Sons of Vikings

A Legendary History of the Viking Age

Author: Kurt Noer




Page: 400

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Sons of Vikings tells the story of the Viking Age (793-1066 A.D.) through the lives of extraordinary people. Each chapter is a biography of Ragnar Lothbrok, Ivar the Boneless, Bjorn Ironside, Rollo, Brian Boru, Erik the Red, Floki, Leif Erikson, Lagertha, Alfred, Rurik, Sviatoslav, William the Conqueror, and many other heroes and villains. It provides an understanding of this pivotal historical period in a way that facts and chronologies alone cannot. Sons of Vikings is meticulously researched from almost 100 sources but is also not afraid to challenge conventional beliefs and offer new perspectives. It is the perfect introduction for the casual fan of Vikings in television and popular culture but also offers a new take for the well-read history enthusiast. From myths, legends, sagas, and stories, to the most-recent archeology and DNA research, this book brings the Viking Age to life.

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Sons of Vikings Old Norse Scandinavian Warriors. B07GMWZ1TY Size 6'' X 9'', Lined 100 Pages, for Notes, Drawings, Formulas, a Perfect Birthday, a Great Alternative

Author: Daniel S MARQUETTE




Page: 100

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Sons of Vikings Norway Old Norse Ship Warriors 6 in X 9 in X 100 Lined and Blank Pages for Notes, to Do Lists, Journal, Soft Cover, Matte Finish

Author: Kevin L FORRY




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The World of Vikings

Author: Justin Pollard

Publisher: Chronicle Books


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 160

View: 198

MGM's hit show Vikings on the History Channel has drawn millions of viewers into the fascinating and bloody world of legendary Norse hero Ragnar Lothbrok, who led Viking warriors to the British Isles and France. Covering the first three seasons of the series, this official companion book delves into the real history as well as the behind-the-scenes stories. Viking historian Justin Pollard explains shipbuilding and navigation, Norse culture and religion, and the first encounters between Viking warriors and the kings of England and France. Interviews with cast and crew reveal the process of dramatizing this gripping story, from reviving the Old Norse language to choreographing battle scenes and building ancient temples for human sacrifice. This spectacular ebook is a must for fans of the show and history buffs alike. VIKINGS © 2015 TM Prods Ltd/T5 Vikings Prods Inc. VIKINGS™ TM Prods Ltd.

The Vikings

Rise and Fall of the Norse Sea Kings

Author: Rudolf Pörtner

Publisher: Saint James Press


Category: Civilization, Medieval

Page: 313

View: 616

The Vikings

Scandinavia's Ferocious Sea Raiders

Author: Nel Yomtov




Page: 32

View: 813

When one thinks about the Vikings, usually images of savage fighters arriving in longships to raid villages come to mind. But the Vikings weren't just violent invaders trying to steal treasure. These Norse warriors were also master sailors and explorers looking for new lands to farm and colonise. Dynamic illustrations and entertaining tales of famous Viking warriors teach readers about the lives and goals of these fierce Scandinavian raiders.

The Age of the Vikings

Author: Anders Winroth

Publisher: Princeton University Press


Category: History

Page: 328

View: 482

The Vikings maintain their grip on our imagination, but their image is too often distorted by myth. It is true that they pillaged, looted, and enslaved. But they also settled peacefully and traveled far from their homelands in swift and sturdy ships to explore. The Age of the Vikings tells the full story of this exciting period in history. Drawing on a wealth of written, visual, and archaeological evidence, Anders Winroth captures the innovation and pure daring of the Vikings without glossing over their destructive heritage. He not only explains the Viking attacks, but also looks at Viking endeavors in commerce, politics, discovery, and colonization, and reveals how Viking arts, literature, and religious thought evolved in ways unequaled in the rest of Europe. The Age of the Vikings sheds new light on the complex society, culture, and legacy of these legendary seafarers.

