Rocky Mountain Nature Guide

Author: Andy Bezener

Publisher: Lone Pine Pub


Category: Travel

Page: 192

View: 956

Descriptions of the mammals, fish, birds, trees, shrubs, wild-flowers, insects and reptiles from Alaska to New Mexico.

Nature Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park

Author: Ann Simpson

Publisher: Falcon Guides


Category: Nature

Page: 229

View: 262

From elk to American dipper, bighorn sheep to Colorado columbine, Rocky Mountain National Park's stunning wildlife attracts 2.9 million annual visitors from near and far for viewing and photographing opportunities. This information-packed, pocket-size field guide features more than 250 species of mammals, birds, insects, fish, wildflowers, mushrooms and more in a convenient, portable package. Including full-color photos and easy-to-understand descriptions, species are arranged by family to aid in quick identification. This book also includes ecosystem and geology information about the park as well as suggested nature hikes. With full cooperation from the Rocky Mountain Nature Association, this is the perfect nature guide for your next trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Mountain State Mammals

A Guide to Mammals of the Rocky Mountain Region

Author: Ron Russo

Publisher: Nature Study Guild Publishers


Category: Nature

Page: 132

View: 809

Pocket-sized field guide to wild mammals of the Rockies and Great Basin (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico). Includes a sighting key to identify animals that are seen. Because wild animals are often elusive, the author has also included keys to prints, droppings, skulls and jaws, and other signs animals leave behind, to aid in identification of animals that are not seen. Includes information about biology of each species. Copiously illustrated with drawings of tracks, skulls, scat, and animals, and range maps.

Rocky Mountain Mammals

A Handbook of Mammals of Rocky Mountain National Park and Vicinity, Third Edition

Author: David M. Armstrong

Publisher: University Press of Colorado


Category: Nature

Page: 288

View: 942

Revised, updated, and with more than 80 new color photographs, Rocky Mountain Mammals, Third Edition is a nontechnical guide to the mammals of the Southern Rocky Mountains and their foothills, with special emphasis on Rocky Mountain National Park and vicinity. Designed for quick reference and enjoyable reading, Rocky Mountain Mammals offers what most field guides don't - a wealth of fascinating information about each species. In seventy-two species accounts, David M. Armstrong describes each animal and its signs, habits, habitat, and natural history, noting times when seasonal events such as elk sparring occur. Introductory materials and appendices offer rich context and wildlife-watching support, including a checklist with page numbers for quick field reference, an identification key, a glossary, derivations of scientific names, and advice on how, when, and where to watch mammals. Armstrong introduces mammalian evolution, anatomy, and distribution and offers perspective on how the local fauna fits into its geographical setting and into past and potential future faunas of the region. This lavishly illustrated new edition will delight those who live in and visit the high country and foothills of the Southern Rockies and want to identify mammals and learn about their lives. Published in association with the Rocky Mountain Nature Association.

Rocky Mountain National Park Dayhiker's Guide

Author: Jerome Malitz

Publisher: Big Earth Publishing


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 141

View: 474

First published in 1993, a totally revised, re-designed edition adds new features, updates trail access information, and brings hikers up-to-date on park policies. Colorado's most visited and accessible National Park has visitors who are both experienced and new to the outdoors. This guide is for all who want to sample the great natural beauty this park has to offer. Original.

A Field Guide to Rocky Mountain and Southwest Forests

Author: John C. Kricher

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


Category: Nature

Page: 374

View: 649

Describes the different kinds of forests found in the southwestern United States and identifies and describes the plants and animals found in each habitat

Rocky Mountain Flower Finder

A Guide to Wildflowers Found Below Tree Line in the Rocky Mountains

Author: Janet L. Wingate

Publisher: Nature Study Guild Publishers


Category: Nature

Page: 126

View: 539

Pocket field guide to wildflowers of the Rockies, from foothills to tree line. As with all our flower guides, the step-by-step key guides you first to the flower family and then to the name of the individual species. Includes information about habitat and range, and a glossary of terms used to describe flowers and leaves. Author's line drawings clearly reveal important features for accurate identification.

Scats and Tracks of the Rocky Mountains

A Field Guide to the Signs of 70 Wildlife Species

Author: James Halfpenny

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Nature

Page: 176

View: 424

See those animal signs on the trail? Was that footprint left by a fox or a wolf? Was that pile of droppings deposited by a moose, a mouse, or a marten? Scats and Tracks of the Rocky Mountains will help you determine which mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians have passed your way and could still be nearby. Clearly written descriptions and illustrations of scats, tracks, and gait patterns will help you recognize seventy Rocky Mountain species. An identification key, a glossary of tracking terms, and detailed instructions on how to document your finds are also included here. Easy-to-use scat and track measurements appear on each page, making this book especially field friendly and letting you know if a white tailed ptarmigan, a red fox, or even a black bear has been your way.

America's Natural Places: Rocky Mountains and Great Plains

Author: Kelly Enright

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: Nature

Page: 172

View: 693

From Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado to the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in Kansas, this volume provides a snapshot of the most spectacular and important natural places in the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains. • Illustrations depict 50 of the most treasured landscapes in the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains