Roaring Into 7Th Grade T Rex Back to School Dinosaur

Notebook Planner -6x9 Inch Daily Planner Journal, to Do List Notebook, Daily Organizer, 114 Pages

Author: Riley Cluxton Artworks




Page: 114

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Roaring Into 7th Grade T Rex Back to School Dinosaur/h3> GIFT IDEAS | TIME MANAGEMENT | ORGANIZATION The perfect notebook to keep track of your daily, weekly or monthly tasks, chores and responsibilities in a simple, organized manner. Each page has two columns of 13 standard checkboxes as well as a priority box to highlight your top 8 tasks, paired with a full page dot matrix layout for additional notes and memos. Product Details: * High quality 60lb (90gsm) paper stock * Premium matte-finish cover design * Perfect for all writing mediums * Large format 6.0 x 9.0 inches (approximately A5) pages

More Rip-roaring Reads for Reluctant Teen Readers

Author: Bette DeBruyne Ammon

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited


Category: Education

Page: 161

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Introduces forty contemporary books aimed at readers in grades 5 through 12, giving information about the author, a plot summary, suggestions for introducing the book to students, and a section on additional activities.

Orissa Society of Americas 44th Annual Convention Souvenir

For Annual Convention Held in 2013 at Chicago, Illinois


Publisher: Odisha Society of the Americas




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Orissa Society of Americas 44th Annual Convention Souvenir for Convention held in 2013 at Chicago, Illinois re-published as Golden Jubilee Convention July 4-7, 2019 Atlantic City, New Jersey commemorative edition. Odisha Society of the Americas Golden Jubilee Convention will be held in Atlantic City, New Jersey during July 4-7, 2019. Convention website is Odisha Society of the Americas website is

Rip-roaring Reads for Reluctant Teen Readers

Author: Gale W. Sherman

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited


Category: Education

Page: 164

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Forty books for teen readers are reviewed, listing genres, themes, reading level, interest level, reviews, author information, plot summary, book talks and literature extensions.

Can You Teach Me to Pick My Nose?

Author: Martyn Godfrey

Publisher: New York : Avon Books


Category: Canadian fiction

Page: 121

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Although Jordy has never skateboarded before, he challenges the local king of the sidewalk sport to a duel to win the attention of Marissa, and only Pamela, the class oddball, can save him from humiliation.

For the seventh grade

Author: Thomas Henry Briggs



Category: English language


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The Gospel According to Sam

Animal Stories for the Soul

Author: William Miller

Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.


Category: Religion

Page: 184

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A collection of thirty "animal stories for the soul" written by William Miller, an Episcopal priest, that feature adventures of his Airedale dog, Sam.

United in Diversity

Using Multicultural Young Adult Literature in the Classroom

Author: Jean E. Brown

Publisher: National Council of Teachers


Category: English literature

Page: 226

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Addressing the complexity of the question of multicultural literature in the classroom, this anthology of 27 articles includes: contemplations by seven award-winning writers of young adult (YA) literature on the subject of diversity; a resource section that describes over 200 literary works and lists 50 reference tools to help teachers stay current on multicultural YA literature; and practical ideas from 16 educators who provide strategies proven to work in literature and language arts classes and across the curriculum. The articles and their authors are: "Island Blood" (Graham Salisbury); "Random Thoughts on the Passing Parade" (Janet Bode); "Multicultural Literature: A Story of Your Own" (Joyce Hansen); "Cultural Sensitivity" (Deb Vanasse); "Reflections" (Eve Bunting); "Helping to Improve Multicultural Understanding through Humor" (Joan Bauer); "Michael and Me (and Other Voices from Flint)" (Christopher Paul Curtis); "We Are All Phenomenal Women: Finding Female Role Models through Multicultural Poetry and Literature" (Deborah Forster-Sulzer); "Creating a Talisman: Reflecting a Culture" (Jean E. Brown and Elaine C. Stephens); "Painting Pictures with the World: Reading and Writing Multicultural Poetry in the Middle School" (Ellen Shull); "Who Am I? What Is My Heritage?" (Christa Goldsmith); "Seeking 'Cuentos, ' Developing Narrative Voices" (Louise Garcia Harrison); "Beyond the Holocaust: Exploring Jewish Themes through Contemporary Young Adult Literature" (Jeffrey S. Kaplan); "The Web of Life" (Diane Hoffbauer); "Using Literature to Combat Stereotypes" (Denise R. Emery); "Parallel Lives: Anne Frank and Today's Immigrant Studies" (Mitzi Witkin); "Supporting Active and Reflective Response to Multicultural Literature" (Elizabeth Noll, Charlotte Valencia Lindahl, and Debra Salazar; "Considering the Power of the Past: Pairing 'Nightjohn' and 'Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass'" (Kelly Chandler); "Teaching about China, Chinese Culture, and Chinese Americans through Literature Exploration and Interdisciplinary Instruction" (Alyce Hunter); "Dramatic Encounters: Experiencing Multicultural Literature" (Jeffrey D. Wilhelm); "Science and English: Connecting with Multicultural Young Adult Literature" (Amy Hackett); "Multicultural Literature and Mathematical Connections: Bridges to Span Mathematical Understanding in a Diverse World" (David K. Pugalee); "Puzzlements from a Pooper: Or Much Confusion about 'Multicultural'" (Ted Hipple); "Weaving Many Cultures into the Curriculum" (Elizabeth A. Poe); "Moving from the Merely Mentioned to the Multicultural" (Mary R. Harmon); "Connecting with Students through Multicultural Young Adult Novels" (Diana Mitchell); and "A Source Guide for Locating Multicultural Literature for Young Adults" (Dee Storey). An extensive annotated bibliography is attached. (NKA).

The Flawless Skin of Ugly People

A Novel

Author: Doug Crandell

Publisher: Virgin Books Limited


Category: Fiction

Page: 211

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Hobbie, a thirty-seven-year-old misfit suffering from a lifelong acne problem, is forced to take control of his life after Kari, his live-in girlfriend of twenty years, checks into an in-patient weight-loss program to come to terms with her obesity.





Category: Beauty, Personal


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Understanding Survivors of Abuse

Stories of Homeless and Runaway Adolescents

Author: Jane Levine Powers

Publisher: Free Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 163

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This book presents the stories of maltreated homeless youth who have survived and developed a positive direction for their lives. Part I provides a framework for understanding and interpreting the in-depth portraits that follow. It presents the latest research on the patterns and dynamics of abuse and neglect, and explores their impact on adolescents, particularly runaway and homeless youth. The psychological effects discussed are depression, low self-esteem, loss of trust, anxiety, denial, problems with establishing intimacy, hopelessness about the future, and distortion of the concept of family. Behavioral effects discussed include sexual acting out, aggression, manipulation, a victimization mentality, suicide, and survivor guilt. One chapter details practical approaches for professionals to use when interviewing youths who may have been abused. In part II, the survivors discuss their lives, their family backgrounds, and their experiences on the street, and in the social service system. This book is useful for professionals in understanding troubled youth, and what they need to survive and develop a positive direction for their lives.


Author: University City (Mo.) . BOARD OF EDUCATION





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