That'll Send Ya To Hell

Author: Donnie Clark



Category: Religion

Page: 182

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You will enjoy this journey of discovering the freedom from condemnation that religion has placed on you with this revelation of what sin actually is, and how insecure leaders have attempted to keep you guilt driven and "not good enough" for God's love. Enjoy!

Send Them to Hell

The Brutal Horrors of Bangkok's Nightmare Jails

Author: Sebastian Williams

Publisher: Mainstream Publishing Company Limited


Category: Social Science

Page: 301

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Send Them to Hell is a graphic exposé through the eyes of long-term inmate who endured the nightmare of the inhumane occurrences in the Thai prison system.

The Second Coming Of The Bible From Hell

Author: The Angels

Publisher: Miracle Publications


Category: Humor

Page: 152

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The Angels have been commanded to rewrite the story of the Creation, the Universe, and Everything. But how could humans - trapped as they are in their world of inconsequential and ephemeral trivia - be induced to engage with the story? The answer was bold, radical, and innovative: they would be invited to participate in the re-write. To turn this fantastic idea into reality, a Holy Helpdesk was set up to receive communications from any human, regardless of their historical or geographical location. The idea was simple, and perfectly attuned to a world now placing so much value on connecting, communicating, and sharing. What could possibly go wrong? An Angel, chosen to introduce the book, decides to establish some common ground by setting out the realities of the Universe in which humans exist. But as she proceeds, she begins to suspect that comprehending reality, for humans, might not be an option. The Angels on the Holy Helpdesk take up the narrative. They are ready and eager to engage humans in a dialogue. But they immediately find themselves under siege by the mockers, the cynics, the nutters, and the just plain barmy. There are questions about the Apocalypse, war, building your own Ark, bagpipes, over-population, sex, sin, credit cards, heaven, hell, floods, plagues, frogs, road humps, love, Morris dancing, snakes - and many other things besides. At first it seems that the task of rewriting the story of the Creation, the Universe, and Everything, will prove impossible. But the Angels doggedly hold their own, fending off the questioners like experienced batters fending off a succession of demon bowlers. This book will make you laugh, and make you think. It will take you to places you didn't expect to go, and in so doing, reveal that everything you thought you knew was an illusion.

Mel Goes to Hell

Author: Demelza Carlton

Publisher: Lost Plot Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 388

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Holy Vegan Earth

Sixth Book of Torah

Author: God Creator of Universes

Publisher: Moses Messenger of God


Category: Nature

Page: 801

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Soon The Judgment Day of the Creator will happen. Billions of corpse-eaters, evil spirits from hell who have possessed human bodies and they are killing animals and eating corpse of animals will be executed and sent back home, to Hell for punishment and education. This is an extremely painful education. Be Warned. This Judgment Day of the Creator was mentioned by me, Moses 3300 years ago and by Jesus 2000 years ago and by Mohammad 1400 years ago. Holy Vegan Earth, the last book of the Creator that updates all previous books, Quran, Bible and Torah was revealed to me, Moses and I wrote it from 2012 to 2018. Book contains guidelines. It contains Theological, Philosophical and Scientific content related to the subjects of some educational stories. It contains a long story that started in 7000 BC and continued to my next appearance on the Earth as Moses in 1300 BC and now, again as Moses to warn people about the soon happening Judgment Day. Book contains a True Story. Fiction, it is not. Two conditions should apply then you will survive. (1) Belief in the Creator (2) Be a Vegan, that means you learned a simple lesson from Eleven Commandments that I brought for you from the Creator. Yes. 11 Commandments, not 10. The 11th Commandment is You must be Vegan. You should not kill any innocent human animal or other animals. Those who violate the law will be executed humiliatingly and burned in hell for eternity. Book contains many paintings that I created to accompany the Theological content to make it easier to digest and many Plans for Vegan Activists. Ve establish the Vegan Earth by Genocide. This is my wish. When the Creator will do it is out of my jurisdiction. However, you have no excuse any more. You are warned clearly. You like it or not, do not matter. This is plan of the Creator typed by Moses Messenger of the Creator in 2012-2018 from direct communication with the Creator, the Unified Field, the Unity, Creator of Universes. If you are atheist, I have included seven proofs of the existence of the Creator in this book. Some are complex Mathematical proofs and some are simple. Depends on level of your intelligence you can find a proof that you can understand. Read, learn, understand and surrender to words of the Creator and Prophet of the Creator, Moses. Go Vegan, you will live. Stay corpse-eater, you will be eradicated like bacteria and will be burned in hell. Use your brain. You will find logic and reasoning in this book. Convert to Vegan. Convert to a believer in the Creator. If you do not use your brain, in hell you will learn by pain. Evidence and Proof is the only important matter. The Unified Field is God. The Unified Field is the Creator of Universe. In this book of God, the Sixth Book of Moses, I included the evidence and proof that I am communicating with the Unified Field. It is a two-direction communication. I proved I am Moses. Belief without reasoning and proof worth zero. Vegans who are believers in the Creator will inherit the Earth. Rest of humans will be wood for fire of hell. 01 - 110 - Ve start with 110. There is hope. 02 - 112 - Only if the 112, God helps. And He promised to do so. 03 - 097 - Revelations in uncountable nights of determination. 04 - 094 - I am here, again, Moses has one command, Go Vegan or go to Hell. 05 - 106 - Be afraid of one who is friend of the Creator of Universes. Love for Animals. Death to Corpse-Eaters. 06 - 108 - I am grateful. Ve use Your resources only for Justice for Animals. 07 - 113 - Ve count on You. 08 - 114 - Ve are aware and do the best that can be done. 09 - 109 - Kill them all. 10 - 111 - Hell for them is Justice. 11 - 110 - Ve Own the Earth. Animal Rights, Vegan, Ve inherit the Earth. Ve count on Your Power. Second column are representative of numbers described in the book. The last seal arrived in a 97 and ended in 110. Wait for the Judgment day. Soon. I am waiting. ... .. .

