Author: Lovern Kindzierski




Page: 64

View: 934

Exploring the symbiotic relationship between shame and virtue, this is perhaps the ultimate morality story. We follow the character Shame, the phenomena of shame personified, as she escapes prison and embraces her father's evil nature. As more and more people begin to fall victim to Shame's evil influence there is only one person who can help - her name is Virtue.

America's Lost Plays, Vol II: False Shame and Thirty Years

Author: William Dunlap

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC


Category: Drama

Page: 324

View: 106

A collection of the complete scripts of 100 selected, previously unpublished plays by 19th-Century American playwrights. Volume 2 features William Dunlap's work, with "False Shame" and "Thirty Years."

CEO's Pursuit After His Love

Volume 2

Author: Ye Zixia

Publisher: Funstory


Category: Fiction


View: 805

She was a woman who was hurt all over by her family, love, and society. She had thought that loving two people from the start was a mistake, and she didn't want to believe in love anymore. But when she met him, the domineering CEO Han Yuxuan, her life changed from then on. Perhaps this was fate. Later on, she came to believe that Cinderella would become a princess fairy tale if she put on her crystal shoes ...

Meaning in Life, Volume 2

The Pursuit of Love

Author: Irving Singer

Publisher: MIT Press


Category: Philosophy

Page: 204

View: 487

An acclaimed philosopher offers a systematic mapping of the various facets of love. In his widely acclaimed trilogy The Nature of Love, Irving Singer traced the development of the concept of love in history and literature from the Greeks to the twentieth century. In this second volume of his Meaning in Life trilogy, Singer returns to the subject of his earlier work, exploring a different approach. Without denying his previous emphasis on the role of imagination and creativity, in this book Singer investigates the ability of them both to make one's life meaningful. A “systematic mapping” of the various facets of love (including sexual love, love in society, and religious love), The Pursuit of Love is an extended essay that offers Singer's own philosophical and psychological theory of love. Rich in insight into literature, the history of ideas, and the complexities of our being, The Pursuit of Love is a thought-provoking inquiry into fundamental aspects of all human relationships.

Prayer for the Day Volume II

More Reflections for Daily Inspiration

Author: BBC Radio 4

Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 400

View: 129

A follow-on to the highly successful Prayer for the Day Volume I, this second volume brings together 365 selected readings from the much-loved, long-running series on BBC Radio 4. The programme, which has been broadcast daily at 5:43am for several decades, and continues to attract over half a million dedicated listeners, comprises a short 2-minute reflection to start your day. These artfully combine traditional forms of prayer and reflection, from a variety of religions and denominations, with contemporary issues and themes that are often relevant to the date on which the programme is broadcast. In keeping with the theme of Prayer for the Day, there are 365 reflections in the book, from a vast range of the eminent religious figures and broadcasters who have contributed to the programme over the years. There will be a foreword by a prominent figure in the faith community, a short profile of each contributor and an index of contributors. To emphasise the point that the reflections can be used daily, they are ordered by date (i.e. 1st January, 2nd January etc), and each entry is selected on the basis of it being as date-specific as possible. The date of broadcast is underneath each entry, and dates are also marked at the top corners of each page so they can be found easily. The spacious design includes page openers for each month with simple line illustrations. Prayer for the Day Volume II is a beautiful and inspirational addition to any bedside table, with religious meditations that both participate in the ecumenical spirit of the 21st century and equip you perfectly for each day's journey.

The Body and Shame

Phenomenology, Feminism, and the Socially Shaped Body

Author: Luna Dolezal

Publisher: Lexington Books


Category: Philosophy

Page: 222

View: 794

The Body and Shame: Phenomenology, Feminism, and the Socially Shaped Body investigates the concept of body shame and explores its significance when considering philosophical accounts of embodied subjectivity. Body shame only finds its full articulation in the presence (actual or imagined) of others within a rule and norm governed milieu. As such, it bridges our personal, individual and embodied experience with the social, cultural and political world that contains us. Luna Dolezal argues that understanding body shame can shed light on how the social is embodied, that is, how the body—experienced in its phenomenological primacy by the subject—becomes a social and cultural artifact, shaped by external forces and demands. The Body and Shame introduces leading twentieth-century phenomenological and sociological accounts of embodied subjectivity through the work of Edmund Husserl, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Jean-Paul Sartre, Michel Foucault and Norbert Elias. Dolezal examines the embodied, social and political features of body shame. contending that body shame is both a necessary and constitutive part of embodied subjectivity while simultaneously a potential site of oppression and marginalization. Exploring the cultural politics of shame, the final chapters of this work explore the phenomenology of self-presentation and a feminist analysis of shame and gender, with a critical focus on the practice of cosmetic surgery, a site where the body is literally shaped by shame. The Body and Shame will be of great interest to scholars and students in a wide variety of fields, including philosophy, phenomenology, feminist theory, women’s studies, social theory, cultural studies, psychology, sociology, and medical humanities.

