I Am Someone Special

Author: Belinda Hernandez

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 90

View: 508

In the book I Am Someone Special, the author shares the story of her dysfunctional childhoodher journey through the road of drug addiction and drug dealing and how she struggled to leave her dark past behind and move on to a new and better life. Ms. Hernandez did not experience the kind of childhood others enjoy by being adopted into a wealthy, well-off family. She failed to receive the affection she wanted from her parents, particularly from her adoptive mother. The author was the youngest among seven children and the one who received the worst treatment from her alcoholic mother, who was also addicted to drugs. Her birthmother had stabbed her in the head when she was a nine-month-old baby. After an incident that almost robbed the author of her life, she was placed into an orphanage, where her adoptive parents rescued her. The authors adoptive family gave her the love she had long wanted, along with everything she and her adopted brother and sister could ask for. But despite it all, Ms. Hernandez became rebellious, especially as a teenager. Her rebellious teenage years eventually led her to the wrong path as she started using drugs and selling it as well. She worked further into the drug business until she got caught and sentenced for a couple years in prison. After serving her sentence, the author strived to live a clean life and start anew. With the help of her faith in God and the support of the man she loves, she managed to reinvent herself into a better and strong person. I Am Someone Special might appeal to a reader interested in stories that have changed the lives of individuals who recovered from drug addiction and made the decision to rebuild their lives away from drugs. If you would like to get ahold of the author for questions or for advice, contact her through [email protected] You can buy my books at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million.

Motion of Emotion

Talks of Thoughts

Author: Pratik Pandya

Publisher: Notion Press


Category: Poetry

Page: 232

View: 956

The times when alternative reading and writing is becoming stark, Pratik Pandya’s expedition in the enigma of art has elegantly expressed the essence of it’s literary form-lyric and poetry writing. Certain creations from the creative journey so far have been compiled and categorized in four categories. From the motivational ones that fan up the flames in belly to the philosophical ones that ponders on the contemporary events, from the ones reflecting the blessings and curse of love to the ones signifying the echoes and ethos of the environment, the book sparkles the physical and metaphysical colors of several subjects. Description of selective lines has been delivered in specific creations perceiving that misinterpretation of a positive conception can cloud the divinity of the creative piece besides descending the image of the creator. For establishing uniformity, a general narrative pertaining to the creation has also been served in all. Words drawn through stretching the brain and through bliss of the SANE whose divinity even bewildered the creator at times, has been inked in the book. As the outburst of the internal emotion was having it’s channelized motion in the form of these lines, the book has been titled-MOTION OF EMOTION and emotions birth during gestation of thoughts. Hence, the sub-title ‘Talks of Thoughts’ has also been served. So, engross yourself in this raw, delightful, satirical and bold compilation and stimulate your emotions within.

Can Someone Please Explain What’s Going On?! Volume 2

Author: Tsuredurebana

Publisher: J-Novel Club


Category: Young Adult Fiction


View: 542

After entering into a contract marriage with noble superstar Cercis Fisalis to save her family from a life of debt, ‘show wife’ Viola is now faced with a new challenge: updated terms and conditions in said contract! What’s more, the duke still seems intent on wooing her and is not afraid to spend some dough to do it! Now that they’re living under the same roof, though, she finds herself slowly growing closer to him… but what’s this? Rumors about Cercis!?

A Dictionary of Confusable Phrases

More Than 10,000 Idioms and Collocations

Author: Yuri Dolgopolov

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 403

View: 112

Covering over 10,000 idioms and collocations characterized by similarity in their wording or metaphorical idea which do not show corresponding similarity in their meanings, this dictionary presents a unique cross-section of the English language. Though it is designed specifically to assist readers in avoiding the use of inappropriate or erroneous phrases, the book can also be used as a regular phraseological dictionary providing definitions to individual idioms, clichés, and set expressions. Most phrases included in the dictionary are in active current use, making information about their meanings and usage essential to language learners at all levels of proficiency.

