Shadow of Freedom

Author: David Weber

Publisher: Baen Publishing Enterprises


Category: Fiction

Page: 448

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New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and international best-selling phenomenon David Weber delivers book #18 in the multiple New York Times best-selling Honor Harrington series. Wrong number? There are two sides to any quarrel . . . unless there are more. Queen Elizabeth of Manticore's first cousin and Honor Harrington's best friend, Michelle Henke, has just handed the "invincible" Solarian League Navy the most humiliating, one sided defeat in its entire almost thousand year history in defense of the people of the Star Empire's Talbott Quadrant. But the League is the most powerful star nation in the history of humanity. Its navy is going to be back¾and this time with thousands of superdreadnoughts. Yet she also knows scores of other star systems¾some independent, some controlled by puppet regimes, and some simply conquered outright by the Solarian Office of Frontier Security¾lie in the League's grip along its frontier with the Talbott Quadrant. As combat spreads from the initial confrontation,the entire frontier has begun to seethe with unrest, and Michelle sympathizes with the oppressed populations wanting only to be free of their hated masters. And that puts her in something of a quandary when a messenger from Mobius arrives, because someone's obviously gotten a wrong number. According to him, the Mobians' uprising has been carefully planned to coordinate with a powerful outside ally: the Star Empire of Manticore. Only Manticore¾and Mike Henke¾have never even heard of the Mobius Liberation Front. It's a set up . . . and Michelle knows who's behind it. The shadowy Mesan Alignment has launched a bold move to destroy Manticore's reputation as the champion of freedom. And when the RMN doesn't arrive, when the MLF is brutally and bloodily crushed, no independent star system will ever trust Manticore again. Mike Henke knows she has no orders from her government to assist any rebellions or liberation movements, that she has only so many ships, which can be in only so many places at a time . . . and that she can't possibly justify diverting any of her limited, outnumbered strength to missions of liberation the Star Empire never signed on for. She knows that . . . and she doesn't care. No one is going to send thousands of patriots to their deaths, trusting in Manticoran help that will never come. Not on Mike Henke's watch. At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).

In the Shadow of Freedom

A Heroic Journey to Liberation, Manhood, and America

Author: Tchicaya Missamou

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 400

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FROM POVERTY TO WEALTH, FROM AFRICA TO AMERICA, AND FROM CHILD SOLDIER TO U.S. MARINE Born into the Congolese wilderness, Tchicaya Missamou became a child soldier at age 11. As a horrific civil war loomed across his country, Tchicaya began using his militia connections to ferry jewels, cash, computers, and white diplomats out of the country. By 17, he was rich. By 18, he was a hunted man, his house destroyed, his family brutalized in front of him by his own militia. By 19, he’d left behind everything he’d ever known, escaping to Europe and, eventually, to America. Incredibly, that was only the start of his journey. In the Shadow of Freedom is the uplifting story of one man’s quest to achieve the American Dream. Tchicaya Missamou’s life is a shining example of why America is a gift that should not be taken for granted, and why we are limited only by the breadth of our imagination and the strength of our will.

