Seek First the Kingdom

Author: Paul A. Lindberg

Publisher: Redemption Press


Category: Religion


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Challenging the reader to seek the true Kingdom of God in the here and now and providing exhortation and encouragement for everyday Christian living.

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God

The Singular Focus of God's Word

Author: Nathaniel Max Rock

Publisher: Team Rock Press


Category: Religion

Page: 80

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The recurring theme of God emerges in the form of the Kingdom of God. In thispoignant work, Rock delves into this issues which modern-day Christianity hasabandoned. (Christianity)

How to Rule the World

Seek First the Kingdom of God

Author: John Roy Bohlen

Publisher: Fruitful Land Bookstore


Category: Kingdom of God

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Default Christianity

Seeking First the Kingdom of God in a World of Distractions

Author: Nathanael Egger




Page: 264

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There is nothing more basic to true Christian faith than the preeminence of God. He is our King only when his kingdom is our primary motivation, driving us to consciously mold our everyday lives in a way that best encourages us to experience and multiply his rule. Default Christianity is a refreshingly honest challenge to professing believers to hold our lives up against the God-first-and-alone call of Scripture. In other words, do we live where we live, do what we do, and say what we say because these choices benefit God's kingdom? Or are we, like so many professing Christians, forfeiting eternal delight with God because we insist on trying to balance his kingdom with the demands of other gods?

Seek First

How the Kindgom of God Changes Everything

Author: Jeremy R. Treat

Publisher: Zondervan


Category: Religion

Page: 208

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FIND WHAT MATTERS MOST. BUILD YOUR LIFE AROUND IT. In an age of distraction, everyone is looking for something that gives purpose and perspective on life. Jesus says it's the kingdom of God. But the kingdom is not just another religious idea. Rather, God's loving reign brings clarity and coherence to all of life - identity, work, play, relationships, justice, character - in a way that is profound and practical. Seek First brings theology to the streets, giving a vision for the kingdom that will truly change your life. "Treat presents the message of the kingdom in a way that gives us a grander vision for life, whether in the workplace or on the basketball court." - CHRIS BROUSSARD, NBA analyst and sports broadcaster "Few books do as good a job as this one in showing us how giving up everything for Christ and his kingdom is the pathway to our greatest gain. Seek First is a gem!" - SCOTT SAULS, author and senior pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church "With insight and passion Treat reveals why we ought to reorient our lives and reprioritize our loves . . . practical and powerful." - MARIELLE WAKIM, editor, Los Angeles magazine "A prophetic and urgent note to the generations . . . a clearly written and much-needed book!" - KEVIN J. VANHOOZER, professor, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


The Kingdom Where Rule is Right

Author: Given O. Blakely

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Religion

Page: 535

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DESCRIPTION An in-depth exposition of the person of GOD as viewed through the revelation of His eternal purpose in the Holy Scriptures. SUMMARY OF THE BOOK GOD ́s Everlasting Kingdom sets the jewel of redemption with its facets of faith, the Word of God, the Savior, the church, and the knowledge of GOD in the context of GOD ́s person, will, and eternal purpose. The whole of Truth is put into focus and made more understandable. Men of faith are brought into a fellowship of reason with their Maker, which is essential, to our pilgrimage in this world and obtaining our inheritance in the world to come. The believer, as with all things, is of, by, and to GOD. This is not a book primarily about man and how GOD can be given participation in our lives to make things better for us now. Rather, it is about GOD, who is ruling and reigning according to the councils of His own will, and how we can be adopted into that glorious and eternal purpose to everlasting life and joy. THE CENTRAL TOPIC OF THE BOOK Who GOD is, what He is doing, and how man relates to it. WHAT QUALIFIED BROTHER BLAKELY TO WRITE THIS BOOK? Faith. Extensive knowledge of the scriptures. Devotion to and exhaustive study in the Word of God for more than fifty-five years. Neither reliance upon nor ignorance of the works of other men of GOD (long deceased and living). WHAT IS UNIQUE ABOUT THE BOOK? Most books on the topic of Scripture deal with a particular aspect of it, or is confined to specific accounts, personalities, or times. This work looks upon the whole of GOD ́s revelation in reference to Him from the foundation of the world, through the present, into the new heavens and new earth. It explains the realities governing this present world, and shows the reasonableness of making things which are temporal secondary to things eternal. It validates the believer in his assurance of faith and confidence in God. FIVE SINGLE WORDS DESCRIBING THIS BOOK Fresh, non-sectarian, discerning, intelligent, foundational. WHY SHOULD YOU OBTAIN THIS BOOK? 1. No other book like it (in content and perspective) of which I am aware. 2. It is written to communicate profound truths in an understandable manner. THE PRIORITIES OF THE BOOK 1. God Himself. 2. The eternal purpose of God. 3. The relationship of Jesus Christ to that purpose. 4. The relationship of the Word of God to that purpose. 5. The relationship of man to that purpose. WHO WILL PROFIT FROM THIS BOOK? Theologians, Preachers, Teachers, believers, anyone with a genuine interest in the Holy Bible. Click here to go to brother Blakely ́s website THE OBJECTIVE OF THIS BOOK The objective that dictated both the subject and the content of this volume is the glory of God. His kingdom, like Himself, is great and thus is apt to be perceived less clearly than is possible. Because the kingdom of God involves His deliberate dealings with men, it is of particular importance to them. To neglect the kingdom is to neglect God Himself while to “seek fi rst the kingdom of God” is to seek Him primarily. We cannot think properly about God in separation from His kingdom. It is related to His objectives, His will, and His person. The law of God, the grace of God, the salvation of God – all are resident in, and associated with, the kingdom of God. Any concept of God or His kingdom that introduces contradictory thoughts or that mystifi es God’s person and work contribute

