Shedding the Veil

Mapping the European Discovery of America and the World

Author: Thomas Suárez

Publisher: World Scientific


Category: Science

Page: 220

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Shedding the Veil is a highly original overview of Europe's exploration and discovery beyond her own confines. It tackles the subject via an analysis of maps dating from circa 1434 to 1865, with an emphasis on the period before 1600. The book begins with an appraisal of the peculiar circumstances which led late medieval Europe to pursue long-distance travel, both overland and by sea, introduces cosmographic traditions inherited from classical times, and investigates pre-Columbian excursions into the western ocean. Finally, the great voyages and mappaemundi of the early sixteenth century are described in depth. After 1600 the focus begins to narrow North America and particularly to the colonization of the American Northeast. All maps discussed in detail are illustrated. 40 full-page b/w plates, 25 full-page color plates. Contents:Part One: A World Called Europe:PrecedentsThe World As Known to Medieval EuropeClassical Enlightenment: The Renaissance Before ColumbusPart Two: A New World:The Western Antipodes?The Race to Skirt AmericaTruly a Fourth Part of the GlobePart Three: Early Colonization:The British and FrenchThe DutchPre- and Post- Revolution Readership: General. keywords: “… it is wonderful that a single collector could put together such treasures! The author provides readers with good information in a spritely manner … The Book is physically attractive, and the sixty-five illustrations (40 black and white; 25 color) are good. According to David Jolly in the flyer about the book, it will be sought after by collectors and dealers. In my opinion scholars could learn much from it as well … The book offers a lively text about some very interesting and rare maps.” Meridian “It is based on selected items from the collection of Sidney R Knafel, the quality and depth of which is clearly shown in the book … It is good to see such a well illustrated book, and a work in which the discussions are clear, concise and informative … An unusual feature is the binding of the book which is imitation leather rather than the usual cloth binding. This should ensure its longevity.” The Map Collector “The individual entries not only describe the map, but contain a wealth of information on the historial context of each item. Many obscure but interesting sidelights are given … More than 300 footnotes and an extensive index evidence just how wide-ranging this work is … any collector or dealer will find this a valuable addition to their reference library.” Antique Map Handbook “The many explanatory footnotes will be of interest and help to less expert readers … Mr Knafel, the collector; Mr Suarez the compiler, and the publisher deserve credit for an outstanding production that should please cartomaniacs very much.” Cartomania “This recently published book is probably the best book available on the early maps of the dsicovery period. It also covers some important later maps chiefly relating to New England. The book is destined to be a classic.” Paul Mahoney “In this well produced book, Thomas Suárez illustrates and describes 61 maps and globes in the Sidney R Knafel Collection. The maps were produced between 1472 and 1865, a period which saw considerable developments in exploration, science and map-making … he shows wide knowledge and scholarship.” IMCOS Journal “The book's excellent scholarly commentary on the 61 maps discussed and illustrated sets it apart from the many coffee table publications which have appeared in recent years.” Society for the History of Discoveries “This book provide a very personal, interpretive look at important early map of the Americas … I enjoyed the journey — and know I will return to this book again and again. Mr Suarez has great respect for the maps he describes, both for their cartographic artistry and the intellectual puzzles they present us … This book represents a welcome and unusual linking of private collector, dealer, publisher and exhibitors.” Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives “Shedding the Veil is a welcome overview of an extensive private collection for which no catalogue had been published. For individuals interested in the history of cartography, Suárez serves as a knowledgeable guide to these cartographic documents, interpreting them in the light of the historical, political and cultural context in which they were shaped.” Cartographica

What Is Veiling?

Author: Sahar Amer

Publisher: UNC Press Books


Category: Religion

Page: 256

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Ranging from simple head scarf to full-body burqa, the veil is worn by vast numbers of Muslim women around the world. What Is Veiling? explains one of the most visible, controversial, and least understood emblems of Islam. Sahar Amer's evenhanded approach is anchored in sharp cultural insight and rich historical context. Addressing the significance of veiling in the religious, cultural, political, and social lives of Muslims, past and present, she examines the complex roles the practice has played in history, religion, conservative and progressive perspectives, politics and regionalism, society and economics, feminism, fashion, and art. By highlighting the multiple meanings of veiling, the book decisively shows that the realities of the practice cannot be homogenized or oversimplified and extend well beyond the religious and political accounts that are overwhelmingly proclaimed both inside and outside Muslim-majority societies. Neither defending nor criticizing the practice, What Is Veiling? clarifies the voices of Muslim women who struggle to be heard and who, veiled or not, demand the right to live spiritual, personal, and public lives in dignity.

