Sea Without Shore

A Manual of the Sufi Path

Author: Noah Ha Mim Keller



Category: Sufism

Page: 453

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The Sea Without a Shore

Author: David Drake

Publisher: Titan Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 512

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"David Drake [is] the reason a lot of people got started reading military science fiction, because it's always a good idea to start with the best."--David Weber Cinnabar’s chief spymaster is a mother also—and her son is determined to search for treasure in the midst of a civil war. Who better to hold the boy’s hand—and to take the blows directed at him than Captain Daniel Leary, the Republic of Cinnabar Navy’s troubleshooter, and his friend the cyberspy Adele Mundy? The only thing certain in the struggle for control of the mining planet Corcyra is that the rival parties are more dangerous to their own allies than to their opponents. Daniel and Adele face kidnappers, hijackers, pirates and a death squad—even before they can get to their real business of ending the war on Corcyra. Only with planetary peace can the boy they’re escorting get on with his mission. The boy thinks the treasure he’s looking for is a thousand years old. Daniel and Adele know that it’s probably a dream—but if the treasure is real, it might just be tens of thousands of years older than anyone imagines, and incalculably more valuable!

The Poets' Wives

Author: David Park

Publisher: A&C Black


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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Three women, each destined to play the role of a poet's wife: Catherine Blake, the wife of William Blake – a poet, painter and engraver who struggles for recognition in a society that dismisses him as a madman; Nadezhda Mandelstam, wife of Russian poet Osip Mandelstam, whose poetry costs him his life under Stalin's terror; and the wife of a fictional contemporary Irish poet, who looks back on her marriage during the days after her husband's death as she seeks to fulfil his final wish. Set across continents and centuries, and in very different circumstances, these three women confront the contradictions between art and life, contemplate their emotional and physical sacrifices for another's creativity, and struggle with infidelities that involve not only the flesh, but ultimately poetry itself. They find themselves custodians of their husbands' work, work that has been woven with love's intimacies and which has shaped their own lives in the most unexpected of ways. Deeply insightful and beautifully wrought, The Poets' Wives is David Park at his best – a novelist whose work has the power to bring the hidden from the shadows, into a delicate and shimmering light.

The Complete Works of Lord Byron

Including His Lordship's Suppressed Poems with Others Never Before Published, in One Volume

Author: George Gordon Byron Baron Byron




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Alexis de Tocqueville

Author: Alexis de Tocqueville

Publisher: Univ of California Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 417

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Correspondence by the eminent nineteenth-century French historian documents his polical views, his careers as a writer and politician, and his complex personality

2000 Years of Prayer


Publisher: Hymns Ancient and Modern Ltd


Category: Religion

Page: 672

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Containing prayers from every era of our spritual historu, from every continent and from every Christian tradition, this is book that is equally useful as a worship resource or as an inexhaustible store for personal prayer. Arranged chronologically, the selection begins with the New Testamnet period and progresses through the Apostolic Fathers, the Age of Augustine, the Orthodox Tradition, the Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and Medieval ages and through every significant phase of Christian experience to the contemporary Church throughout the world. Here are many classic prayers and many more that will be new to readers. In addition, a brief introduction to each section and to easch author, defines the spiritual characteristics of the age and traces the development of our Christian understanding of prayer through the centuries..

The History of England

From the Accession to the Decease of King George the Third

Author: John Adolphus



Category: Great Britain


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Memoirs of a Life, Chiefly Passed in Pennsylvania Within the Last Sixty Years

Author: Alexander Graydon

Publisher: Applewood Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 384

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Depicting his life from his childhood in Pennsylvania to his time as a public official, including his experiences recruiting and training his own troops for the Revolutionary War, Graydon's memoirs provide a unique and personal view of the American Colonial period. First published in 1811, his memoirs were not initially popular, probably because of their inflammatory remarks about public figures ranging from Albert Gallatin to Thomas Jefferson and his followers. Memoirs of a Life Chiefly Passed in Pennsylvania shows Graydon's disdain for those he saw as seduced by power and money and leaves the reader with a critical view of some of the most popular figures of his time.

Additional Hymns

Adopted by the General Synod of the Reformed Dutch Church, in America, at Their Session, June 1831, and Authorized to be Used in the Churches Under Their Care





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