Road Trip Rwanda

A Journey Into the New Heart of Africa

Author: Will Ferguson




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"Hope lives in Africa." Twenty years after the genocide that left Rwanda in ruins, Giller Prize-winning author Will Ferguson travels deep into the once-mysterious "Land of a Thousand Hills" with his friend and cohort Jean-Claude Munyezamu, a man who escaped Rwanda just months before the killings began. From the legendary Source of the Nile to Dian Fossey's famed "gorillas in the mist," from innovative refugee camps along the Congolese border to the world's most escapable prison, from tragic genocide sites to open savannahs and a bridge to freedom, from schoolyard soccer pitches to a cunning plan to get rich on passion fruit, Ferguson and Munyezamu discover a country reborn. Funny, engaging, poignant, and at times heartbreaking, "Road Trip Rwanda" is the lively tale of two friends, the open road, and the hidden heart of a continent. "From the Hardcover edition.""

The Hope That Remains

Canadian Survivors of the Rwandan Genocide

Author: Christine Magill



Category: History

Page: 212

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In 1994 one of the worst genocides in human history took place in Rwanda--more than one million people were killed in 100 days. Each chapter in The Hope That Remains focuses on a Rwandan survivor and the journey to escape the violence and chaos that overtook their country. Two of the featured stories follow individuals who fled before the killing began and the events that caused them to flee. Both were then faced with the challenge of being outsiders looking in as events deteriorated and their families were slaughtered. The other eight survivors share their detailed and gripping experiences of trying to stay alive while trapped in a nation of killers. Twenty-five years after the Rwandan Genocide, the scars are still very real, and rebuilding and coping with the trauma remains an emotional struggle. Despite their horrific pasts, the survivors share feelings of hope, forgiveness, and a belief in a better future. They demonstrate the strength and courage it takes to leave behind the known to seek a better life in a new country. Their journeys to Canada contain humorous moments, thoughtful insights, and an overwhelming love and pride for the nation they now call home.


Author: Philip Briggs

Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides


Category: Travel

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Rwanda, the Land of a Thousand Hills, is famed for its mountain gorillas and as the setting for the film Gorillas in the Mist. Fifteen years on from the tragic genocide of 1994, this compact country is rapidly emerging as one of Africa's most exciting ecotourism destinations, boasting three diverse national parks. The only English-language guidebook to Rwanda, this updated fourth edition lists the newest hotels, tours, activities, tour operators and all other travel practicalities. Whether you want to explore Rwanda's ancient and modern history, watch performances of traditional dance and drumming, or climb a volcano, this guide is an essential part of your trip.

Rwanda, Where Souls Turn to Dust

My Journey from Exile to Legacy

Author: Um'khonde Patrick Habamenshi

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 317

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The author, Um'Khonde Patrick Habamenshi, was appointed Minister of Agriculture in Rwanda in October 2003, two days after his thirty-fifth birthday. It started as a dream but rapidly became a nightmare marked by constant threats, insults, and unfounded accusations. He resigned in May 2005 and sought refuge in the Canadian Embassy in Kigali. The following year was a slow downward spiral to the same hell that decimated Rwanda in 1994, a hell of injustice and senseless persecution. The experience left him broken beyond words. He was left with the demons and ghosts of his broken country and with tortured experiences that would surely destroy him if he succumbed to them. Rwanda, Where Souls Turn to Dust is the remarkable story of his healing path to rebuilding his mind, body and spirit. He had to move away from the negative things that had been dominating his life, the loss of his loved ones, and the loss of his previous dreams. He rebuilt his life from the ashes of his old life in Rwanda, a life free of hatred, free of prejudice, and free of fears.

The Ultimate Road Trip

12 Journeys that Shape Your Future

Author: Jay Stewart

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers


Category: Religion

Page: 224

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Ultimate Road Trip is an exciting navigational tool taking you through the challenges, twists, and turns of life bringing you great hope and encouragement. You will celebrate life’s journey, not just the destination. Based on inspirational biblical journeys, pastor and author Jay Stewart aptly applies lessons learned to your everyday life. Practical application is made from Esther’s journey to the palace, Saul’s journey to Damascus, the Israelites’ journey out of Egypt, the Queen of Sheba’s journey to Solomon, and others. From thrilling stories in the Word, researched historical information, exegetical insight, and theological perspective, you will be encouraged and inspired. Journeys of motivation and faith-building include: • Determination. • Survival. • Transformation. • Deliverance. • Excellence. The compelling writing style, humor, practical wisdom, and easy-to-understand biblical truths appeal to all ages. Written for pre-Christians as well as mature believers, the practical, biblical steps offered assist you in making life’s difficult decisions, while urging you to passionately pursue your personal journey with God. Ultimate Road Trip could easily be adapted as a study guide in small group settings, Sunday school classes, campus ministries, and youth groups.

Rwandan Genocide: The Essential Reference Guide

Author: Alexis Herr Ph.D.

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: Political Science

Page: 319

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This important reference work offers students an accessible overview of the Rwandan Genocide, with more than 100 detailed articles by leading scholars on an array of topics and themes and 20 key primary source documents. • Elucidates the many factors, from economic motivations to international malaise, that contributed to the Rwandan Genocide • Profiles male and female perpetrators who led, participated in, and planned the genocide • Highlights the stories of Rwandan and foreign heroes who risked and, in some cases, lost their lives to save others • Sketches the many complexities that help explain why the United Nations and the international community at large failed to stop the atrocities

Journey Into Darkness

Genocide in Rwanda

Author: Thomas Paul Odom

Publisher: Texas A&M University Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 297

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Odom offers an insider's account of the events before, during, and after the genocide that has killed over 3 million Rwandans. A defense attache and foreign area specialist in the Army who spent over 18 months in Rwanda, Odom focuses on two U.S. embassies, intelligence operations, U.N. peacekeeping efforts, and regional reactions.

New African




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Process Mapping Road Trip

Improve Organizational Workflow in Five Steps

Author: William Sparks



Category: Workflow

Page: 70

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An organization or business is made up of processes. If we can improve processes, then we can improve our organizations. Few of us have the time to become a process expert. No problem. With Process Mapping Road Trip, you can follow the five steps towards mapping a process and improving workflow efficiency. This book uses the analogy of a road trip to follow a process through its various stops to a final destination. Written in everyday language, Process Mapping Road Trip is a user-friendly business book that you can quickly read and apply in your organization. Managers at all levels can follow the five steps to improve processes within their department, or those workflows that cut across multiple departments. Process Mapping Road Trip is based on a highly-acclaimed workshop delivered annually at the InsideNGO conference in Washington, D.C.

Invest in Rwanda

Author: Rwanda. Ministère de la coopération internationale et du plan. Service de la documentation extérieure



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