Keep Me (Twist Me #2)

Author: Anna Zaires

Publisher: Mozaika LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: 330

View: 240

Book 2 in the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Dark Romance Trilogy Abducted at eighteen. Held captive for 15 months. It reads like one of those headlines. And yes, I did it. I stole her. Nora, with her long dark hair and silky skin. She’s my weakness, my obsession. I’m not a good man. I never pretended to be one. She can love me, but she can’t change me. I can, however, change her. My name is Julian Esguerra, and Nora is mine to keep. ***Keep Me is the sequel to Twist Me, told from Nora & Julian’s POV.***

Face Me II

What A Tangled Web We Weave

Author: Yolaunda Vaughn-McLain

Publisher: Author House


Category: Fiction

Page: 268

View: 470

All secrets are never told; some have to be found out. Because of a few unfortunate incidents, skeletons began to fall out of the closet. Face Me introduced you to the lives of Nicole, Sean, Alec, and Stephanie. Now Face Me II exposes dark secrets and uncontrollable desires. No matter how deeply a secret may be buried, it always has a way of resurfacing.

Math Study Skills Workbook

Author: Paul D. Nolting

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Category: Mathematics

Page: 144

View: 377

Help your students become more effective at studying and learning mathematics with the MATH STUDY SKILLS WORKBOOK, Fourth Edition. Typically used as an a course supplement, the Nolting strategy helps students identify their strengths, weaknesses, and personal learning styles and then presents an easy-to-follow system to help them become more successful at math. The new edition of this best-selling workbook offers proven study tips, test-taking strategies, and recommendations for reducing math anxiety and improving grades. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

All About Me (Love & Hate Series #2)

Author: Joanna Mazurkiewicz

Publisher: Joanna Mazurkiewicz


Category: Fiction

Page: 300

View: 658

All About Me (Love & Hate series #2) I’m the monster, a bloody human incapable of emotion I soon realise that my revenge didn’t make me feel any fucking better about myself, instead it pissed me off to realise that I’m in love with her. Two days later the letter addressed to me arrives in the post and the ground moves beneath my feet, because the whole truth about India is out in the open and the pain punches me so hard that I can’t breathe, darkness crawls through me, sparking all the insecurities and fears about my dead brother back to ugly reality. Then off I go with my apology, trying to fix this fucked up situation but she doesn’t want to listen. Every time I do something the guilt is burning my gut, pushing her further and further away from me. She even goes an extra mile making me feel like a prick and she gets involved with someone else just to get back at me. She pretends that the event in the restaurant didn’t mean anything to her, like she is immune to my actions. India’s pain is raw, deep and whenever I lay my eyes on her I remember the cruel things I’ve done. The next couple of months I focus on getting her back. This is the only thing that matters to me now. I must redeem myself; forget about anger, other birds and parties. India is the only person that I want, I love her and only her but the problem is that she hates my guts, so I’m the last person that she wants. I must prove to India that I’m worthy of her love,

Follow Me #2: On the Run

Author: Cara Lockwood

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin


Category: Fiction

Page: 50

View: 158

FOLLOW ME: Overnight, Calypso "Cal" Morgan's sensual Greek summer abroad turns into a thrilling, high-stakes race to prove to the world (and herself) that her brand-new and very sexy boyfriend Daniel is not a murderer. On the run together, Cal and Daniel must outwit handsome Greek detective Nico Theseus and face their attraction to each other - amid the stress and growing suspicions unearthed by the investigation. On the run from the Greek police after waking up to find their beautiful roommate murdered, Calypso "Cal" Morgan—only a college student—starts to wonder if she can trust her moody and erratic boyfriend Daniel, the police's prime suspect. But now that they've run away together, can she run away without him? Will he let her? Worse still, as Detective Nico Theseus and his partner Thena draw closer to catching the fugitives, it becomes clear that Nico knows far more about the case than he's willing to admit in the second episode in Cara Lockwood's hot and suspenseful e-serial Follow Me. Don't miss IN TOO DEEP, the third sexy and heart-pounding story in FOLLOW ME.

New Interchange Teacher's Edition 3

English for International Communication

Author: Jack C. Richards

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 226

View: 448

-- Students' Book -- Workbook.