An Irish Rudd Family, 1760-1988

Rudd Origins and Other Irish Rudds : Progeny of Gordon Arthur Rudd and Alicia Wellwood, Rathsarn Parish, Queens County, Ireland

Author: Norman Newton Rudd

Publisher: Chula Vista, Calif. : Rudd Family Research Association


Category: Ireland

Page: 488

View: 500

The Vikings

Author: Paul B. Du Chaillu

Publisher: Strelbytskyy Multimedia Publishing


Category: Fiction


View: 353

This is an unusual book for young readers. However, she will be interested in adults who are fond of the history of the Vikings. The first part is 12 newly discovered adventure stories about the Vikings such as Ivar the Viking by Paul B. Du Chaillu, Eric Brighteyes by H. Rider Haggard, The Story of Rolf and the Viking's Bow by Allen French, Olaf the Glorious: A Story of the Viking Age by Robert Leighton, Wulfric the Weapon Thane by Charles W. Whistler, Viking Boys by Jessie Margaret Edmondston Saxby, King Alfred's Viking by Charles W. Whistler and others.

Chronicles of the Vikings

Records, Memorials and Myths

Author: Raymond Ian Page



Category: Civilization, Medieval

Page: 240

View: 553

Through translations of their surviving writings, the Vikings speak directly to the modern reader in this book, revealing much of their everyday feelings and concerns. The Vikings are shown as they saw themselves, portrayed in their own writings or in the reports of people who knew them closely. This book comprises of a series of translations from primary sources: runic inscriptions left behind by the Vikings, poems of their official skalds (literary works that entertained them), the few prose historical accounts that derive direct from the Vikings, and eyewitness reports of how the northern peoples lived.

The Xenophobe's Guide to the Icelanders

Author: Richard Sale

Publisher: Oval Projects


Category: Humor

Page: 96

View: 987

A guide to understanding the Icelanders which takes an insightful, humorous look at their character and values.

Sons of Norway

A History of District #7, British Columbia

Author: Bea Fossum

Publisher: [British Columbia] : Sons of Norway, District No. 7



Page: 113

View: 849

"Viking" Across the Atlantic

And a Short Summary of the Norwegian Vikings and Vikingships

Author: Alfred A. Holm



Category: Viking ships

Page: 45

View: 389

Sons of Kings (Les Pléiades)

Author: Arthur comte de Gobineau



Category: Europe

Page: 327

View: 151

Gobineau's 1874 novel Les Pléiades is concerned with a few exceptionally talented people who are examples of "ethnic persistence" in Europe surrounded by vast masses of morons. In his introduction to Les Pléiades, Gobineau says the purpose of the novel is to advance the theory "that there are no longer classes, that there are no longer peoples, but only -- in the whole of Europe -- certain individuals who float like the wreckage upon the flood".

Viking Kings of Britain and Ireland

The Dynasty of Ívarr to A.D. 1014

Author: Clare Downham

Publisher: Dunedin Academic PressLtd


Category: History

Page: 338

View: 122

Vikings plagued the coasts of Ireland and Britain in the 790s AD. Over time, their raids became more intense and by the mid 9th century, Vikings had established a number of settlements in Ireland and Britain and had become heavily involved with local politics. A particularly successful Viking leader named à varr campaigned on both sides of the Irish Sea in the 860s. His descendants dominated the major seaports of Ireland and challenged the power of kings in Britain during the late 9th and 10th centuries. In 1014, the battle of Clontarf marked a famous stage in the decline of Viking power in Ireland while the conquest of England in 1013 by the Danish king Sveinn Forkbeard marked a watershed in the history of Vikings in Britain. The descendants of à varr continued to play a significant role in the history of Dublin and the Hebrides until the 12th century, but they did not threaten to overwhelm the major kingships of Britain or Ireland in this later period as they had done before. This book provides a political analysis of the deeds of à varr's family, from their first appearance in Insular records down to the year 1014. Such an account is necessary in light of the flurry of new work that has been done in other areas of Viking Studies. Recent theoretical approaches to the subject have raised many interesting questions regarding identity, material culture, and structures of authority. Archaeological finds and excavations have also offered potentially radical insights into Viking settlement and society. In line with these developments, Clare Downham provides a reconsideration of events based on contemporary written accounts.