Rsmeans Building Construction Cost Data 2016

Author: Stephen C. Plotner

Publisher: Rsmeans


Category: Architecture

Page: 916

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The Building Construction Cost Data 2016 Get the confidence and know-how you need to deliver more accurate cost estimates and improve profitability. The 74th edition of this bestselling cost guide has been updated and expanded to provide you with the information you need to estimate projects, planning & budgeting.

Yardsticks for Costing - Canadian Construction Cost Data

Author: Rsmeans

Publisher: Rsmeans


Category: Technology & Engineering


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Yardsticks for Costing, is Cost Data for the Canadian Construction Industry. It has been pre-figured for 8 major regions coast-to-coast, in metric and imperial. It contains all new 2016 current market unit costs - metric and imperial - for over 2,600 construction components, new 2015 composite unit rates for more than 300 installed systems - both metric and imperial as well as, new 2016 - gross building costs for 35 typical structures at three quality levels: low, average and high.

Planning and Design of Engineering Systems

Author: Graeme Dandy

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 448

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This newly updated book offers a comprehensive introduction to the scope and nature of engineering work, taking a rigorous but common sense approach to the solution of engineering problems. The text follows the planning, modelling and design phases of engineering projects through to implementation or construction, explaining the conceptual framework for undertaking projects, and then providing a range of techniques and tools for solutions. It focuses on engineering design and problem solving, but also involves economic, environmental, social and ethical considerations. This third edition expands significantly on the economic evaluation of projects and also includes a new section on intractable problems and systems, involving a discussion of wicked problems and soft systems methodology as well as the approaches to software development. Further developments include an array of additional interest boxes, worked examples, problems and up-to date references. Case studies and real-world examples are used to illustrate the role of the engineer and especially the methods employed in engineering practice. The examples are drawn particularly from the fields of civil and environmental engineering, but the approaches and techniques are more widely applicable to other branches of engineering. The book is aimed at first-year engineering students, but contains material to suit more advanced undergraduates. It also functions as a professional handbook, covering some of the fundamentals of engineering planning and design in detail.

Construction Management

Author: Daniel W. Halpin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 408

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Revised edition of: Construction management / Daniel W. Halpin, Bolivar A. Senior. 2011.

How to Estimate with RSMeans Data

Basic Skills for Building Construction

Author: RSMeans

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 336

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A practical, hands-on guide to real-world construction estimating How to Estimate with RSMeans Data is the only instructional book on construction cost estimating that uses the most popular source of construction cost data, RS Means. This updated fifth edition includes new coverage on the role of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the estimating process, and over 300 sample problems and exercises that show you how to apply cost data to your building project based on the RS Means 2015 Building Construction Cost Data. The companion website provides access to RS Means CostWorks data, allowing you to use real-world numbers in your practice estimates, and the included Instructor's Manual provides step-by-step solutions to problems in the book. Focused on the practical aspects of estimating, this book emphasizes the application of estimating techniques—which are transferable to any estimating software—through problem solving and the ground-up creation of complete construction project estimates. Estimating skills are fundamental to the construction industry, and are applied by all parties at all levels throughout the industry. This book is a hands-on guide to the techniques and tools used to create a thorough estimate, with plenty of opportunities for practice. Apply cost data to all aspects of the building project Practice your skills on over 300 sample problems Construct a complete estimate using RSMeans Besides being an essential construction skill, learning estimating helps you become familiar with reading and understanding construction blueprints and how construction assemblies are built. Mastery of these vital skills is important to your future career, and How to Estimate with RSMeans Data is your ideal guide to a solid foundation.