R.U.R - Rossum's Universal Robots

Author: Karel Čapek

Publisher: Read Books Ltd


Category: Fiction

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R.U.R' is the play that introduced the word 'robot' to the modern world, and many of the themes and questions raised by this production would go on to become staples of science fiction for the next century. Set in a factory that creates Roboti to sell to the world as servants, all seems well at first but these new creations can think, feel and act as freely as humans, this soon creates problems that will be all to familiar to any comic reader or film fan. A true classic of the sci-fi genre.

R. U. R. : Large Print

Author: Karel Capek




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R.U.R.: Large PrintBy Karel CapekDomin: Yes. All of a sudden, for no reason, a leg or an arm would break. This planet just seems too small for monsters like that. So now we just make them normal size and normal proportions.Helena: I saw my first robot in our village. They'd bought him so that... that's to say they'd employed him to...Domin: Bought it, Miss Glory. Robots are bought and sold.Helena:... they'd obtained him to work as a road sweeper. I watched him working . He was strange. So quiet.

Two Plays by Karel ?apek

R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) & The Robber

Author: Karel ?apek

Publisher: Lulu.com


Category: Czech drama

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"Two stage plays, translated from the Czech, both originally published in 1920. R.U.R is an early science fiction play about the Robots, created by scientists, revolting and taking over the world. The word Robot first appeared in this work and was since adopted universally. The robber is a romantic comedy/drama, about a young adventurer infatuating an elderly professor's daughter and taking over all his possessions. The play is set in a small Bohemian village."--Provided by publisher.

R. U. R. : Rossum's Universal Robots

The Classic Sciene Fiction Play

Author: Karel Capek

Publisher: CreateSpace


Category: Drama

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Originally produced on Broadway by The Theatre Guild, R. U. R. is now considered a classic of science fiction. Credited with introducing the word “robot” into the English language, the play is a dramatic and fascinating look into the lives of the scientists who invite and manufacture a working class of robots. Over time, the robots develop beyond the expectations of the scientists and acquire human feelings. They start a revolt, taking over the world, until every human, but one, is extinct.


Author: Karel Capek

Publisher: Courier Corporation


Category: Drama

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Two sets of identical twins provide the basis for ongoing incidents of mistaken identity, within a lively plot of quarrels, arrests, and a grand courtroom denouement. One of Shakespeare's earliest comedic efforts.

Rur and War with the Newts

Author: Karel Capek

Publisher: S.F. Masterworks


Category: Fantasy drama

Page: 349

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Two dystopian satires from one of the most distinguished writers of 20th-century European science fiction. R.U.R. is the work that first introduced the word 'robot' into popular usage. Written against the background of the rise of Nazism, War With the Newts concerns the discovery in the South Pacific of a sea-dwelling race, which is enslaved and exploited by mankind. In time they rebel, laying siege to the strongholds of their former masters in a global war for supremacy. R.U.R., or Rossum's Universal Robots, seen by many as a modern interpretation of the 'golem' myth, is regarded as the most important play in the history of SF. It introduced the word 'robot' and gave the genre one of its most enduring tropes.


Author: Karel Capek

Publisher: Pocket Books


Category: Drama

Page: 138

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