Selenium in Biology and Medicine

Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Selenium in Biology and Medicine. Held July 18-21, 1988, Tübingen, FRG

Author: Albrecht Wendel

Publisher: Springer


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In July, 1988, more than 300 scientists from 29 different countries gathered at Tiibingen, W. Germany, in order to spend 4 days discussing their favourite trace element, selenium. This meeting continued the good tradition of three previous meetings held in Corvallis/Oregon, 1976, in Lubbock/Texas, 1980, and in Beijing/China, in 1984. Incidentally, the University of Tiibingen provided a unique historical background for a Symposium devoted to recent advances in biochemistry, pharmacology, human nutrition and human health; here, the first independent depart ment of Physiological Chemistry in Germany was founded in 1845. Pro fessor H9Ppe-Seyler elucidated here the hemin structure and his student Friedrich Miescher discovered the nucleic acids. This book contains one-half of the oral or poster presentations which were selected before the meeting was held on the basis of a one page abstract. It is the reader who will have to decide whether this time consuming policy of quality assessment was warranted or not.

Selenium in Biology and Medicine

Author: Julian E. Spallholz

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Organoselenium Compounds in Biology and Medicine

Synthesis, Biological and Therapeutic Treatments

Author: Vimal Kumar Jain

Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry


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Organoselenium shows incredible promise in medicine, particularly cancer therapy. This book discusses organoselenium chemistry and biology in the context of its therapeutic potential, taking the reader through synthetic techniques, bioactivity and therapeutic applications. Divided into three sections, the first section describes synthetic advances in bioactive selenium compounds, revealing how organoselenium compound toxicity, redox properties and specificity can be further tuned. The second section explains the biophysics and biochemistry of organoselenium compounds, as well as selenoproteins. The final section closes with several chapters devoted to therapeutic and medicinal applications of organoselenium compounds, covering radioprotectors, anticancer agents and antioxidant behaviour. With contributions from leading global experts, this book covers recent advances in the field and is an ideal reference for those researching organoselenium compounds.

Nutrition Applied to Injury Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

Author: Luke R. Bucci

Publisher: CRC Press


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This timely and exciting new book brings together for the first time the readily available choices of dietary supplements and their relationship to injury rehabilitation. Nutrition Applied to Injury Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine supports the rational use of specific nutrients for specific healing conditions. Guidelines for nutritional programs applied to specific conditions are provided for practical application.


Present Status and Perspectives in Biology and Medicine

Author: Gerhard N. Schrauzer

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


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The papers and reviews in the present volume are in part regular contributions submitted for publication in Biological Trace Element Research, and in part invited papers from participants of the International Symposium "Present Status and Perspectives of Sele nium in Biology and Medicine," held on May 2 and 3, 1987, at the Eu ropean Academy, Nonnweiler /Trier, FRG. The Symposium focused on ecological and biomedical aspects of selenium with emphasis on the manifestations of selenium deficiency in different countries, the distribution of selenium in human organs and body fliuds, the roles of selenium in health and disease, its anti carcinogenic action, effects of supplementation, and therapeutic applications. Organized jointly by the International Association of Bioinor ganic Scientists and BioSynopsia, a Nonprofit Subsidiary of the Tech nology Center, Stuttgart, the scientific board consisted of Professors W. Hartfiel, Bonn, FRG, G.N. Schrauzer, La Jolla, CA, USA, and H. Zumkley, Muenster, FRG.

Selenium in Medicine and Biology

Proceedings of the Second International Congress on Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, March 1988, Avoriaz, France

Author: Jean Nève



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The implications of selenium in human pathology were extensively considered during the congress, with an emphasis on those susceptible to selenium deficiency--children, pregnant women, the elderly, subjects with restricted regimens, and inhabitants of low selenium areas. Sixty-seven contributions address new and refined laboratory methods to demonstrate the effects of selenium deficiency and supplementation more precisely. Intervention studies and the possible benefits of selenium supplementation are also explored. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR


Chemistry, Analysis, Function and Effects

Author: Victor R Preedy

Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry


Category: Medical

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Although toxic in large doses, selenium is an essential trace mineral in the animal diet and in some plants. It has a role in making antioxidant enzymes and a particular role in the functioning of the thyroid gland. This volume examines the chemical activity of selenium and its functional health effects eg towards cancers, in the heart and brain. It also covers other areas such as functional food enrichment, whole body metabolism, and the effects of selenium deficiency on health. Part of The Food and Nutritional Components in Focus series, this edited volume pools knowledge across scientific disciplines in a way that increases its applicability to a wide range of audiences. Victor Preedy’s own distinguished career in nutritional science has made him a prolific author of research articles and books in this area, and this project fills a gap in providing comprehensive synopses of food substances. Chemists, analytical scientists, forensic scientists, food scientists, as well as course lecturers will all benefit from this interdisciplinary title written by international experts in this area.