Religion, Science, Medicine and Warfare

Author: Simon Adams

Publisher: Southwater Pub


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Throughout history, people have sought to understand the world around them and to find ways of making their lives and their work easier and more comfortable. This book brings together four key areas of human knowledge and traces the history and development of each one in turn.

Science and Morality in Medicine

A Survey of Medical Educators

Author: Earl R. Babbie

Publisher: Univ of California Press


Category: Medical ethics

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America, History and Life




Category: Canada


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Article abstracts and citations of reviews and dissertations covering the United States and Canada.

Neglected Perspectives on Science and Religion

Historical and Contemporary Relations

Author: Wayne Viney

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: Philosophy

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Neglected Perspectives on Science and Religion explores historical and contemporary relations between science and religion, providing new perspectives on familiar topics such as evolution and the Galileo affair. The book also explores common differences in science and religion with respect to their various treatments of doubt, curiosity, and the methods by which truth claims are assessed. The book includes discussions of religious and scientific treatments of the origins of males and females, evolving views of sex and gender, and contemporary tensions about topics such as same-sex marriage. Viney and Woody also include a chapter exploring the effects of social science research on religious topics such as prayer, prejudice, and violence. The rise of social sciences such as psychology, sociology, and anthropology has resulted in discoveries that contribute to new ways of thinking about the relations of science and religion. This book is ideal for graduate and upper-level undergraduate students, as well as anyone interested in science and religion.

A History of the Warfare of Science With Theology in Christendom

The Truth Shall Make You Free

Author: Andrew Dickson White

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform


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"My hope is to aid--even if it be but a little--in the gradual and healthful dissolving away of this mass of unreason, that the stream of "religion pure and undefiled" may flow on broad and clear, a blessing to humanity." "It reminds the reader of just how far we have advanced in our understandings of the relationships among religion, science, technology, and theology." --Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith The Visible Universe Theological Teachings Regarding The Animals And Man , Of An Evolution In Animated Nature The Final Effort Of Theology Chapter II. Geography The Form Of The Earth The Delineation Of The Earth The Inhabitants Of The Earth The Size Of The Earth The Character Of The Earth's Surface Astronomy The Old Sacred Theory Of The Universe The Heliocentric Theory The War Upon Galileo Victory Of The Church Over Galileo From "Signs And Wonders" To Law In The Heavens The Theological View Theological Efforts To Crush The Scientific View The Invasion Of Scepticism Theological Efforts At Compromise From Genesis To Geology Growth Of Theological Explanations Efforts To Suppress The Scientific View THE FIRST GREAT EFFORT AT COMPROMISE, BASED ON THE FLOOD OF NOAH Final Efforts At Compromise. The Victory Of Science Complete The Antiquity Of Man Egyptology, And Assyriology The Sacred Chronology The New Chronology The Antiquity Of Man And Prehistoric Archaeology The Thunder-Stones The Flint Weapons And Implements The "Fall Of Man" And Anthropology The "Fall Of Man" And Ethnology The "Fall Of Man" And History From "The Prince Of The Power Of The Air" To Meteorology Growth Of A Theological Theory DIABOLIC AGENCY IN STORMS The Agency Of Witches Franklin's Lightning-Rod From Magic To Chemistry And Physics The Supremacy of Magic The Triumph of Chemistry and Physics From Miracles To Medicine The Early And Sacred Theories Of Disease Growth Of Legends Of Healing. -- The Life Of Xavier As A Typical Example The Mediaeval Miracles Of Healing Check Medical Science The Attribution Of Disease To Satanic Influence. "Pastoral Medicine" Checks Scientific Effort Theological Opposition To Anatomical Studies Theological Discouragement Of Medicine Fetich Cures Under Protestantism. The Royal Touch The Scientific Struggle For Anatomy Theological Opposition To Inoculation, Vaccination, And The Use Of Anaesthetics Final Breaking Away Of The Theological Theory In Medicine From Fetich To Hygiene The Theological View Of Epidemics And Sanitation The Triumph Of Sanitary Science The Relation Of Sanitary Science To Religion From "Demoniacal Possession" To Insanity Theological Ideas Of Lunacy And Its Treatment Beginnings Of A Healthful Scepticism The Final Struggle And Victory Of Science. -- Pinel And Tuke From Diabolism To Hysteria The Epidemics Of "Possession." Beginnings Of Helpful Scepticism Theological "Restatements." Final Triumph Of The Scientific View And Methods From Babel To Comparative Philology The Sacred Theory In Its First Form The Sacred Theory Of Language In Its Second Form Breaking Down Of The Theological View Triumph Of The New Science From The Dead Sea Legends To Comparative Mythology, The Growth Of Explanatory Transformation Myths Mediaeval Growth Of The Dead Sea Legends Post-Reformation Culmination Of The Dead Sea Legends. -- Beginnings Of A Healthful Scepticism Theological Efforts At Compromise. Triumph Of The Scientific View From Leviticus To Political Economy Origin And Progress Of Hostility To Loans At Interest Retreat Of The Church, Protestant And Catholic From The Divine Oracles To The Higher Criticism The Older Interpretation Beginnings Of Scientific Interpretation The Continued Growth Of Scientific Interpretation The Closing Struggle Victory Of The Scientific And Literary Methods Reconstructive Force Of Scientific Criticism

Historical Abstracts

Twentieth century abstracts, 1914-. Part B




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Miracles and Medicine

New Chapters in the Warfare of Science

Author: Andrew D. White

Publisher: Literature and Knowledge Publishing


Category: History

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Nothing in the evolution of human thought appears more inevitable than the idea of supernatural intervention in producing and curing disease. The causes of disease are so intricate that they are reached only after ages of scientific labor. In those periods when man sees everywhere miracle and nowhere law; when he attributes all things which he can not understand to a will like his own, he naturally ascribes his diseases either to the wrath of a good being or to the malice of an evil being... Progress in medical science within the past quarter of a century has been vast indeed; the theological view of disease has greatly faded, and the theological hold upon medical education has been almost entirely relaxed. In three great fields especially, discoveries have been made which have done much to disperse the atmosphere of miracle...

Faith in an Age of Reason and Science

Author: Ferdinand Nwaigbo

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Heals the old rift between faith and reason, and to open a new horizon for faith and science in the New Age.

A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom, Vol. II (in Two Volumes)

Author: Andrew D. White

Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.


Category: Religion

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The battle between science and religion in American popular life is as old as America itself. By the late 19th century, it had reached a fever pitch, culminating in the two-volume 1896 work A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom. The result of thirty years of research by historian and educator ANDREW DICKSON WHITE (1832-1918), a founder of Cornell University, this is White's attack on intellectually stifling religious dogma and his explication of the "conflict thesis" of outright warfare between science and religion. While scholars today generally see the situation as more nuanced, the conflict thesis remains a popular metaphor in the mind of the general public, and White's work continues to speak to us today. H.L. Mencken called this "one of the noblest monuments of American scholarship," and it will fascinate anyone who is troubled by the ongoing influence by religious authorities into secular science. In Volume II, White looks at the shift "from miracles to medicine," "from demonic possession to insanity," and other modern transformations of humanity's understanding of the world and ourselves.