Someone to Watch over Me

Author: Suraiya Khan

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 181

View: 700

Welcome to My World, Tilly Smart! Unexpected events occur turning my life upside down! Then, as though skiving off school and starving isnt enough for me to contend with, I even have to lose the most important thing in my life! Take action Matilda Smart! Thats my motto. Adam Khan, the most annoying neighbour pokes his oar in, unless he actually fancies me that is! Nat, Kaz, and Mary-Lou are dead puzzled, seeing me on my last legs and looking like a complete and utter wreck, but then to top it all Im accused of being a thief!

Finding Your Way after the Suicide of Someone You Love

Author: David B. Biebel

Publisher: Zondervan


Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 118

Help and Hope for an Unexpected JourneyDo real Christians commit suicide? Yes, they do. And for those left behind, the journey following such a tragedy is unbearably painful. Finding Your Way after the Suicide of Someone You Love is a compassionate and practical guide that addresses the intensely personal issues of survivors of suicide (SOS). This gentle and faith-affirming resource helps survivors know what to expect, especially during the first year following a suicide. It includes personal stories of survivors and suggestions on how to move beyond survival to live life again. Designed for use by individuals, couples, and SOS groups, this book offers help for parents, siblings, friends, and extended families, as well as practical guidelines for pastors, Christian counselors, and other church leaders. Topics include:• What to do in the immediate aftermath of a suicide• Handling guilt and understanding the role of depression in suicides • Dealing with questions of faith and meaning • Creating a support system• Choosing a Christian therapist• Trusted resources and websites

Plugged In

Author: Joel English

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Category: Education

Page: 304

View: 452

Do you have what it takes to be a successful eLearner? Online classes can be convenient, but that doesn't mean that they are easy. You can succeed as an online student, but you must be honest with yourself about your technical abilities, priorities, responsibilities as a student, and just how much you can take on. PLUGGED IN offers concrete strategies to help you succeed within the online college setting. By learning and applying the four fundamentals of online learning -- Motivation, Self-Discipline, Communication, and Commitment -- you will set yourself up for success in all of your courses, both in-person and online. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Brilliant Customer Service

Author: Debra Stevens

Publisher: Pearson UK


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

View: 405

Keep them coming back for more Brilliant Customer Service is your guide to help you deliver exceptional customer service and keep your customers coming back time and time and again. It’s for anyone involved in any organisation – whether you run your own business, manage people or you are a customer facing employee. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, you’ll find lots of simple changes you can implement right now to build a highly successful customer service strategy. BRILLIANT OUTCOMES · Identify your customers real needs and how best to meet them · Build trust and long term loyalty with your customers to stay ahead of the competition · Make sure you are remembered and recommended

Geese Theatre Handbook

Drama with Offenders and People at Risk

Author: Clarke Baim

Publisher: Waterside Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 223

View: 787

Geese Theatre 1st was formed in 1987 and is renowned across the criminal justice field. This book explains the thinking behind the company's approach to applied drama with offenders and people at risk of offending, including young people. It also contains over 100 exercises with explanations, instructions and suggestions to help practitioners.

Games 2

Author: Youth Specialties,

Publisher: Zondervan


Category: Religion

Page: 176

View: 794

Nearly 400 more wild, creative games for guaranteed fun! - Baseball and Kickball Games . . . The national pastime is hereby turned on its ear by more nutty variations than you can shake a Louisville Slugger at. Plus other diamond games, like kickball. - Swimming Pool and Lake Games . . . Whether your water is a pond, pool, or Puget Sound, we've got contests, activities -- even a spectator Water Carnival (see page 117). - Wide Games . . . Got a few acres and a few hours to organize, strategize -- and then use stealth and cunning to infiltrate enemy lines, smuggle contraband through customs, or detect (and dispatch) aliens? These adventure games are perfect for camps and retreats! - Golf Games . . . You don't need manicured courses, motorized carts, or polyester pants. What you do need are people willing to golf with marshmallows, rubber bands, hula hoops, and croquet mallets. - Frisbee Games . . . Portable, ubiquitous, and supremely cool, flying discs hold hours of entertainment for your group. In fact, why not plan an entire day of Frisbee games? Plus . . . A bevy of relay races, outdoor games especially for large and small groups, 30-some soccer and hockey games, alternative football games, and enough water games (including water balloon games) to give your group a sopping good summertime! Whether you're a youth worker or recreation director in a church, school, club, or camp -- Games 2 is brimming with notoriously wild, creative, and youth-group tested games!

