Riding Logic

Author: Wilhelm Müseler

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 202

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The complete rules and training procedures for horse and rider are carefully explained in what has become a standard text

Riding Logic

Transform Riding Skills to Art on Horseback with Classical Lessons in Flatwork and Jumping

Author: Wilhelm Museler

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Pub


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 159

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Out of print for more than 10 years, this classic book on equitation introduces and explains the art of riding. Updated with all new color photography of contemporary riders and horses, it includes details on training the rider, schooling the horse, cross-country riding, dressage exercises, and jumping techniques. It expertly provides a wealth of practical knowledge and experience and concisely lays down rules and guidelines that are as applicable today as when the book was written more than 70 years ago. Beginners and experts alike will find the instructions easy to follow and will benefit from the essential theoretical background provided here but so often overlooked in modern riding.

Risk Communication and Vaccination

Workshop Summary

Author: Board on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Publisher: National Academies Press


Category: Medical

Page: 34

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Reflections on Riding and Jumping

Winning Techniques for Serious Riders

Author: William Steinkraus

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 240

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A revised and updated edition of a classic work on horses and horsemanship by one of the most acclaimed riders in show jumping history.

Complete Horse Riding Manual

Author: William Micklem

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd


Category: Pets

Page: 400

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Gallop your way to horse riding success with this comprehensive and bestselling handbook Perfect your equestrian skills with the Complete Horse Riding Manual. Suitable for horse riders of all ages and all abilities it will guide you through every stage of the riding process from the first time in the saddle to mastering advanced riding skills. Revised and updated to include all the latest techniques and equipment, you'll find everything you need to know about dressage, show jumping, cross country and young horse training as well as how to find and develop your ultimate horse, all presented in spectacular visual detail. Professional tips on mental and physical preparation for both horse and rider from internationally renowned horse trainer, William Micklem, will ensure equestrian excellence - Complete Horse Riding Manual is a truly thoroughbred guide.

Rethinking Industrial Relations

Mobilization, Collectivism, and Long Waves

Author: John E. Kelly

Publisher: Psychology Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 177

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This original book is a wide-ranging, radical and highly innovative critique of the prevailing orthodoxies within industrial relations and human resource management. It covers: * central problems in industrial relations * the mobilization theory of collective action * the growth of non-union workplaces and the prospects and desirability of a new labour-management social partnership * an historical account of worker collectivism, organization and militancy and state or employer counter mobilization * a critique of postmodernism and accounts of the end of the labour movement. Containing a detailed examination of the evolution of industrial relations, it argues that the area is often under-theorized and influenced by the policy agenda of the state or employers, and will prove informative reading for students of industrial relations.

Zen Mind, Zen Horse

The Science and Spirituality of Working with Horses

Author: Allan J. Hamilton

Publisher: Storey Publishing


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 320

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“Far more than a book about how to care for a horse, though it stands out as one of the best on the subject . . . beautiful” (Susan Richards, author of Chosen by a Horse). This unique guide to horsemanship incorporates Eastern philosophy to describe how horses understand and respond to the flow of vital energy around them, and how they use this energy, called chi, to communicate with their herd, express dominance, and sense predators. Written by the award-winning author of The Scalpel and the Soul, and including forewords by Monty Roberts and Dr. Robert Miller, Zen Mind, Zen Horse shares safe, simple techniques to make you more receptive to your animal’s chi, so you can develop a calm and effective training style that will not only help your horse follow commands, but strengthen the spiritual bond between horse and rider.