Saving Shame

Martyrs, Saints, and Other Abject Subjects

Author: Virginia Burrus

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press


Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 273

Virginia Burrus explores one of the strongest and most disturbing aspects of the Christian tradition, its excessive preoccupation with shame. While Christianity has frequently been implicated in the conversion of ancient Mediterranean cultures from shame- to guilt-based, and thus in the emergence of the modern West's emphasis on guilt, Burrus seeks to recuperate the importance of shame for Christian culture. Focusing on late antiquity, she explores a range of fascinating phenomena, from the flamboyant performances of martyrs to the imagined abjection of Christ, from the self-humiliating disciplines of ascetics to the intimate disclosures of Augustine. Burrus argues that Christianity innovated less by replacing shame with guilt than by embracing shame. Indeed, the ancient Christians sacrificed honor but laid claim to their own shame with great energy, at once intensifying and transforming it. Public spectacles of martyrdom became the most visible means through which vulnerability to shame was converted into a defiant witness of identity; this was also where the sacrificial death of the self exemplified by Christ's crucifixion was most explicitly appropriated by his followers. Shame showed a more private face as well, as Burrus demonstrates. The ambivalent lure of fleshly corruptibility was explored in the theological imaginary of incarnational Christology. It was further embodied in the transgressive disciplines of saints who plumbed the depths of humiliation. Eventually, with the advent of literary and monastic confessional practices, the shame of sin's inexhaustibility made itself heard in the revelations of testimonial discourse. In conversation with an eclectic constellation of theorists, Burrus interweaves her historical argument with theological, psychological, and ethical reflections. She proposes, finally, that early Christian texts may have much to teach us about the secrets of shame that lie at the heart of our capacity for humility, courage, and transformative love.

The Pursuit of Comparative Aesthetics

An Interface Between the East and West

Author: Mazhar Hussain

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Philosophy

Page: 280

View: 688

Comparative aesthetics is the branch of philosophy which compares the aesthetic concepts and practices of different cultures. The way in which cultures conceive of the aesthetic dimension of life in general and art in particular is revelatory of profound attitudes and beliefs which themselves make up an important part of the culture in question. This anthology of essays by internationally recognised scholars in this field brings into one volume some of the most important research in comparative aesthetics, from classic early essays to previously unpublished contemporary pieces. Ranging across cultures and time periods as diverse as ancient Greece, India and China and the modern West and Japan, the essays reveal both similarities and deep differences between the aesthetic traditions concerned. In the course of these expositions and comparisons there emerges the general conclusion that no culture can be fully grasped if its aesthetic ideas are not understood.

Summa Theologica, Volume 2 (Part II, First Section)

Author: St Thomas Aquinas

Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.


Category: Religion

Page: 592

View: 140

"The Summa Theologica is the best-known work of Italian philosopher, scholar, and Dominican friar SAINT THOMAS AQUINAS (1225 1274), widely considered the Catholic Church s greatest theologian. Famously consulted (immediately after the Bible) on religious questions at the Council of Trent, Aquinas s masterpiece has been considered a summary of official Church philosophy ever since. Aquinas considers approximately 10,000 questions on Church doctrine covering the roles and nature of God, man, and Jesus, then lays out objections to Church teachings and systematically confronts each, using Biblical verses, theologians, and philosophers to bolster his arguments. In Volume II, Aquinas addresses: happiness good and evil love and hatred hope and despair anger virtue sin and grace and much more. This massive work of scholarship, spanning five volumes, addresses just about every possible query or argument that any believer or atheist could have, and remains essential, more than seven hundred years after it was written, for clergy, religious historians, and serious students of Catholic thought."