In the Shadow of Freedom

Three Lives in Hitler's Berlin and Gandhi's India

Author: Laxmi Tendulkar Dhaul

Publisher: Zubaan


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 251

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In the early nineteen thirties Ayi Tendulkar, a young journalist from a small town in Maharashtra, travelled to Germany to study. Within a short time he married Eva Schubring, his professor’s daughter. Soon after the short-lived marriage broke up, Tendulkar, by now also a well-known journalist in Berlin, met and fell in love with the filmmaker Thea von Harbou, divorced wife of Fritz Lang, and soon to be Tendulkar’s wife. Many years his senior, Thea became Tendulkar’s support and mainstay in Germany, encouraging and supporting him in bringing other young Indian students to the country. Hitler’s coming to power put an end to all that, and on Thea von Harbou’s advice, Tendulkar returned to India, where he became involved in Gandhi’s campaign of non-cooperation with the British and where, with Thea’s consent, he soon married Indumati Gunaji, a Gandhian activist. Caught up in the whirlwind of Gandhi’s activism, Indumati and Tendulkar spent several years in Indian prisons, being able to come together as a married couple only after their release – managing thereby to comply with a condition that Gandhi had put to their marriage, that they remain apart for several years ‘to serve the nation’. In this unique account, Indumati and Tendulkar’s daughter, Laxmi Tendulkar Dhaul, traces the turbulent lives of her parents and Thea von Harbou against the backremove of Nazi Germany and Gandhi’s India, using a wealth of documents, letters, newspaper articles and photographs to piece together the intermeshed histories of two women, the man they loved, their own growing friendship and two countries battling with violence and non-violence, fascism and colonialism. Published by Zubaan.

In the Shadow of Freedom

The Politics of Slavery in the National Capital

Author: Paul Finkelman

Publisher: Ohio University Press


Category: History

Page: 248

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Few images of early America were more striking, and jarring, than that of slaves in the capital city of the world’s most important free republic. Black slaves served and sustained the legislators, bureaucrats, jurists, cabinet officials, military leaders, and even the presidents who lived and worked there. While slaves quietly kept the nation’s capital running smoothly, lawmakers debated the place of slavery in the nation, the status of slavery in the territories newly acquired from Mexico, and even the legality of the slave trade in itself. This volume, with essays by some of the most distinguished historians in the nation, explores the twin issues of how slavery made life possible in the District of Columbia and how lawmakers in the district regulated slavery in the nation. Contributors: David Brion Davis, Mary Beth Corrigan, A. Glenn Crothers, Jonathan Earle, Stanley Harrold, Mitch Kachun, Mary K. Ricks, James B. Stewart, Susan Zaeske, David Zarefsky

From the Shadow of Freedom

Author: Louise Yvonne Dean

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Poetry

Page: 163

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From the Shadow of Freedom is a collection of poems and prayers that I wrote during a very diffi cult time in my life due to physical, mental, and sexual abuse. After surviving multiple attempts of suicide I gave up on death and just dealt with the pain. I lived and wrote in the shadow of freedom with the dream that someday I would become free and soar like an eagle to be the person I was created to be in this lifetime. To express oneself verbally was wrong and for me to pen the words of these poems I would always have to hide somewhere in the shadows in order not to be caught and punished for expressing my thoughts and feelings. Today I no longer live in that prison of abuse nor do I live in the shadows. I can openly express my thoughts and feelings. I have found that freedom is a beautiful thing and today I soar as that eagle I always dreamed of! I pray these poems and prayers will penetrate the darkest shadows of all who read them and bring light, peace, freedom, and healing to their dark wounded heart, soul, and spirit. Freedom From the Shadow of L

In the Shadow of Freedom

Author: Anis Kidwai




Page: 300

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Written In The Immediate Aftermath Of Partition, This Moving Document-Part Memoir, Part Diary- Provides An Important Underside To The Mainstream Histories Of Partition. When Anis Kidwai`S Husband, Shafi Ahmed Kidwai, Then A Civil Servant In Mussoorie, And Someone Who Refused To Leave His Job And Abandon His Staff Despite The Threats To His Life, Was Murdered In The Violence Of Partition, She Was Devastated. Seeking Succour, She Went To See Gandhi Who Advised Her To Stop Weeping And Start Doing Some Work. She Did Precisely That, Involving Herself Fully In Camps For People Fleeing To Pakistan, And Those Coming From There. Moved By The Large Numbers Of Abandoned And Destitute Children, She Worked With A Group Of Teachers From Jamia Millia Islamia For Their Care And Adoption. Concerned At The Fate Of Abducted Women, And At The Large Numbers Of Sexual Violations, She Helped In Rehabilitation, Housing, Training. And Thoughout Her Work, She Kept A Record, Not Only Of The Actual Happenings, But Of The Thoughts And Reflections On Human Life, And The Human Condition That Her Work Gave Rise To. It Is These That Imbue This Documentary Account With Complexity And Nuance, And Make This Memorable Book An Important Source Of Valuable Insights, Both For Understanding That Time, And For Drawing Lessons For The Present.

