Sacred Circles

A Guide To Creating Your Own Women's Spirituality Group

Author: Robin Carnes

Publisher: Harper Collins


Category: Self-Help

Page: 240

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From Jewish to Christian, Mormon and Pagan, women's sacred circles are sprouting up everywhere, in astonishing variety providing a haven where essential female values can be discussed and embraced.This much-needed guide celebrates the rich diversity of women's spiritual lives and offers practical, step-by-step advice for those who want to create and sustain a spirituality group of their own. Sacred Circle shows us how we can use a group to explore our relationship to the sacred, and honor the divine in everyday life. The authors, drawing from their own group experiences as well as those of many diverse groups around the country, share the model they've developed, while offering wise advise on how and why groups work. They propose circle basics, such as listening without an agenda and rotating leadership, and also offer reflections on the power of personal storytelling and thoughts on reclaiming and reinventing ritual. Women longing for a powerful and supportive feminine community in which to thrive spiritually will find vital wisdom here.

Sacred Circles, Public Squares

The Multicentering of American Religion

Author: Arthur E. Farnsley II

Publisher: Indiana University Press


Category: Religion

Page: 256

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This study of the religious landscape of Indianapolis -- the summative volume of the Lilly Endowment's Project on Religion and Urban Culture conducted by the Polis Center at IUPUI -- aims to understand religion's changing role in public life. The book examines the shaping of religious traditions by the changing city. It sheds light on issues such as social capital and faith-based welfare reform and explores the countervailing pressures of "decentering" -- the creation of multiple (sub)urban centers -- and civil religion's role in binding these centers into one metropolis. Polis Center Series on Religion and Urban Culture -- David J. Bodenhamer and Arthur E. Farnsley II, editors

Sacred Circles

Two Thousand Years of North American Indian Art : Exhibition Held at the Nelson Gallery of Art, Atkins Museum of Fine Arts, Kansas City, Missouri, [and] Organized by Ralph T. Coe in Cooperation with the Arts Council of Great Britain with the Support of the British-American Associates

Author: Ralph T. Coe



Category: Indian art

Page: 252

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The Sacred Circle

Author: Rachel James

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Fiction

Page: 290

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Brianna Sage and Devlin Janus have experienced the worst disaster a modern-day witch can face-a Sacred Circle that backfires and kills their best friend. Banished from the coven for the tragedy, each has vowed to never practice the art of magic again. And then the unthinkable happens. Brianna’s mother, a highly competent high priestess, is intentionally trapped inside a Sacred Circle and left to die. Returning home, the pair is swept into an unexpected marriage intended to halt the current health epidemic sweeping the commune. Invoking her rights as interim High Priestess, Brianna pools her magical talents with Devlin to retrieve her mother’s body from the Circle. However, when the cleansing is done, they are faced with two even-greater obstacles—handling their growing attraction for one another and convincing the Elder Council there is a master of dark magic amongst them. Bent on exposing the sinner, Brianna evokes an ancient ritual called The Weaving, which she hopes will lure the sinner out of hiding. However, as it did in the past, the invocation backfires and she is soon engaged in a life-and-death struggle with the sinner in the Sacred Clearing. Then Devlin becomes an unexpected pawn in their struggle and Brianna is forced to take drastic measures to save him. Summoning all her hereditary powers, Brianna initiates a radical witches’ pyramid to reinvent the original curse. But will she need to sacrifice the love of her life before it can succeed? Sensuality Level: Sensual

The Adena People

Author: William S. Webb

Publisher: Univ. of Tennessee Press


Category: History

Page: 390

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Within Sacred Circles

Meditations and Mandala Quilts

Author: Susan Towner-Larsen



Category: Religion

Page: 142

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Within Sacred Circles follows on the success of Towner-Larsen's first book, With Sacred Threads: Quilting and the Spiritual Life. From around the world and throughout the ages, circular symbols have been an integral part of centering one's spirit and expressing wholeness. Mandalas are a sacred expression of this universal need for circular symbols, and quilted mandalas combine the spiritual energy and meditative practices of two artistic, timeless worlds--the world of mandalas and the world of quilts. It is the author's hope that this book will connect the traditions, uses, and symbolism of mandalas with the spirituality of quilters and the stories of their mandalas. Each chapter is based on a theme common to mandalas and to the spiritual life. Along with each theme reflection is a picture of a quilted mandala, the story of the quilt as told by its creator (Sacred Story), plus some prayers, holy text, and suggestions for meditation or making your own mandala (Sacred Circles).

Sacred Dream Circles

A Guide to Facilitating Jungian Dream Groups

Author: Tess Castleman

Publisher: Daimon


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 217

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This is a handbook about participating in-group dream modalities. Practical exercises included in each chapter anchor the step-by-step instructions given for running a safe, yet deep and meaningful group process with or without a professional facilitator. Care is taken to discuss shadow projection, clear communication, and confidentiality issues. Topics include nightmares, recurring dreams, childhood dreams, and synchronicity. Creating the tribal dream, where participants interweave their dream material in a complex yet boundary-safe fabric, is the quintessential goal of this companion volume to the author’s previous book, Threads, Knots, Tapestries.

Sacred circles

two thousand years of North American Indian art

Author: Hayward Gallery



Category: Art

Page: 236

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Thinking about Art

Conversations with Susan Hiller

Author: Susan Hiller

Publisher: Manchester University Press


Category: Art

Page: 259

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Susan Hiller's talks, lectures, conversations and exhibitions have taken place worldwide, from London and Glasgow to New York and Valencia. This collection documents her continuing involvement with the criteria shifts in cultural paradigms underlying contemporary debates in art practice and art criticism.