Author: A.W PINK



Category: Religion

Page: 680

View: 143

The theme in our studies in Hebrews is, the super-abounding excellence of Christianity over Judaism. The sum and substance, the center and circumference, the light and life of Christianity, is Christ. Therefore, the method followed by the Holy Spirit in this Epistle, in developing its dominant theme, is to show the immeasurable superiority of Christ over all that had gone before. One by one the various objects in which the Jews boasted are taken up, and in the presence of the superlative glory of the Son of God they pale into utter insignificance. We are shown First, His superiority over the prophets, Hebrews 1:1-3. Second, His superiority over angels in Hebrews 1:4 to Hebrews 2:18. Third, His superiority over Moses in Hebrews 3:1-19. Fourth, His superiority over Joshua, Hebrews 4:1-13. Fifth, His superiority over Aaron in Hebrews 5:14 to 7:18.

Sermon Outlines for Busy Pastors: Volume 2

Author: Rob Westbrook

Publisher: Rob Westbrook


Category: Religion

Page: 308

View: 509

--> Complete Sermon Outlines for One Full Year! <-- Sermon Outlines for Busy Pastors: Volume 2 gives the busy pastor a head start on sermon preparation. With 52 complete sermon outlines, pastors can save hundreds of hours a year, with the base research and layout for a year's worth of sermons already in place. Here's some advantages Sermon Outlines for Busy Pastors: Volume 2 provides:These are complete sermon outlines. Each sermon outline is much more than a basic three point outline requiring a lot of time and research to flesh out. These outlines go much deeper, with each main point completely developed with sub-points and more.Each sermon outline is rooted in God's Word and is expository, with a wealth of detail, great for spurring your own thoughts and allowing you to take the sermon in another direction as you feel led.Every sermon outline is solidly based in the Bible and conservative theology. Sermon illustrations include enough detail to suggest your own personal or applicable illustrations.3 complete sermon series, providing a map for the next several Sundays, saving many hours of advance planning and preparation.Sermon Titles and the Scripture References 1. A Fresh Start - Exodus 2:1-10 2. What Is A Christian? - Acts 11:19-26 3. Abnormal - 1 Peter 2:4-12 4. The Fear of the Lord - Proverbs 1:7 5. The Call, Promise, and Challenge - Numbers 13:26-33 6. The Most Important Exam - 2 Corinthians 13:5 7. Requirements - Deuteronomy 10:12-22 8. What the Lord Supper Means - 1 Corinthians 11:23-40 9. Just Who Are You? - Colossians 2:6-20 10. Jesus - Our Redemption - Galatians 4:3-7 11. The Tempter and Us - Genesis 3:1-7 12. Jesus - The Propitiation - Romans 3:21-26 13. What's the Point of a Right Life? - Romans 12:1-2 14. A Church in Trouble - Revelation 3:14-22 15. Palm Sunday - Jesus is Not Always What We Want Him to Be - Romans 3:21-26 16. The Sacrifice of Atonement - Romans 3:21-26 17. Out of the Blue - Matthew 27:15-26 18. Chasing - Psalm 63:1-8 19. A Woman Who Makes a Difference - Acts 9:36-43 20. Messed Up People - Genesis 9:18-23 21. A Matter of Faith - Hebrews 11:1-6 22. What Faith Has to Offer - Hebrews 11:32-40 23. Something to Glory In - Jeremiah 9:23-24 24. One Eye on the Enemy and One on the Wall - Nehemiah 4:13-17 25. By Our Love - John 13:31-35 26. Crime and Punishment - Levitcus 24:10-16 27. Follow Jesus or Bust - Luke 9:57-62 28. A Challenge from God - Malachi 3:6-12 29. Because of Others - Mark 2:1-5 30. Hope - Mark 5:24-34 31. Purpose in Problems - Matthew 14:22-33 32. Repentance - Matthew 6:25-33 33. Reasons for Our Thanksgiving - Colossians 1:1-6 34. Church on Fire - Acts 2:1-4 35. Church on Fire - Fan the Flames - 2 Timothy 1:5-7 36. The Name of Jesus - Philippians 2:5-11 37. When Did Christmas Begin? - 1 Peter 1:18-21 38. Memorial - Joshua 4:1-7 39. Misconceptions - The Church - Matthew 16:18 40. Misconceptions - Worship - John 4:19-26 41. Misconceptions - Discipleship - Luke 9:23-24 42. Misconceptions - Ministry - 1 Peter 4:10 43. Misconceptions - Evangelism - Acts 1:8 44. Misconceptions - Missions - Acts 1:8 45. Misconceptions - Fellowship - Acts 2:42-47 46. Seriously - Exercise Naked - 1 Timothy 4:6-10 47. Seriously - The Simple Life - 2 Corinthians 11:2-4 48. Seriously - Peace and Quiet - Psalm 46:1-11 49. Seriously - Surrender - Philippians 2:3-8 50. Xmas: What's Missing in Your Christmas? - Amazement - Genesis 3:15 51. Xmas: What's Missing in Your Christmas? - The Supernatural - Matthew 1:18-25 52. Xmas: What's Missing in Your Christmas? - Reflection and Perspective - Luke 2:19