2 Children's Chapter Books In 1! Tales Of Magical Wolves And The Seven Seas

Author: Nicole Russin-McFarland

Publisher: Lucky Pineapple Books


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 368

View: 997

Get two chapter readers inside the same book at a discounted price! In THE BIG BAD WOLF STRIKES IT RICH!, the Big Bad Wolf isn’t who you think he is. For starters, he has a legal name – Aladdin Todd Jackson – and from the time he meets the magical genie trapped in a recycled energy drink can, he embarks on a grand, wolfy Wall Street adventure. In stories based on Grimm’s Fairy Tales and European folklore with a modern Manhattan twist, come along as this luxury loving wolf with a heart of gold beneath his scary teeth learns lessons about business and real life. Next, arrr, PIRATE MAIDEN is a pirating adventure for ye young sea urchins! Caitlin was like any other teenage Irish lass helping her parents tend to sheep – until she was kidnapped by filthy pirates. A young pirate boy aboard her kidnapper’s ship has a secret: what is it, and what lies in store for her in the process of becoming a pirate maiden herself?

33 1/3 Success Shortcuts I Wish Someone Had Taught Me Sooner

Author: David Jurewicz

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Self-Help

Page: 109

View: 876

If you ́ve always wanted to have a fun life full of great experiences and serendipitous events, then you ́ll want to read chapter 11 in this book! What if there was a simple, straight-forward life formula you could follow that might improve your health, wealth and relationships right away? This information is a secret held by only a tiny percentage of our population. No it ́s not necessarily known by the rich and famous, but rather by people who have much more: A blissful life full of an abundance of fine things. You can be one of them too! Read the book, 33 1/3 Success Shortcuts I Wish Someone Had Taught Me Sooner by David Jurewicz, right away. Get started today on your new and improved life. Go to these sites to order! From the book publisher P.S. There ́s a lot more in this book: Use these two powerful laws to move things in your direction FASTER...Page 27 How to double your reading speed forever in just a few hours!...Page 57 An age-defying eating plan that can boost your immune system for better health...Page 71 The little-known actions you can take right now to become a great public speaker...Page 52 How to stay married a long time...Page 69 The shortcut to great wealth...Page 94 How keeping track of things can explode your personal production at home and work...Page 85 The ONE thing you ́re probably doing right now that ́s holding you back from great success...Page 54 The fastest way to a six-figure income without a college education!...Page 38 Going to school? Get educated faster so you ́ll make more money sooner...Page 60 Plus a lot more. Ovations for this great book: "Very well written and easy to read. Great advice that can be used by anyone, no matter what their profession. Good job, David" - Roger Carignan, Executive "David is one of the great motivators I ́ve known in my life. Spending time, or a chapter, with David stimulates you to go out and accomplish your goals. His energy, curiosity and zest for life is sure to rub off on you." - Kristi Garrett, author and businesswoman. Order your copy right now!

Someone to Watch Over Me

The Life and Music of Ben Webster

Author: Frank Büchmann-Møller

Publisher: University of Michigan Press


Category: Music

Page: 400

View: 747

For a half century, Ben Webster, one of the "big three" of swing tenors-along with Coleman Hawkins and Lester Young-was one of the best-known and most popular saxophonists. Early in his career, Webster worked with many of the greatest orchestras of the time, including those led by Willie Bryant, Cab Calloway, Benny Carter, Fletcher Henderson, Andy Kirk, Bennie Moten, and Teddy Wilson. In 1940 Webster became Duke Ellington's first major tenor soloist, and during the next three years he played on many famous recordings, including "Cotton Tail." Someone to Watch Over Me tells, for the first time, the complete story of Ben Webster's brilliant and troubled career. For this comprehensive study of Webster, author Frank Büchmann-Møller interviewed more than fifty people in the United States and Europe, and he includes numerous translated excerpts from European periodicals and newspapers, none previously available in English. In addition, the author studies every known Webster recording and film, including many private recordings from Webster's home collection not available to the public. Exhaustively researched, this is a much needed and long overdue study of the life and music of one of jazz's most important artists.