now. His fated mate has walked into his life and he’s desperate to own her. But if he wants to keep her close, he’s going to have to tell her what she really is. Aisha is America’s vampire expert, or she would be, if the vamps would let her do her damn job. When an emergency call ends with her deep in the heart of the vampire brotherhood, Aisha starts to wonder if she’s made a dangerous mistake. Until she meets him. Sinfully handsome with a thick aura of power, Aaron is unlike anyone she’s ever met. She’s never felt attraction like this before. His presence drives her senseless with desire. Can she trust it? Can she trust him? A short, slow-burn prequel to the wildly successful Bloodline Vampires series by L.J. Red.

Vodou Love Magic

A Practical Guide to Love, Sex, and Relationships

Author: Kenaz Filan

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 200

View: 555

A working guide on how to find love and sexual fulfillment by working with the lwa, the spirits of Haitian Vodou • The first book on wanga (love magic) by an actual Vodou initiate • Provides spells and spirit work for many different problems associated with affairs of the heart • Spells included are detailed and easy to follow Haitian Vodou, like other folk traditions, is an eminently practical craft. Vodou practitioners see their relationship with the lwa--the spirits honored in Haitian Vodou--as mutually beneficial rather than one-sided. In return for sincere offerings, the lwa are happy to provide protection and support in dealing with life’s problems--which more often than not concern love. In Vodou Love Magic, Kenaz Filan details the myriad aspects of love and sex governed by the different lwa and explains what services each can provide in attaining fulfilling relationships--and who will likely offer the best wisdom for your needs. If you are having trouble meeting people, Legba’s Opening the Door spell can resolve this difficulty. If you wish more fire in a relationship, then you should work with the warrior spirit Papa Ogou. Filan presents easy-to-follow instructions for numerous love spells and also reveals how the lwa offer counsel for dealing with ending relationships, toxic behavior patterns like codependency, or romantic triangles. Vodou Love Magic does not provide a magic genie who will fulfill every wish, but it does offer access to a team of spirits who can help transform dreams into realities.