Seeing Is Believing

Experience Jesus Through Imaginative Prayer

Author: Gregory A. Boyd

Publisher: Baker Books


Category: Religion

Page: 224

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Break out of spiritual performance into a liberating relationship with Christ. Experience the reality of Jesus through the imaginative power of prayer.

Seeing Is Believing

Author: Elena Martin

Publisher: Capstone


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 16

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Text and photographs introduce seeing by means of telescopes, microscopes, and x-rays.

Seeing is Believing

How Hollywood Taught Us to Stop Worrying and Love the Fifties

Author: Peter Biskind

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing UK


Category: Motion pictures

Page: 371

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Seeing is Believing is a provocative, shrewd and witty look at the Hollywood fifties movies we all love - or love to hate - and the thousand subtle ways they reflect the political tensions of the decade. Peter Biskind concentrates on the films everybody saw but nobody really looked at, classics such as Giant, Rebel Without a Cause and Invasion of the Body Snatchers and shows us how movies that appear politically innocent in fact bear an ideological burden. As we see organisation men and rugged individualists, housewives, and career women, cops and docs, teen angels and teenage werewolves fight it out across the screen, from suburbia to the farthest reaches of the cosmos, we understand that we have been watching one long dispute about how to be a man, a woman, an American - the conflicts of the time in action.

Seeing is Believing

First Time in World

Author: V. K. Sonakia

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing


Category: Science

Page: 115

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Seeing is Believing

Visions of Life Through Film

Author: Robert Benne

Publisher: University Press of Amer


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 96

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Seeing is Believing demonstrates that serious dramatic films usually express deeply-running visions of life, designated as Christian, Greek, American or skeptical. The author provides a narrative analysis that investigates these "deep structures," the mythic elements embedded in the films, while paying close attention to the comprehensive meaning of the whole film, not just the themes or implications that may be identified in the film's discrete parts. His analysis introduces a new and exciting method of film interpretation that developed succinctly through a narrative style that shows how the concepts are applied to films, relying more on understanding than memorization. The author also includes appendices that list effective questions for use in discussing movies, and a list of movies that work well with the book's method of analysis.

Seeing Is Believing

Author: Arthur Berger

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages


Category: Art

Page: 262

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Seeing is Believing uses semiotic and psychoanalytic concepts to help readers gain an understanding of the way we find meaning in visual phenomena and the way our minds process images. These concepts are presented in a readable, entertaining style, and abundant images, many of them new, including numerous drawings by the author, are offered to show how the principles discussed in the book have been applied.

Seeing Is Believing

Author: L.M. Finley

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Fiction

Page: 334

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THE TELLING OF THE BOOK LISA BENSON On her way home from Longtree and Associates, her place of employment, Lisa Benson stops at the Estate Sale...of the missing multibillionaire Miles King. While there, she spies a beautiful mirror... an enchanted mirror. Little did she know what changes the enchanted mirror would have on her life. MILES KING For two years, Miles King has been missing. Then he meets Lisa Benson, they don’t hit it off at first. Then as he spends time with her, his life changes forever.

Seeing is Believing

Author: Kate Austin

Publisher: Harlequin


Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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There's a magic in life—But Ria Sterling has yet to embrace it, because she considers her ability to predict death from merely touching a photograph a curse. She yearns to use her sight to save just one life. On the other hand, tough-talking detective Carrick Jones and his partner profess not to care about saving anyone. But they do need Ria's help in solving a case. Instead, she predicts that Carrick's partner will die. Soon. And when her vision proves true, Ria goes from psychic to prime suspect.—The one thing she can't predict is her instant attraction to Carrick, a man who doesn't believe in the paranormal—only what his five senses tell him. But when danger threatens, Ria finally sees how to use her gift in a unique way. And to show Carrick the inexplicable power of a love where seeing really is believing.—

Seeing is Believing

Author: Erin McCarthy

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Cuttersville, Ohio is full of ghosts, and they all want Piper Tucker’s help. One guy in town just wants Piper. Ever since Piper Tucker was young she wanted to be like everyone else, but her uncanny ability to see ghosts always put her on the other side of normal. And the apparitions are showing up now more than ever, desperately seeking help. But what can she possibly do for them? They’ve already been dead for years. Besides, she has a personal concern of her own right now. A real flesh and blood concern—named Brady. He’s Piper’s childhood crush, and no sooner is he back in town than sparks start giving off heat. For Brady, it’s hard not to notice the sexy young woman Piper’s become, or forget the special gift she had as a girl. And right now it could come in handy, because a long-forgotten murder has been keeping a restless spirit from finding peace. All Piper and Brady have to do is solve the crime to put the specter to rest. But the passion brewing between them is just as restless, and could prove twice as dangerous.