Selected Works of A. N. Kolmogorov

Volume II Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics

Author: A.N. Shiryayev

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Mathematics

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lEt moi •...• si j'avait so comment en revenir, One service mathematics has rendered the je n'y serais point alle:' human race. It has put common sense back Ju1e. Veme where it belongs, 01\ the topmost shelf next to the dUlty canister labelled 'discarded non- Tbe series is divergent; therefore we may be sense'. able to do something with it. Erie T. Bell O. Heaviside Mathematics is a tool for thought. A highly necessary tool in a world where both feedback and non­ linearities abound. Similarly, all kinds of parts of mathematics serve as tools for other parts and for other sciences. Applying a simple reweiting rule to the quote on the right above one finds such statements as: 'One service topology has rendered mathematical physics .. .'; 'One service logic has rendered com­ puter science .. .'; 'One service category theory has rendered mathematics .. .'. All arguably true. And all statements obtainable this way form part of the raison d'tftre of this series.

Selected Works of Hyman G. Enelow, V2

Sermons and Reviews

Author: Hyman G. Enelow




Page: 554

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In Four Volumes. Volume 1, Memoir And Sermons; Volume 2, Sermons And Reviews; Volume 3, Collected Writings; Volume 4, Scientific Papers.

Orthogonal Polynomials in MATLAB

Exercises and Solutions

Author: Walter Gautschi

Publisher: SIAM


Category: Science

Page: 335

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Techniques for generating orthogonal polynomials numerically have appeared only recently, within the last 30 or so years.?Orthogonal Polynomials in MATLAB: Exercises and Solutions?describes these techniques and related applications, all supported by MATLAB programs, and presents them in a unique format of exercises and solutions designed by the author to stimulate participation. Important computational problems in the physical sciences are included as models for readers to solve their own problems.?

Selected Works of Louis Lipsky, V2

Stories of Jewish Life

Author: Louis Lipsky




Page: 284

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Three Volumes In One. Volume 1, Thirty Years Of American Zionism; Volume 2, Stories Of Jewish Life; Volume 3, Shields Of Honor, Stories And Plays.