Author: John Sweeney

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer



Page: 364

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When a child is kidnapped by his unstable mother, the father turns to Joe Tiplady--offering him a lot of money to find the boy and bring him back. It soon becomes clear that Joe will have to earn every cent: mother and son are in war-torn Syria, and they've willingly joined the ranks of ISIS. Meanwhile Zeke Chandler, CIA deputy director, is in Albania, where four electrocuted bodies have been found on a mountainside near a secret black-ops facility. Two seemingly unrelated incidents, but Joe will find himself crossing paths with Zeke again. From the Hollywood underworld to bombed-out Aleppo, via a controversial US election and a global refugee crisis, Joe's hunt for the missing boy will send him to the darkest, most dangerous places in the modern world. And his search may force him to confront the unfinished business in his own murky past--that is, if he survives.

Estrellita de Oro

Author: Joe Hayes



Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 30

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In this variation of the Cinderella story, coming from the Hispanic tradition in New Mexico, Arciâa and her wicked stepsisters have different encounters with a magical hawk and are left physically changed in ways that will affect their meeting with the prince.