Three Unlikely Heroes

A Dog's Adventure

Author: Mark J. DeBonis

Publisher: Mark DeBonis


Category: Fiction

Page: 308

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What if three dogs dug a hole which led to a strange world where dogs talk and are intelligent, reasoning creatures? When a little pug and two Labradors find themselves among the warring factions of big dogs and little dogs, could their arrival in this new world be a fulfillment of an ancient prophecy? The fate of all canine life hinges on this unlikely trio as they prepare for an impending evil.

Unlikely Heroes: Ordinary People with Extraordinary Faith

Author: Daniel Lockwood

Publisher: Daniel R Lockwood



Page: 334

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Is it possible for broken, ill-equipped, faltering, or average people to merit God's highest commendation?For him to say they lived "by faith"? Yes, it is.In Unlikely Heroes: Ordinary People with Extraordinary Faith, Daniel R. Lockwood presents a cast of Old Testament characters from Hebrews 11-seriously flawed people with stories that teach us about genuine, biblical faith.Biblical insights, historical significance, and engaging storytelling carry readers across generations of faith into the adventure that is ours today, with guidance for traveling wisely and courageously. So strap on your dusty sandals, shoulder your trail-worn knapsack, pick up your reliable walking stick, and get ready to travel in the footsteps of some remarkably unremarkable individuals. You will meet people whom God himself calls faithful and discover they are people like us!

Twelve Unlikely Heroes Study Guide

How God Commissioned Unexpected People in the Bible and What He Wants to Do with You

Author: John F. MacArthur

Publisher: Thomas Nelson


Category: Religion

Page: 128

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Enoch, who never died . . . Samson, who killed an army with a donkey's jawbone . . . James, who grew up as the brother of the Messiah . . . These are fascinating people whose stories are woven through history and the Bible. They show us God at work in unexpected ways and numerous cultures. They each reveal another little piece of His great plan. But how do they affect my life? If John MacArthur's Twelve Unlikely Heroes presents intimate portraits of these individuals, this study guide is the bridge between those portraits and our daily lives. Commentary and poignant questions bring the points home with unflinching candor, urging us toward a deeper walk with the One who has written all our stories. REWIND—look again at important passages RETHINK—check all the angles REFLECT—consider how it affects you REACT—change your life

Twelve Unlikely Heroes

How God Commissioned Unexpected People in the Bible and What He Wants to Do with You

Author: John MacArthur

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc


Category: Religion

Page: 119

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Building onthe success of his best-selling books Twelve Ordinary Men and Twelve Extraordinary Women, Dr. John MacArthur turns his attention to twelve of the most unlikely heroesin the Bible. Summarizing their lives and the depth of their individual faith, he demonstrates the way in which God also requires men and women to fortify his kingdom. Drawing from both the Old and New Testaments, Dr. MacArthur highlights a wide range of heroines, including Joseph, Miriam, Samson, Jonathan, Esther, Mark, Onesimus, and more! Features include: Insightful questions for in-depth study Places to journal Guided prayers

The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B

Author: Teresa Toten

Publisher: Delacorte Press


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 272

View: 246

Filled with moments of deep emotion and unexpected humor, this understated and wise novel explores the complexities of living with OCD and offers the prospect of hope, happiness and healing. Perfect for readers who love Eleanor & Park and All the Bright Places. ADAM’S GOALS: Grow immediately. Find courage. Keep courage. Get normal. Marry Robyn Plummer. The instant Adam Spencer Ross meets Robyn Plummer in his Young Adult OCD Support Group, he is hopelessly, desperately drawn to her. Robyn has an hypnotic voice, blue eyes the shade of an angry sky, and ravishing beauty that makes Adam’s insides ache. She’s also just been released from a residential psychiatric program—the kind for the worst, most difficult-to-cure cases; the kind that Adam and his fellow support group members will do anything to avoid joining. Adam immediately knows that he has to save Robyn, must save Robyn, or die trying. But is it really Robyn who needs rescuing? And is it possible to have a normal relationship when your life is anything but? Select praise for The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B: “. . . achingly authentic. Like Augustus Waters before him, Adam Spencer Ross will renew your faith in real-life superheroes and shatter your heart in equal measures.” —Kirkus Reviews, Starred “This book made me laugh, cry, think, and kept me coming back for more.” —The Guardian “Adam is a protagonist that readers will root for.” —VOYA “Honest, fresh, and funny . . . Toten employs information about OCD like grace notes in this deft and compelling narrative.” —Booklist “Adam is a fresh and complex character, and far more than the sum of his symptoms.” —Publishers Weekly From the Hardcover edition.

Slick Glickman, Unlikely Hero

What A Difference A Year Makes

Author: Charles Bailey

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 164

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It's 1997 in Glickville, Texas, and thirteen-year-old Charles Glickman is looking forward to his seventh-grade year-leaving the confines of the restrictive elementary school and experiencing freedom at the Glickville Middle School. When Charles walks into school the first day he doesn't know this will be one wild year. Charles deals with the typical middle school issues like adjusting to a strict principal, harder teachers, a beautiful "Greek goddess," and a smarter younger sister. But during this seventh-grade year he also faces some nasty school bullies, an evil woman out to harm him, and a scheme to blackmail his father. He earns a new nickname and the respect of his peers. Filled with adventure, drama, humor, and the human element that makes life special, Slick Glickman, Unlikely Hero inspires middle school children who are experiencing difficulty coping with the changes in their bodies, minds, and social development. Through Charles's experiences, kids learn that middle school can be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience and can help develop the foundation for a successful life. This unlikely hero found the inner strength to turn negative experiences into positive outcomes.

Writing for Children

The Report of the 2002 Highlights Foundation Writers Workshop at Chautauqua, New York




Category: Authors

Page: 44

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Unsung Heroes of the Lord of the Rings

From the Page to the Screen

Author: Lynnette R. Porter

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


Category: History

Page: 224

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Celebrates the unsung heroes in the Lord of the Rings books and movies.