Glad Tidings

Comprising Sermons and Prayer-meeting Talks Delivered at the N.Y. Hippodrome, from Stenographic Reports, Taken Verbatim, Expressly for The New York Herald Tribune

Author: Dwight Lyman Moody



Category: Evangelistic sermons

Page: 504

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The Kingdom Perspective

Reflections from an Ordinary Person Living an Extraordinary Life All Because of Jesus

Author: Liza Kobayashi

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Religion

Page: 226

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“Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven” is a prayer that has been prayed intensely by the body of Christ. I believe God is answering this prayer by directing Liza to put into writing what He has been teaching her & what she has journaled as to what this will look like in each believer’s life. This book is a timely message & also a warning to the body of Christ. He is coming soon. Are we prepared spiritually & mentally for the days ahead? Liza talks about preparing ourselves spiritually by having our eyes cemented on Him, our ears hearing His voice & His words of faith & the call for each one of us not to judge but to see the plan of God. Unity is key to the Kingdom. As you journey with her through her many encounters with the Holy Spirit, you will discover the power of intimacy. You will come to know the love of God, experience a supernatural increase in childlike faith, radically increase your expectation of His desire to be present in your life, and be challenged to a higher call and commitment. As Jesus’ return draws near, it will cost each of us everything. This is the cost of serving Him. Are we willing to walk in this place for Him? Are we yielded vessels that will surrender all if He asks? The Kingdom Perspective is a must read to understand the challenge of the times we are living in today.

The Kingdom Shift

Author: Paul A. Thomas

Publisher: Xulon Press


Category: Religion

Page: 124

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The Kingdom Shift brings insight to God's ultimate will for creation to become a true extension of the Kingdom of God, therefore reversing the curse of sin. The Kingdom Shift reveals the fact that mankind has a mandate to pursue the Kingdom of God. It also gives the reader insight how to unlock their potential. The Kingdom Shift reveals God's will for marriage based on kingdom principles. The Kingdom Shift will reveal how true servant hood is the key to effective leadership. Have you been interested in how to be victorious in spiritual warfare? Then the Kingdom Shift is your answer. This is a book that will open your eyes to the truth and self-aggrandizement which is the work of sensationalism. The Kingdom Shift is pertinent to 21st Century believers who do not want to be sifted but shifted. The anointing upon Paul Thomas' life is both strong and invigorating. He has a passion to take the kingdom message throughout the world. His ministry has reached thousands in India, South America, Haiti, the Caribbean, Canada and throughout the USA. Paul has authored several books which he has targeted to reach church leaders and mature Christians. One book, "Supporting the Leaders Around You" has been translated to several Indian dialects. Paul is the founder and pastor of Victory Christian Assembly and founder of The United Christian Alliance, a fellowship of pastors throughout the US who are repairers of the breech as they unite as a prophetical, apostolic team to build the universal Kingdom of God. Paul A. Thomas and his wife Katie live in Greenville, NC.