Ambrose, Augustine, and the Pursuit of Greatness

Author: J. Warren Smith

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Religion

Page: 350

View: 394

Two important theologians of early Christianity were Ambrose of Milan and Augustine of Hippo. Both were intellectually formed by philosophers, such as Cicero, who taught that virtue was the way to greatness. Yet they saw contradictions between Roman and Christian ethical ideals. Could these competing visions of greatness be reconciled?

Anhedonia: A Comprehensive Handbook Volume II

Neuropsychiatric And Physical Disorders

Author: Michael S. Ritsner

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Medical

Page: 328

View: 405

This is the first comprehensive two-volume collection on anhedonia, a disorder that played an important role in psychopathology theories at the beginning of the twentieth century. Anhedonia is a condition in which the capacity of pleasure is partially or completely lost, and it refers to both a personality trait, and a “state symptom” in various neuropsychiatric and physical disorders. It has a putative neural substrate, originating in the dopaminergic mesolimbic and mesocortical reward circuit. Over the past three decades cognitive psychology and behavioral neuroscience have expanded our understanding of anhedonia and other reward-related processes. The aim of this new two-volume collection on anhedonia is to highlight the contributions of eminent scientists in this field as well as to provide readers with comprehensive accounts of recent developments as perceived by the authors. This monograph is divided into five parts. Volume I contains parts one and two (Conceptual Issues and Neurobiological Advances) including 14 chapters that serve as an introduction and overview of conceptual issues. Volume II contains three parts (Anhedonia in Psychotic Disorders, Anhedonia in Mood and Personality Disorders, and Anhedonia in Neurological and Physical Disorders) including 15 chapters that provide an overview of the construct, measurement of anhedonia in schizophrenia spectrum disorders, hedonic capacity and related factors in schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder, anhedonia as an indicator of genetic liability for schizophrenia, and as a trait marker for depression, the role of an anhedonia in trauma-related disorders, anorexia nervosa, stress-induced eating disorders, schizotypal traits and risk of suicide. This book will be of interest to a broad spectrum of readers including psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists, neuroscientists, endocrinologists, pharmacologists, general practitioners, geriatricians, graduate students, and health care providers in the fields of mental health.

The Collected Works of Witness Lee, 1960, volume 2

Author: Witness Lee

Publisher: Living Stream Ministry


Category: Religion

Page: 571

View: 136

The Collected Works of Witness Lee, 1960, volume 2, contains messages given and articles and personal notes written by Brother Witness Lee in April through December 1960. Historical information concerning Brother Lee's travels and the content of his ministry in 1960 can be found in the general preface that appears at the beginning of volume 1 in this set. The contents of this volume are divided into ten sections, as follows: 1. Nine messages given in Taipei, Taiwan, in April through August. Chapters 1 through 5 contain messages given in July and August, and chapters 8 and 9 contain messages given on April 1 and 2. The dates of the messages that constitute chapters 6 and 7 are unknown. All nine messages were previously published in a book entitled The Sufficiency, Pursuit, and Learning of the Lord's Serving Ones and are included in this volume under the same title. 2. Four messages given in a training for young people in Taipei, Taiwan, in April. These messages are included in this volume under the title God's Plan and Christ's Redemption. 3. Three sets of personal notes written in 1960, probably beginning on April 26. These notes are included in this volume under the title Witness Lee's Personal Notes. 4. Fifteen messages given in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1960; the exact dates are unknown. These messages were previously published in a book entitled The Elders' Management of the Church and are included in this volume under the same title. 5. A message given in Taipei, Taiwan, probably after the messages contained in the previous section on the elders' management of the church. This message is included in this volume under the title Concerning the Arrangement of Church Meetings. 6. A message given in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1960. This message was originally published in the periodical The Ministry of the Word in September. It is included in this volume under the title Balancing the Church Service and the Goals of the Church Service. 7. Five messages given in Taipei, Taiwan. These messages were originally published in the periodical The Ministry of the Word in October 1960 through January 1961. They were previously published in a book entitled The Law of Revival and are included in this volume under the same title. 8. Ten messages given in New York City on October 14 through November 20. These messages are included in this volume under the title The Nature and Building Up of the Church. 9. Four messages given in New York City on November 24 through 27. These messages are included in this volume under the title Practicing the Building Up of the Church on the Proper Ground. 10. A letter and two sets of questions and answers given in Los Angeles, California, on December 5 through 7. This section is included in this volume under the title Fellowship in Los Angeles concerning the Ground of the Church.

