Seek that which is Above

Meditations Through the Year

Author: Joseph Ratzinger

Publisher: Ignatius Press


Category: Religion

Page: 178

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Presents a series of meditations on Christian life, focusing on such events of the church year as Advent, Lent, and Corpus Christi, and discussing such topics as the nature of peace and the relationship between spirit and matter.

Church Dogmatics Study Edition 24

The Doctrine of Reconciliation IV.2 § 64

Author: Karl Barth

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Religion

Page: 403

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The most important theological work of the 20th century in a new edition - now available in individual volumes.

Milestones in the New Testament

Author: Bob Evely





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This study is like a walk thru a forest (in this case the Bible). We will stop to observe the most revealing trees along the way; key passages in the Scriptures that set the tone for the Bible as a whole. A more detailed overview of the New Testament can be found in my previous four books.The Visitation (The Gospels)The Waiting (Acts Part 1 and the Circumcision Letters)The Pause (Acts Part 2 and Paul's Letters)The Return of the King (Revelation)This present work covers the same ground as all of the above, but in a much more abbreviated fashion. And the format is designed primarily to facilitate discussion.That is my purpose here ¿ to facilitate discussion. Each stopping point is followed by a few brief comments; after which I encourage you to think and discuss with others.

Germany; Its Universities, Theology and Religion

With Sketches of Neander, Tholuck, Olshausen, Hengstenberg, Twesten, Nitzsch, Muller, Ullmann, Rothe, Dorner, Lange, Ebrard, Wichern, and Other Distinguished German Divines of the Age

Author: Philip Schaff



Category: Evangelicalism

Page: 418

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Pastoral Care

Author: Pope Gregory, I

Publisher: Paulist Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 281

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St. Gregory deals with the great responsibility of the episcopal office and its onerous nature.

Sensing the Scriptures

Aminadab's Chariot and the Predicament of Biblical Interpretation

Author: Karlfried Froehlich

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 176

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This book explores the ways that Christians, from the period of late antiquity through the Protestant Reformation, interpreted the Bible according to its several levels of meaning. Using the five bodily senses as an organizing principle, Karlfried Froehlich probes key theological developments, traditions, and approaches across this broad period, culminating in a consideration of the implications of this historical development for the contemporary church. Distinguishing between "principles" and "rules" of interpretation, Froehlich offers a clear and useful way of discerning the fundamental difference between interpretive methods (rules) and the overarching spiritual goals (principles) that must guide biblical interpretation. As a study of roots and reasons as well as the role of imagination in the development of biblical interpretation, Sensing the Scriptures reminds us how intellectually and spiritually relevant the pursuit of a historical perspective is for Christian faith and life today.