Same Red Dirt

A Comical Memoir

Author: Pat Conrad



Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 202

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A comical memoir of a rebellious young man's wild and crazy adventures traveling to Australia at the age of 22. Pat Conrad's "Same Red Dirt" tells of his unforgettable escapades working at the notorious Callan Park Mental Hospital and traveling across the Australian Outback and the island of Tasmania on a motorcycle.

Red Dirt

Author: Anna Jarzab

Publisher: Harlequin


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 304

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Small towns hold big secrets Lake Bittersweet, Oklahoma, ain't no paradise, but Sammy Lester has lived there her whole life, and she'll most likely be buried there, too. Don't matter that she barely graduated high school, or that money's tight, or that her ex-con father's on the verge of losing custody of her six-year-old half sister, Decca. Sammy can't leave Lake Bittersweet. She's got nowhere else to go. When she meets charming city boy Brayton Foster, things start looking up for once. Then one dark night, her father, Bobby Ray, goes missing, and she knows in her bones who's to blame. Local drug kingpin Redbreast Tuller and his family of criminals have unfinished business with Bobby Ray, and it seems they finally caught up with him. But the sheriff is in the Tullers' back pocket, and nobody in law enforcement cares about finding Sammy's dad. As she struggles to keep her family—and her new relationship with Brayton—from falling apart, Sammy realizes that if she wants answers, if she wants someone to pay, she'll have to handle it her damn self. Because in a place like Lake Bittersweet, justice ain't something you're given—it's something you take.

The Ventriloquist's Tale

Author: Pauline Melville

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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The whole purpose of magic is the fulfilment and intensification of desire, claims the ventriloquist-narrator as he tells his stories of love and catastrophe.

I Love a Broad Margin To My Life

Author: Maxine Hong Kingston

Publisher: Random House


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

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Maxine Hong Kingston, author of such seminal works as The Woman Warrior and China Men, is one of the most important American writers of her generation. In this remarkable memoir, she writes from the point of view of being sixty-five, looking back on a rich and complex life of literature and political activism, always against the background of what it is like to have a mixed Chinese-American identity. Passages of autobiography, in which she describes such events in her life as being imprisoned with Alice Walker for demonstrating against the Iraq war, meld with a ficitonal journey in which she sends her avatar Wittman Ah Sing on a trip to modern China. She also evokes her own poignant journey, without a guide, back to the Chinese villages her father and mother left in order to come to America.

Welcome to Tranquility

Author: John M. Carney

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 187

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Dave and Myra Lochwood had just retired. They decided to sell their home and follow their dreams of finding their retirement paradise. Thinking they had found that perfect place in the South, on what they thought would fulfill all of their hopes, and where they could buy an affordable plot of land to build their retirement sanctuary. But, the alluring brochures Myra had received months before, said nothing of the grossly overpriced and overdeveloped turmoil they found when they arrived. Shocked by what they discovered, they returned home only to find their house was sold. They had to find another place to live in less than a month. Fortunately, some friend of theirs, told them about the little mountain town of Tranquility. They checked it out and it had everything they were looking for, they found their unspoiled paradise near the little mountain village named, Tranquility. The Lochwoods were happily content in their pristine environment until the arrival of the land developers. The developers pushed ahead with the clearing of the land and the removal of vast acres of timber. Later, the hidden purpose of the developers was revealed in their conflict with Barton Campbell, the local minister of the church in Tranquility. Dave and Myra found themselves caught in the middle of the struggle between their friend, Barton, and the pressure of the land developers moving ever closer to their home.

The Village

Author: T. F. Rhoden

Publisher: Digital Lycanthrope LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: 324

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The Village is a warm tale of real people living their lives in a faraway land. Set in a small community in mainland Southeast Asia, The Village, sometimes exotic, sometimes simple, is a modern affirmation for those who believe in the immutability of the human condition across all of our enchantingly variant cultures: the struggle to maximize well-being amidst flippant society...