Shadow of Victory

Author: David Weber

Publisher: Baen Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 768

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The Mesan Alignment is revealed, and, for Honor Harrington and the Manticoran Star Kingdom, this means war! Unintended Consequences Sometimes things don’t work out exactly as planned. The Mesan Alignment has a plan—one it’s been working on for centuries. A plan to remake the galaxy and genetically improve the human race—its way. Until recently, things have gone pretty much as scheduled, but then the Alignment hit a minor bump in the road called the Star Empire of Manticore. So the Alignment engineered a war between the Solarian League, the biggest and most formidable interstellar power in human history. To help push things along, the Alignment launched a devastating sneak attack which destroyed the Royal Manticoran Navy’s industrial infrastructure. And in order to undercut Manticore’s galaxy-wide reputation as a star nation of its word, it launched Operation Janus—a false-flag covert operation to encourage rebellions it knows will fail by promisingManticoran support. The twin purposes are to harden Solarian determination to destroy the Star Empire once and for all, and to devastate the Star Empire’s reputation with the rest of the galaxy. But even the best laid plans can have unintended consequences, and one of those consequences in this case may just be a new dawn of freedom for oppressed star nations everywhere. At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management). About Shadow of Freedom: “This entry is just as exciting as Weber’s initial offering . . . The result is a fast-paced and action-packed story that follows [our characters] as they move from reaction to command of the situation. Weber builds Shadow of Freedom to an exciting and unexpected climax.”—Daily News of Galveston About Mission of Honor, #13 in the Honor Harrington series: “Weber combines realistic, engaging characters with intelligent technological projection and a deep understanding of military bureaucracy in this long-awaited Honor Harrington novel . . . Fans of this venerable space opera will rejoice to see Honor back in action.”—Publishers Weekly “This latest Honor Harrington novel brings the saga to another crucial turning point . . . Readers may feel confident that they will be Honored many more times and enjoy it every time.”—Booklist About David Weber and the Honor Harrington series: “. . . everything you could want in a heroine . . . Excellent . . . plenty of action.”—Science Fiction Age “Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!”—Anne McCaffrey “Compelling combat combined with engaging characters for a great space opera adventure.”—Locus

Gateway to Freedom

The Hidden History of America's Fugitive Slaves

Author: Eric Foner

Publisher: OUP Oxford


Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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When slavery was a routine part of life in America's South, a secret network of activists and escape routes enabled slaves to make their way to freedom in what is now Canada. The 'underground railroad' has become part of folklore, but one part of the story is only now coming to light. In New York, a city whose banks, business and politics were deeply enmeshed in the slave economy, three men played a remarkable part, at huge personal risk. In Gateway to Freedom, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Eric Foner tells the story of Sydney Howard Gay, an abolitionist newspaper editor; Louis Napoleon, furniture polisher; and Charles B. Ray, a black minister. Between 1830 and 1860, with the secret help of black dockworkers, the network led by these three men helped no fewer than 3,000 fugitives to liberty. The previously unexamined records compiled by Gay offer a portrait of fugitive slaves who passed through New York City — where they originated, how they escaped, who helped them in both North and South, and how they were forwarded to freedom in Canada.

The Sound of Freedom

Marian Anderson, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Concert That Awakened America

Author: Raymond Arsenault

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

View: 290

Chronicles the landmark 1939 concert, offers insight into the period's racial climate, describes Eleanor Roosevelt's resignation from the DAR for barring Anderson's performances, and pays tribute to the singer's significant contributions.