The Wages of Sinn

Everyone Pays in the End

Author: S.K. Gathright

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Drama

Page: 175

View: 659

A tangled web of lies, murders and romance between three very different people, but everyone will pay the wages of sin in the end. CJ longs for the fulfi llment that only true love brings and wants to be truly loved and appreciated for the woman that she is, but what will it cost her? Jerome Sinclair is an international business kingpin. He falls madly in love with CJ. His love is shadowed by his secretive affairs. How will he convince her of his true intentions? Molly the sandbox friend of CJ has, envied her from the start. Molly misunderstood the concept of Imitation is the highest form of fl attery. Will Molly hold it together long-enough to secure a love and live of her own.

The Shirt Factory

and Other Stories

Author: Ian Wedde

Publisher: Victoria University Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 176

View: 809

Selected stories from one of New Zealand's most well known authors, Ian Wedde. Largely written in the years between 1970 and 1980, the collection includes the award winning Dick Seddon's Great Dive.

Punk; A Directory of Modern Subversive Culture

Author: James Bradshaw



Category: Art

Page: 92

View: 219

What is contemporary punk culture and how are those that practice it attempting to define their generation? We are all aware of the cliches of the leather clad and mohawked figure spitting and snarling into the camera. It has been seen a thousand times on TV, in the press and even on London's souvenir postcards. This is the image that, while once feared by conservative societies across the globe, has become a cartoon or pastiche of itself. Rendered harmless by the corporate flogging of its music, style and art, in its previous state it can no longer be classed as a subversive movement. However, punk and its core values have survived. In most ways it has morphed and evolved into something unrecognisable as its former self but the sprit lives on. This book attempts express the very nature of modern punk by looking at those closest to it.

Too Close To Home

Author: Susan Lewis

Publisher: Random House


Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 231

Sometimes the truth lies closer than you think. The compelling and heart-rending new novel from the Sunday Times Top Ten bestselling author of Behind Closed Doors. Jenna and Jack Moore have moved their family to Wales for a fresh start. For vivacious, happy-go-lucky fifteen-year-old Paige the future is full of promise. But suddenly everything changes. Paige becomes more and more withdrawn. The closeness she once shared with her mother a distant memory. It then becomes clear that Jack has secrets too. Preoccupied with her younger children, her husband’s fidelity and their fledgling publishing company, Jenna doesn’t realise the extent of her eldest daughter’s unhappiness until the unthinkable happens. And the nightmare is only just beginning...

The Becoming of Ellicia Wayfield

Author: Kemdi Ik

Publisher: Kay & Unruly Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 300

View: 410

ANGELS & DEMONS = FICTIONAL. RIGHT? Ellicia Wayfield doesn't believe in the supernatural world, despite what she witnessed a year ago, especially now that she's dealing with a lot: the loss of a family member, her upcoming seventeenth birthday, settling down in a new town and being the new kid at her school. Besides, not everything has to be a supernatural mystery. Right? Unfortunately, while some things can be explained away, others just can't. They are what they are, just like this new reality Ellicia finds herself in. Then there's also that word, destiny, which can sometimes be a burden. Just ask Ellicia. Hers apparently doesn't come with a happy ending. WELCOME TO HER NEW NORMAL The Complete Winged One Series: Book 1 - The Becoming of Ellicia Wayfield Book 2 - The Awakening of Hellfire - Dearest Ellicia: companion novella - Broken Wings: companion novella Book 3 - The Beckoning of The Nephilim

Breaking the Bro Code

Author: Stefanie London

Publisher: Harlequin


Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 729

Off limits…and oh-so-tempting! Elise Johnson has more important things to concentrate on than men…saving her struggling ballet studio for starters! So when gorgeous Col Hillam—her brother's best friend—saunters back into her life, she's none too keen. He might be proposing a purely professional arrangement, but the last time they got carried away by their crazy attraction it ended in disaster! Col knows Elise is off-limits, but it only makes her more tempting…. With chemistry this hot, surely that bro code is now null and void…?


Author: Ywain Penbrydd



Category: Social Science

Page: 228

View: 701

A collection of stories spanning 25 years in the lives of an unusual couple. Sin is a gifted man with the ability to bend the will of others to his whim, and Sebastian is the feral undergrad who can resist his supernatural charm. Their relationship gives a glimpse into the neuroses of life outside the standard tropes. Within these pages they meet a band of social rejects, haphazardly bound by their eccentricities, who entice Sebastian into life as a rock star, and change all their lives forever.


A Repairman Jack Novel

Author: F. Paul Wilson

Publisher: Forge Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 529

Repairman Jack, F. Paul Wilson's vigilante hero from the New York Times bestseller The Tomb, returns in a thriller that thrusts him back into the weird, supernatural world that he thrives in. Looking for clues to the mysterious disappearance of leading conspiracy theorist Melanie Ehler, Jack attends a convention of bizarre and avid conspiracy theorists. It's a place where aliens are real, the government is out to get you, and the world is hurtling toward an inevitable war of good versus evil incarnate. Jack finds that nobody can be trusted--and that few people are what they seem. Worse yet, Jack's been having vivid dreams that make him wonder whether he's headed for a clash with his own past--maybe The Tomb's evil rakoshi beasts aren't through with him quite yet. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Mysterious World of Eddy Shade

Author: Steffan Becker

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 110

View: 115

Eddy Shade was your average police detective. That is until one evening he witnesses a mans bizarre murder. Despite the mans death being dismissed as natural causes Eddy decides to pursue the case anyways. A decision that will forever change his life. Eddy will learn that monsters and magic are not only real, but are everywhere, and that perhaps one of the most dangerous of all may be the very thing he is looking for.

BEDBUGS (Can you see them?)

Author: L A Taylor



Category: Fiction

Page: 216

View: 350

'NIGHT, NIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT AND DON'T LET THE BEDBUGS BITE' In 1977 an alien spaceship crashed down in the town of Lemonsville. The next day five people were found dead. They were brutally slaughtered by someone or something. Now, seventy-three years later, the same type of murders is happening again. The local police chief has to try to solve the mystery of why people are being killed or have vanished from this small town. He is struggling to find any clues, but a visit to the library and a look through the archives of the town helps. Now he has to find the link of what happened back then to what's happening now. He is running out of time as more people are slaughtered, so a race is on to uncover the mystery of what's hidden below Lemonsville, but even if he finds out, can he really stop the - 'BEDBUGS'