Learn to Relax

Author: Gordon Rosenberg

Publisher: Gordon Rosenberg


Category: Medical


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Now Release and Let Go

Author: Annmarie Steffes

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 34

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People all over the world are suffering for a variety of reasons. There are people who suffer from several different types of mental illness, people who suffer from a broke heart or a loss of hope. We all suffer and likewise we all need to know and feel love. It doesn't take anything away from us if we were to stop and reach out our hand to help another understand that they are loved and cared for by someone. This is a book of poetry and inspiration, a voice for those who have lost their own voice through pain.

Tao of Letting Go

Meditation for Modern Living

Author: Bruce Frantzis

Publisher: North Atlantic Books


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 175

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Outlines a program based on ancient Taoist techniques for releasing tension, fear, anger, and pain, in a guide by an energy arts practitioner that demonstrates how to enable positive change without force by releasing blocks to one's spiritual resources. Original.

Will the Real Me Please Stand Up

Let's Go Deeper Companion Workbook

Author: Pam Kanaly

Publisher: Tate Publishing


Category: Religion

Page: 204

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Who are you? You're not who you think you are! You are God's delight! Author Pam Kanaly dares you to dig down to your true identity inWill the Real Me Please Stand Up: Let's Go Deeper. Through 100 spiritual endowments known as the 'I Am Blessings,' Pam Kanaly unfolds your immense value to God. These 'I Am Blessings' define the core of your true personhood and implore you to take hold of your God-given inheritance for expansive living. You have the power to conquer defeat and step into a triumphant life. As a child of the King, are you enjoying your spiritual heritage or are you living beneath your privileges? It's time for the real you to arise and embrace your identity in Jesus Christ.Will the Real Me Please Stand Up: Let's Go DeeperBible study is appropriate for the following: • Church Bible studies • Home groups • Sunday School classes • Individual study • Accountability groups • Men and women Teaching DVD available through AriseMinistries.net.

Living the Christ Life

Rediscovering the Seasons of the Christian Year

Author: Louise Mangan

Publisher: Wood Lake Publishing Inc.


Category: Religion

Page: 240

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This valuable program resource for clergy, worship planners and lay leaders offers practical tools for celebrating the Christian year at church, home or school. Organized around the cycles of Christmas and Easter, it provides activities, craft ideas, prayers, meditations, and ways to encounter scripture. Background information to origins of festivals, colors, symbols and art of the various seasons will help you deepen your understanding and experience of Christian faith. Indexed by scripture reference and theme. Includes a glossary. Permission to photocopy portions of text and prayers for use in worship services.

An Independent Study Guide to Reading Greek

Author: Joint Association of Classical Teachers

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 280

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First published in 1978 and now thoroughly revised, Reading Greek is a best-selling one-year introductory course in ancient Greek for students of any age. It combines the best of modern and traditional language-learning techniques and is used in schools, summer schools and universities across the world. This Independent Study Guide is intended to help students who are learning Greek on their own or with only limited access to a teacher. It contains notes on the texts that appear in the Text and Vocabulary volume, translations of all the texts, answers to the exercises in the Grammar and Exercises volume and cross-references to the relevant fifth-century background in The World of Athens. There are instructions of how to use the course and the Study Guide. The book will also be useful to students in schools, universities and summer schools who have to learn Greek rapidly.

Let Go

Release Yourself From Anxiety

Author: Elizabeth Archer

Publisher: Summersdale


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 160

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A beautifully designed and accessible book on letting go of stress and anxiety through practical lifestyle changes and holistic therapies. I breathe in peace, I breathe out tension Embrace the calm and happiness that comes once you've learnt to let go. Don't we all want to live a life full of positivity and joy, unshackled by anxiety? Well, the secret is in letting go of our fears, stress and worries, and this accessible and beautifully designed book will show you how. With practical techniques for understanding and dealing with anxiety, ways to apply simple lifestyle changes and information about therapies you can try at home, and the most effective treatments to explore, this is the book you need to take control of your life.

Letting Go

Author: Veronica Ray

Publisher: Hazelden Publishing


Category: Self-Help

Page: 36

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People recovering from codependency, adult children of dysfunctional families, and those seeking healthier relationships will find welcome wisdom and inspiration in the first four A Moment to Reflect booklets, Hazelden's newest inspirational series for Twelve Step living. Each of these four take-along booklets contains 30 topical affirmations that guide us as we work to improve our relationships. The first four booklets in this series address setting boundaries, letting go, accepting ourselves, and living our own lives. The meditations within are dedicated to the important, often difficult task of releasing our old self-defeating attitudes and behaviors. We can move forward toward greater peace and serenity by letting go of the past and the future; obsessions with other people's feelings and problems; old guilt, shame, fear, and pain; destructive relationships; impatience; perfectionism; fearfulness; pessimism; and magical thinking. Letting go frees us to live in the present and build a better future. Without the weight of our old patterns of holding us back, we can move forward along our path of spiritual growth. We can reach for new healthier, happier ways of living.

Life after Stress

Author: M. Shaffer

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Psychology

Page: 273

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STRESS STYLES It is late afternoon on the last Friday of the month. At the bank, the lines of customers waiting to deposit their paychecks or to withdraw money for the weekend have stretched practically to the front doors. At one window, a customer finishes and the next person, a merchant, steps up. He opens a cloth bag and produces a stack of checks, cash, and deposit slips almost two inches thick. The teller's eyes widen. This will be at least ten minutes' work, maybe fifteen. What about those other customers waiting in line? How will they react? Interestingly enough, the reactions of the customers waiting in line behind the merchant vary considerably. Gary Johnson, for instance, is furious. He grinds his cigarette under his heel and mutters about inconsiderate jerks who wait until the last minute to deposit their week's receipts. Gary shifts back and forth from foot to foot, the swaying of his body telegraphing his frustration. He probes his pockets to see whether any of his antacid mints are left. Finding none, he curses under his breath and lights another cigarette.

Release To Grow

Letting Go Opens The Door To A New Beginning

Author: Gwengale J. Parker, M. DIV.

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Category: Religion

Page: 134

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Reverend Gwengale J. Parker is a woman of God. She attended various Georgia colleges where she obtained a BA in business administration and accounting, and a master’s degree in divinity. She is an ordained minister of the gospel of the Baptist faith. She is the wife of Charles Parker, the mother of Marcus, Crystal, and DeWayne, and the grandmother of Crystal, D’Asia, and Elyse. The author does not see or understand the importance of credentials gained on this earth. Therefore, she describes herself as a servant of God, all about doing her heavenly Father’s will. She enjoys preaching and teaching the Word of God. She strives to take Christians out of a building called church and put the church where God intended it to be: in the hearts of men.