Honor and Shame in Early China

Author: Mark Edward Lewis

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: History

Page: 350

View: 999

Lewis sheds new light on the early Chinese empires through an ambitious examination of evolving ideas about honor and shame.

Cold CEO's Pursuit for Deserted Wife

Volume 2

Author: Yi ChengJiXu

Publisher: Funstory


Category: Fiction


View: 210

She was married to him, she was sacred, he was a prison. Her deep love lasted for a long time. She could only hope that she could make him smile. Unfortunately, his love for her was already like another person, waiting for him to grow old at the beginning of his life ... There was no banquet in this world that would never disperse, but there were people who did it for bad karma. Behind the marriage, there were many conspiracies. How could she bear it? Losing the knowledge of my heart, he finally understood who love is, how can he find his lost lover?

Lange's Commentary on the Holy Scripture, Volume 2

1 Samuel to Esther

Author: Lange, John Peter

Publisher: Delmarva Publications, Inc.




View: 409

All sixty-three of the original volumes are included in a nine volumes set. There are two linked indexes in this volume, a main index at the front of this volume that will take you to the beginning each of the books of the bible and another index at the beginning of each book there is a linked scripture index leading to the particular subject. Lange’s Commentary on the Old and New Testaments, translated, revised, edited and enlarged from the German editions of John Peter Lange and many contributors, and edited by Philip Schaff. Lange’s Commentary on the entire Bible has remained one of the most useful and valuable work of its kind. It is conservative in theology and universal in hermeneutics. Delmarva Publications is proud to make it available in digital format. The original work was completed in 63 volumes, but we have made it available in 9 volumes they are: Volume 1 - Genesis to Ruth Volume 2 -1 Samuel to Esther Volume 3 - Job to Ecclesiastes Volume 4 - Song of Songs to Lamentations Volume 5 - Ezekiel to Malachi Volume 6 - Matthew to John Volume 7 - Acts to 2 Corinthians Volume 8 - Galatians to 2 Timothy Volume 9 -Titus to Revelation

Scripting Shame in African Literature

Author: Stephen L. Bishop

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Category: Literary Criticism


View: 242

Shame is one of the most frequent underlying emotions expressed throughout sub-Saharan African literature, yet studies of such literature almost universally ignore the topic in favour of a focus on the struggle for independence and the postcolonial situation, encompassing a search for individual, national, and ethnic identities and questions of corruption, changing gender roles, and conflicts between so-called tradition and modernity. Shame, however, is not antithetical to these investigations and, in fact, the persistent trope of shame undergirds many of them. This book locates these expressions of shame in sub-Saharan African literature and shows how its diverse literary representations underscore shame's function as a fulcrum in the mutual constitution of subject and community on the continent. Though shame research is dominated by Western definitions and theories, this study emphasizes the centrality of African conceptions of shame in ways that notions of Western subjectivity dismiss or cannot capture.

Jewish Law and American Law, Volume 2

A Comparative Study

Author: Samuel J. Levine

Publisher: Academic Studies PRess


Category: Law

Page: 238

View: 779

This volume contributes to the growing field of comparative Jewish and American law, presenting twenty-six essays characterized by a number of distinct features. The essays will appeal to legal scholars and, at the same time, will be accessible and of interest to a more general audience of intellectually curious readers. These contributions are faithful to Jewish law on its own terms, while applying comparative methods to offer fresh perspectives on complex issues in the Jewish legal system. Through careful comparative analysis, the essays also turn to Jewish law to provide insights into substantive and conceptual areas of the American legal system, particularly areas of American law that are complex, controversial, and unsettled.