The Journeys of Aquila and Moondust

Author: Matthew R Brackley



Category: Fiction

Page: 172

View: 111

An extraordinary journey of love set in verse. Aquila and Moondust are timeless.Read of their journey and of what love really means in their universe.......... Created in A4 size for ease of reading and for sharing.

Songs of Water

Author: Matthew R Brackley



Category: Poetry

Page: 100

View: 394

This compilation is about water..... From a single drop, to a stream, to a river, to a sea, to an ocean. The spirit belongs on the sea...... From joy to searching for meaning.... Beautiful, insightful poetry that wends its' way, meandering through your heart.The water is your discovery...............created in A4 for ease of reading and for sha

Dragonflies and Hearts

Author: Matthew R Brackley



Category: Fiction

Page: 120

View: 440

This poetry collection is about.... Dragonflies and Hearts Of ponds and summer, Lilies and iridescence and of you.

Run, River, Run

A Naturalist's Journey Down One of the Great Rivers of the American West

Author: Ann Zwinger

Publisher: University of Arizona Press


Category: Nature

Page: 340

View: 890

"The Green River runs wild, free and vigourous from southern Wyoming to northeastern Utah. Edward Abbey wrote in these pages in 1975 that Anne Zwinger's account "of the Green River and its subtle forms of life and nonlife may be taken as authoritative. 'Run, River, Run,' should serve as a standard reference work on this part of the American West for many years to come." ÑNew York Times Book Review

Brothers, We Are Not Professionals

A Plea to Pastors for Radical Ministry

Author: John Piper

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group


Category: Religion

Page: 307

View: 577

John Piper pleads with fellow pastors to abandon the professionalization of the pastorate and pursue the prophetic call of the Bible for radical ministry.

Voyages: Canada's Heritage Rivers (soft cover)

Author: Lynn E. Noel

Publisher: Breakwater Books


Category: History

Page: 197

View: 364

Voyages is an exceptional book that celebrates the diversity and splendor of the twenty-seven rivers nominated to the Canadian Heritage Rivers system. Lynn Noel has assembled an impressive collection of stories that are filled with a spirit of adventure, discovery, beauty, and joy. The rivers in this book are more than flowing water, each has a unique story to tell, and each represents an important part of our Canadian heritage and identity. These rivers are the threads that bind this nation, from the Arctic Barrens to southe Ontario 's farmlands, from Newfoundland Rocky Hills to the mountains and glaciers of British Columbia. This is a perfect book for anyone who cares for or wishes to lea about, Canada's Spectacular River heritage and environment. - Don Gibson, National Manager, Canadian heritage rivers system project. The exploration of Canada's national river conservation system in its first ten years. Their spirit of place is captured in river songs, folktales, and Canadian Literature, with color photographs and hand-drawn maps.

Siberian River Run-Off in the Kara Sea

Characterisation, Quantification, Variability and Environmental Significance

Author: Stein Ruediger

Publisher: Elsevier


Category: Science

Page: 496

View: 584

Within the joint German-Russian research project "Siberian River Run-off (SIRRO)" multidisciplinary studies were carried out in the Ob and Yenisei estuaries and adjacent southern Kara Sea (Arctic Ocean). The overall goal of the project was to extend knowledge on understanding the freshwater and sediment input by the major Siberian rivers and its impact on the environments of the inner Kara Sea. The main results of oceanographical, biological, geochemical, geological and modelling studies are presented in four main chapters such as: Modern Discharge: Data and modelling; Discharge and biological processes; Discharge and organic carbon cycle; and Discharge and sediment records.

River Flow 2004

Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics, 23-25 June 2004, Napoli, Italy, Two Volme Set

Author: Massimo Greco

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Science

Page: 1491

View: 547

RiverFlow 2004 is the Second International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics, organized as speciality conferences under the auspices of the International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research (IAHR) within its Fluvial Hydraulics and Eco Hydraulics Sections. RiverFlow conferences are a significant forum of discussion for many researchers

Tried, Tested and True Poets from Across the Globe

Author: Renee' Drummond-Brown

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Poetry

Page: 432

View: 966

Renee’s Poems with Wings Are Words in Flight has opened the door to allow mutually inspired poets from across the globe to weigh in and collaborate, bringing the best of the best prolific prose within this book. Thus, it makes them tried, tested, and true poets changing the world, one poem at a time.