Summary: Living the 80/20 Way

Review and Analysis of Koch's Book

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The must-read summary of Richard Koch’s book: “Living the 80/20 Way: Work Less, Worry Less, Succeed More, Enjoy More”. This complete summary of the ideas from Richard Koch’s book “Living the 80/20 Way” shows how you can use the 80/20 principle in every area of your life. The author explains that you should focus on the 20% of tasks that lead to 80% of your success. By minimising your workload and focusing on what really matters, you will be able to discover the most efficient way to achieve success. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand key principles • Increase your efficiency To learn more, read “Living the 80/20 Way” to de-clutter your life and start focusing on what really matters to your success.

Achieve More With Pareto's Law

Author: Sobaca

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited


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IF YOU ONLY KNEW WHAT YOU COULD ACHIEVE... Would you like to work in a job you like and get paid the salary you deserve? Would you like to spend your free time doing the things you love with the people you care about? Well it really is possible. You can do so much more if you concentrate your efforts on the areas that provide the most benefit and not on the ones that don’t. LESS IS MORE! You may not believe it now but we think you’ll change your mind once you read this eBook. Explore what is known as the 80/20 PRINCIPLE and see how it can be adapted to suit you and your needs. People and businesses have been using this method for years, ACHIEVING STARTLING RESULTS. Now it is explained for the first time in a clear and concise way with easy to understand examples so that you too can see how you can make the changes to your life that will provide real gains. It will show you how to develop your own 80/20 MINDSET and how this way of thinking can transform your life. 20% of what you do leads to 80% of the results. Learn what the implications of that can be for you and see how to leverage it to your advantage. Put the ODDS IN YOUR FAVOUR and play the game of life where it’s you who gets to make the rules.

Living Free

Author: Allan Freedman





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The Perfectionist's Handbook

Take Risks, Invite Criticism, and Make the Most of Your Mistakes

Author: Jeff Szymanski

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


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A guide for getting your perfectionism to work for you Is perfectionism a good thing or does it get in our way? In The Perfectionist's Handbook, clinical psychologist Jeff Szymanski helps readers navigate their way out of the "perfectionism paradox": if your intentions are good (wanting to excel) and the outcomes you want are reasonable (to feel competent and satisfied), why would perfectionism backfire and result in unhappiness and stress? Learn when perfectionism will pay off, and when and why it sabotages you. Specific strategies are outlined throughout the book to help readers transform their perfectionism from a liability to an asset. There is no reason to eliminate perfectionism altogether—instead, build on what's working and change what's not. The Perfectionist's Handbook helps readers to: Distinguish between intention and strategy as a way of improving outcomes Identify diminishing returns and how to redistribute time and resources Make the most of mistakes rather than being preoccupied with trying to avoid them Learn to focus on your "Top 10" list as a way of getting the most out of your life Access others more effectively as a way of improving performance Obtain more balance in their lives

Build Your Own Z80 Computer

Design Guidelines and Application Notes

Author: Steve Ciarcia

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Shows how to construct a power supply, microprocessor, peripheral devices and a CRT terminal and explains the design considerations of each project

Nikon D80 Digital Field Guide

Author: David D. Busch

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


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Having trouble putting down your Nikon D80 long enough to read the manual? Slip this convenient, full-color guide into your camera bag instead. You'll find big, clear color photos to help you identify the camera's many controls, complete information on using each button and dial, and breathtaking examples of the results. Then discover step-by-step recipes for shooting terrific photos in more than 15 specific situations. This indispensable guide is like having a personal photographic assistant. Test-drive your Nikon D80 with a Quick Tour. Learn to efficiently operate all your camera's controls. Review photographic basics like exposure, lighting, and composition. Explore different types of lenses. Discover the appropriate lens, ISO setting, aperture or mode, shutter speed, and lighting for a variety of subjects and situations. Get expert tips on downloading and editing your photos. Order today so you'll have this go-anywhere guide along wherever you go.

52-week Basketball Training

Author: Chip Sigmon

Publisher: Human Kinetics


Category: Sports & Recreation

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Designed for both male and female players, this title presents daily workouts for optimal training throughout the year so that players can withstand the rigors of the sport. Explanations and detailed illustrations provide clear instruction on how to perform each of the 192 drills and exercises.

Starting and Running a Small Business For Canadians For Dummies All-in-One

Author: John Aylen

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Business & Economics

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The comprehensive, six-in-one package small business entrepreneurs can't afford to be without With more Canadians considering starting their own small businesses than ever before, there's never been a greater need for a detailed, comprehensive guide to help budding entrepreneurs get off the ground. Comprised of six books in one that cover every aspect of running a business, from developing a business plan to managing growth successfully, and everything in between, Starting and Running a Small Business For Canadians For Dummies All-in-One will ensure readers' ventures meet with success. The ideal resource for the first-time entrepreneur in a market when small businesses are growing fast Provides a wealth of management advice based on recent research that shows that when small businesses are successful, they hire Includes the financial advice that keeps new businesses from folding within their first five years Offering Canadians everything they need to know about starting their own companies within Canada, this six-book compilation is essential reading for anyone looking to make it big in the world of small business.

80/20 Sales and Marketing

The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More

Author: Perry Marshall

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

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Guided by famed marketing consultant and best-selling author Perry Marshall, sales and marketing professionals save 80 percent of their time and money by zeroing in on the right 20 percent of their market — then apply 80/202 and 80/203 to gain 10X, even 100X the success. With a powerful 80/20 software tool (online, included with the book), sellers and marketers uncover how to slash time-wasters; advertise to hyper-responsive buyers and avoid tire-kickers; gain coveted positions on search engines; differentiate themselves from competitors and gain esteem in their marketplace. With the included tools they’ll see exactly how much money they’re leaving on the table, and how to put it back in their pockets. Sellers will identify untapped markets, high-profit opportunities and incremental improvements, gaining time and greater profit potential. Supported by online tools from Marshall, including The 80/20 Power Curve, a tool that helps you see invisible money, and a Marketing DNA Test, a personal assessment that zeroes in on one’s natural selling assets, this timeless guide promises to change the game for seasoned and novice marketers and sellers.