Transition, Infinity, and Ecstasy

Author: Suresh Hariramsait

Publisher: Partridge Publishing


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 310

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Though modern astronomers and astro-phycisists like Stephen Hawking have their doubts about interstellar travel there are countless references to inter-dimesional travel in mostly ancient Indian texts: The 'Kandha Puranam' (nearlly 17 million years ago)mentions that the Asura (Titan) King 'Sooran' ruled over 1008 universes and had 'vimanas' or flying crafts that could in an instant travel all over space cutting across dimensions at tremendous speed,that could hover in mid-air,over water,disappear and re-appear all of a sudden and had a host of stealth-weapons,even 'nuclear-winter' is mentioned for it is said that the entire world was enveloped in darkness caused by Sooran during the war; Lord Muruga possessed the 'Peacock Craft' that could circumvent the '14 worlds' and fly beyond in a micro-second and his "missile with the lengthy flame"(nedunchudar Vel) was 'voice-activated' and re-useable and was so powerful that it blew up into smitherns the 'Kraunja' mountain which even our modern day nuclear weapons cannot do according to scientists; The Ramayana(1.7 million years ago) mentions that Emperor Ravana's 'Pushpaka vimana' which he captured from 'Kubera' the Lord of riches in heaven could host "as many passengers as it takes",there were stun-weapons and stealth-technology; In the Mahabharata war(3500 b.c.) nuclear weapons like the 'brahmastra' were used and there is mention of numerous flying crafts of the Lords (Angels) of Asuras (Titans) and Rakshasas (Demons) who all travelled to and fro from the upper and lower worlds; The 'Sri Linga Purana' mentions that Lord Brahma's 'Swan Craft' flew and transcended the seven upper worlds while Lord Vishnu's 'Boar Craft' 'tunnelled' though the seven lower worlds and went even beyond 'Baathala' the lowest plane which all reminds us of blackholes being portals and shortcuts to parallell universes which is being theoretically proved today!; More than 2500 years ago the Japanese Royal Family's ancestors met with the 'Sun God' who landed on Mount Fuji and were presented with a sword and an orb which are still in the Imperial Palace in Japan; The native Indian's forefathers living on 'sun Island' on lake Titicaca in South America were visited by the Sun God; The Dogon tribes of Mali have a tradition that their forefathers had sailed on a great ship that flew down form Sirius the star,but what is interesting is that they don spacesuit-like gear and celebrate their home-coming once every fifty two years which is when sirius comes in direct alignment with our world!

Casting Gender

Women and Performance in Intercultural Context

Author: John T. Warren

Publisher: Peter Lang


Category: Social Science

Page: 214

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Casting Gender puts forward a vision of how theatre, storytelling, and the performance of the everyday function within the lived spaces of its performers and audiences, asking how these women artists/scholars embody meaning, carry social value, and constitute possible identities. Drawing on scholarship in intercultural communication, performance studies, women's studies, and cultural studies, this collection of new, critically informed research advances our understanding of how theater works as intercultural communication and as a vehicle for change. Casting Gender offers varied locations and sites of research, highlighting the rich diversity of women's cultural identities, roles, and societal positions. The book moves beyond the western-centered nature of intercultural performance and intercultural communication theory and practice by creating a forum for voices outside the west to be heard.

The Sea Mark

Captain John Smith's Voyage to New England

Author: Russell M. Lawson

Publisher: University Press of New England


Category: History

Page: 240

View: 409

The first complete narrative history of Captain John Smith's exploration of the New England coast

The Quest for Anna Klein

Author: Thomas H Cook

Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd


Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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One freezing night in 1939, Thomas Danforth accepts a mission that will change his life forever: travel to Nazi Germany as cover for an enigmatic female assassin, Anna Klein. Danforth is captivated by this beautiful, mysterious woman. But just as he starts to discover more about her, she disappears... Desperately searching for her through a Europe ravaged by war, Danforth becomes ensnared in a maelstrom of love and vengeance, of shifting loyalties and betrayals. His quest will span decades, implicate him in a world-wide conspiracy, and take him to the brink of madness. But he cannot shake the obsession that drives his every waking moment: Who is Anna Klein?

The Veil

Author: Diane Noble

Publisher: WaterBrook


Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 329

A shroud of secrecy cloaks a new nineteenth-century sect known simply as the Saints. But that veil is about to be drawn away. Amidst the majestic beauty of 1857 Utah, the members of one secluded religious group claim to want nothing more than to practice their beliefs without persecution. Yet among them are many who engage in secret vows and brutal acts of atonement…all in the name of God. But one young woman, Hannah McClary, dares to question the truth behind the shroud. Soon Hannah and the young man she loves–Lucas Knight, who has been trained from childhood to kill on behalf of the Church–find themselves fighting for their very lives. As a group of unwary pioneer families marches into Utah toward a tragic confrontation with the Saints at a place called Mountain Meadows, Hannah and Lucas are thrust into the most difficult conflict of all–a battle for truth and justice–even as they are learning for the first time about unconditional love, acceptance, and forgiveness.… From the Trade Paperback edition.

Beyond The Veil

A Self Examination and Growth Study

Author: Gregory Richardson

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Self-Help

Page: 248

View: 566

This is a personal self-examination and Christian growth study that should challenge every true believer. Reading, studying, and understanding Beyond The Veil can be a life changing experience. If you believe you are alone in your shortcomings, then I challenge you to read this study. This book will open your eyes to the reality of your life in a comparative study with some of the mighty men of God. It is written in everyday English–plain and unassuming, just facing the reality of life’s daily struggles. This book will help you to stop hiding from your past, your fears, and your shortcomings. Beyond the Veil will bring you face to face with your shortcomings and face to face with your God. It is my hope that you will forever change like Paul on the road to Damascus.

The Rent Veil

Author: Horatius Bonar

Publisher: CCEL


Category: Holiness

Page: 126

View: 450

Early Mapping of Southeast Asia

The Epic Story of Seafarers, Adventurers, and Cartographers Who First Mapped the Regions Between China and India

Author: Thomas Suarez

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing


Category: History

Page: 280

View: 353

With dozens of rare color maps and other documents, Early Mapping of Southeast Asia follows the story of map-making, exploration and colonization in Asia from the 16th to the 19th centuries. It documents the idea of Southeast Asia as a geographical and cosmological construct, from the earliest of times up until the down of the modern era. using maps, itineraries, sailing instructions, traveler's tales, religious texts and other contemporary sources, it examines the representation of Southeast Asia, both from the historical perspective of Western exploration and cartography, and also through the eyes of Asian neighbors. Southeast Asia has always occupied a special place in the imaginations of East and West. This book recounts the fascinating story of how Southeast Asia was, quite literally, put on the map, both in cartographic terms and as a literary and imaginative concept.