Seven Secrets of the Savvy School Leader

A Guide to Surviving and Thriving

Author: Robert Evans

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Education

Page: 160

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The keys to having an outstanding career as a school leader. The American educational system is in crisis; trends of recent years have been extraordinarily hard on educators. An entire generation of school leaders is retiring, many of them early, and the number of candidates applying to replace them is plummeting. In many districts, applications have shrunk by nearly two-thirds. Seven Secrets of The Savvy School Leader hopes to counteract these glum statistics by giving both aspiring and experienced school leaders important survival tools, and encouraging long-term leaders to renew their faith in their own abilities. Describes the innate tensions inherent in leadership Explores the difference between dilemmas and problems Encourages leaders to make change by making meaning Offers guidance for being your best and bold self Written an expert on school leadership who has worked closely with thousands of schools over the years, the book will help anyone serving as or considering becoming a school administrator.

Dealing with the Tough Stuff

Practical Solutions for School Administrators

Author: John Gabriel

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Education

Page: 192

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The much-needed leadership tips and tools for new schooladministrators Fledgling school administrators are often ill-prepared for theirnew leadership role and are frequently left to their own devices tonavigate the slippery terrain of school administration. Dealingwith the Tough Stuff: Practical Solutions for SchoolAdministrators addresses some of the thornier aspects of beingan assistant principal such as handling discipline, mediatingstudent conflicts, working with parents, facilitating parentconferences, and working with staff members. This handy guide willteach the tricks of the trade in order to survive and thrive in thejob. Filled with the information that is rarely taught but schoolleaders need to know to be effective administrators Written by John Gabriel and Paul Farmer, two veteran andaward-winning school leaders Includes strategies and illustrative examples for dealing withthe down-to-earth problems that confront school administrators Practical and insightful, the book covers everything fromworking effectively with parents and staff to mediatingconflicts.

Jspr Vol 32-N3

Author: Journal of School Public Relations

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Reference

Page: 104

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The Journal of School Public Relations is a quarterly publication providing research, analysis, case studies and descriptions of best practices in six critical areas of school administration: public relations, school and community relations, community education, communication, conflict management/resolution, and human resources management. Practitioners, policymakers, consultants and professors rely on the Journal for cutting-edge ideas and current knowledge. Articles are a blend of research and practice addressing contemporary issues ranging from passing bond referenda to building support for school programs to integrating modern information.

Pushing the Pencil

Author: Donald Wilcox Thomas

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Reference

Page: 143

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From the essays Teachers must learn how to push the pencil, effecting ease and simplicity out of hard learning that leaves a deep and permanent impression upon youthful thought. Having high expectations is laudable but woefully inadequate for overcoming the disparities that lurk in the deep recesses of our broad domain. More teaching, whether good or bad, is lost somewhere between class and lunch than could ever be recovered from one year to the next. The best lessons taught end up at the dinner table, not at the end of the period. That teaching is as much an addiction as it is a profession need not be elaborately urged. Teachers though born must nevertheless be made and remade. Schools do not improve teaching; teaching improves schools.

Taking Social-Emotional Learning Schoolwide

The Formative Five Success Skills for Students and Staff

Author: Thomas R. Hoerr

Publisher: ASCD


Category: Education

Page: 196

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What's the secret to making schoolwide SEL work? Growing numbers of people recognize that social-emotional learning (SEL) is central to a well-rounded education and to success in life outside and beyond the school building. What's missing is the know-how and framework for weaving SEL into the fabric of the school. In this highly practical and eminently readable book, Thomas R. Hoerr shows teachers, administrators, and other school staff how to integrate the Formative Five success skills (empathy, integrity, self-control, embracing diversity, and grit) with school culture essentials by answering these questions: 1. How can you ensure that your school or district is helping students develop their SEL skills across disciplines? Address your values, vision, mission. 2. What effective programs and activities support student development of SEL skills at the classroom, school, and district levels? Consider your practices. 3. How can you leverage personal relationships within the school and in the community to cultivate students' appreciation of how the differences among us make us stronger? Involve your people. 4. How can you weave an SEL narrative into your school’s culture? Live your narrative. 5. What can you do to establish and nurture a welcoming school environment as you strive to enhance students' SEL skills? Embrace your place. Replete with real-life examples from the author's years as a school leader, relevant findings from the research, and helpful strategies for use at all levels and with all K-12 populations, Taking Social-Emotional Learning Schoolwide is the ultimate blueprint for making sure students and staff are equipped to thrive.

Ten Traits of Highly Effective Schools

Raising the Achievement Bar for All Students

Author: Elaine K. McEwan

Publisher: Corwin Press


Category: Education

Page: 224

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Featuring helpful tools, authentic examples, teacher reflections, and more, this resource identifies the critical attributes of schools that enable all students to attain academic excellence.

The 25 Greatest Sports Conspiracy Theories of All Time

Author: Elliott Kalb

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 320

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Analyzes the top twenty-five sports conspiracy theories in history, including a possible fix in the Sonny Liston-Muhammad Ali fight and whether the National Football League tried to monopolize professional football in the 1980s.

Yoga of Leadership

The Secret to Sanity in Insane Times

Author: Suzi Pomerantz




Page: 118

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The secret to sanity in insane times is Yoga of Leadership, a new book for leaders by Suzi Pomerantz and Linda Lang. The practical application of ancient wisdom for those who lead in extraordinarily challenging modern times. This book is written for anyone who finds the competing demands of life difficult to balance.

The Gamble

General Petraeus and the Untold Story of the American Surge in Iraq, 2006 - 2008

Author: Thomas E. Ricks

Publisher: Penguin UK


Category: History

Page: 432

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Based on unprecedented real-time access to the military's entire chain of command, The Gamble is the definitive account of the insurgency within the US military that led to a radical shift in America's strategy in Iraq - and the bloody implementation of that strategy on the ground. In his international bestseller Fiasco, Thomas E. Ricks gave us the definitive reckoning with what went so wrong in Iraq. The story The Gamble tells is how, when the war was at its darkest hour, a group of dissident junior commanders and their civilian allies did an end run around their superiors in the military establishment and seized control of the war. The result was "the Surge," one of the American military's boldest strategic gambles since the landings at Inchon. General David Petraeus gave military expert Thomas E. Ricks extraordinary privileged access to himself and his team during the past two years, and the result is a chronicle of astonishing vividness and analytical depth. It is the story of military leadership in the crucible of war, under excruciating political pressure at home. It is also the story of the soldiers who executed the strategy out in the field. Ricks concludes that the war likely will last for many years to come - and that it will not be remembered for the reasons we think.