Will God really send anyone to hell?

Author: Maduka E. Agbodike, Ph.D.

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Religion

Page: 105

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Will God really send anyone to hell? is a question generally asked by people that have certain mind set about God. Their understanding of hell as a place of severe and eternal punishment, tend to stir up conflict with the mind set they have about God. Most people, especially those associated with Christians or Christianity, understand God to be a loving Father, and as such cannot reconcile the fact that such a loving Father would send anyone to eternal punishment in hell fire. This book assures such people that the loving God never sends anyone to hell; rather people make that choice themselves. The book contains detailed information on the degree God went, to prevent mankind from going to hell fire. We see the affirmation in this excerpt, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” John 3:16.

How to Overcome the Spirit of Fear

Walk out the Danger of Terror & Fear on Earth & Escape Hellfire!

Author: Evangelist Prophetess Ella Knight

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Religion

Page: 576

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In this book, Evangelist Ella Knight shares the deep, dark valleys of life that God allowed her to travel through. From a rough marriage, severe financial struggles, vicious attacks by evil workers and more, she shares the experiences that almost caused her to go over the edge. But even more, this book is a guide to overcoming the spirit of fear with which Satan wants to suppress us all. Evangelist Knight couldnt understand why our All Wise and Almighty God Jehovah allowed her life to be so hard, difficult and fearful, until the Lord spoke and said unto her You cant lead where you havent been, you cant teach what you dont know and you cant share what you havent experienced. Therefore, she had to go through the obstacles and be attacked by the demons, devils and evil spirits that our Heavenly Father allowed to be laid in her path, to draw her closer to Him. Now she is able to understand, identify and help His people as they go through the attacks that they dont understand. This minister of God never imagined that life could be so fearful, hard, miserable and difficult until God allowed her enemies to come upon her to chase her into the Potter Hands. Now she cant believe the faith and bravery that God has planted in her and the peaceful, prosperous and joyful spirit that now lives within her. In this book, the author shares that journey from fear to fearlessness.

Damn Him to Hell

Author: Jamie Quaid

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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Justice is blind. Justine isn’t. Book two in the Saturn's Daughter series, in which Tina Clancy is gifted with the power to dispense justice...for good or evil. YOU DON’T NEED A LAW DEGREE TO DISPENSE STREET JUSTICE. Tina Clancy hardly has a chance to celebrate passing the bar exam when an explosion at Acme Chemical sends a noxious pink and green cloud billowing over Baltimore’s radioactive Zone. It is not as if the place was normal to begin with, but as the poisonous fumes overtake the sky, her neighbors start falling comatose—and Acme is plucking them off the streets faster than Tina and her friends can save them. Just because Tina’s a lawyer now doesn’t mean she’s going to miraculously morph into a respectable, law-abiding citizen. She once accidentally damned her own boyfriend to hell, for heaven’s sake. Now that Max is back—in the body of his evil cousin, a U.S. senator with family ties to Acme—she needs him more than ever. And what does it mean to be one of Saturn’s daughters? Tina knows she’s obligated to use her powers to save the Zone, no matter the cost, but there’s a real possibility that victory will happen over her dead body.