Reconsidering Roots

Race, Politics, and Memory

Author: Erica L. Ball

Publisher: University of Georgia Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 234

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This wide-ranging interdisciplinary collection—the first of its kind—invites us to recon­sider the politics and scope of the Roots phenomenon of the 1970s. Alex Haley’s 1976 book was a publishing sensation, selling over a million copies in its first year and winning a National Book Award and a special Pulitzer Prize. The 1977 television adaptation was more than a blockbuster miniseries—it was a galvanizing national event, drawing a record-shattering viewership, earning thirty-eight Emmy nominations, and changing overnight the discourse on race, civil rights, and slavery. These essays—from emerging and established scholars in history, sociology, film, and media studies—interrogate Roots, assessing the ways that the book and its dramatization recast representations of slavery, labor, and the black family; reflected on the promise of freedom and civil rights; and engaged discourses of race, gender, violence, and power in the United States and abroad. Taken together, the essays ask us to reconsider the limitations and possibilities of this work, which, although dogged by controversy, must be understood as one of the most extraordinary media events of the late twentieth century, a cultural touchstone of enduring significance. Contributors: Norvella P. Carter, Warren Chalklen, Elise Chatelain, Robert K. Chester, Clare Corbould, C. Richard King, David J. Leonard, Delia Mellis, Francesca Morgan, Tyler D. Parry, Martin Stollery, Dominic Meng-Hsuan Yang, Bhekuyise Zungu

Rethinking the Roots of Terrorism

Author: J. Franks

Publisher: Springer


Category: Political Science

Page: 248

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Rethinking the Roots of Terrorism seeks to explain why terrorism occurs. This study provides a comprehensive interdisciplinary survey that investigates the motivations, reasons and causes of terrorism at all levels in society, and more specifically in the context of the Middle East.

The Green Crusade

Rethinking the Roots of Environmentalism

Author: Charles T. Rubin

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield


Category: Nature

Page: 312

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Searching and provocative--The New York Review of Books

The Roots of Theatre

Rethinking Ritual and Other Theories of Origin

Author: Eli Rozik

Publisher: University of Iowa Press


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 362

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The topic of the origins of theatre is one of the most controversial in theatre studies, with a long history of heated discussions and strongly held positions. In The Roots of Theatre, Eli Rozik enters the debate in a feisty way, offering not just another challenge to those who place theatre’s origins in ritual and religion but also an alternative theory of roots based on the cultural and psychological conditions that made the advent of theatre possible. Rozik grounds his study in a comprehensive review and criticism of each of the leading historical and anthropological theories. He believes that the quest for origins is essentially misleading because it does not provide any significant insight for our understanding of theatre. Instead, he argues that theatre, like music or dance, is a sui generis kind of human creativity—a form of thinking and communication whose roots lie in the spontaneous image-making faculty of the human psyche. Rozik’s broad approach to research lies within the boundaries of structuralism and semiotics, but he also utilizes additional disciplines such as psychoanalysis, neurology, sociology, play and game theory, science of religion, mythology, poetics, philosophy of language, and linguistics. In seeking the roots of theatre, what he ultimately defines is something substantial about the nature of creative thought—a rudimentary system of imagistic thinking and communication that lies in the set of biological, primitive, and infantile phenomena such as daydreaming, imaginative play, children’s drawing, imitation, mockery (caricature, parody), storytelling, and mythmaking.

Reconsidering Difference

Nancy, Derrida, Levinas, and Deleuze

Author: Todd May

Publisher: Penn State University Press


Category: Philosophy

Page: 208

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French philosophy since World War II has been preoccupied with the issue of difference. The author considers that the most prominent thinkers have endorsed positions which are incoherent or implausible. Here he reconceives difference by way of "contingent holism".

'A Bastard Gaelic Man'

Reconsidering the Highland Roots of Adam Ferguson




Category: Civil society


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Unification Reconsidered

A Contemporary Social & Political History of Liberia

Author: Robert A. Smith



Category: Liberia

Page: 164

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Evaluation Practice Reconsidered

Author: Thomas A. Schwandt

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated


Category: Social Science

Page: 224

View: 462

Taken collectively, the ideas explored here suggest a way of reasoning about and engaging in evaluation that is not bound either to the characterization of evaluation as applied social science or to efforts to foster the development of evaluation as a professional practice of experts. Rather, the book explores evaluation as practical hermeneutics.

Reconsidering the Grass-roots Development

Challenges of Development ; a Critical Review and Assessment of Village Development Planning in Tanzania

Author: Charles Marwa Samson Birore



Category: Tanzania


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Congress Reconsidered

Author: Lawrence C. Dodd

Publisher: CQ Press


Category: Political Science

Page: 482

View: 474

Always a classic, Dodd and Oppenheimer’s Congress Reconsidered is the recognized source for in-depth, cutting-edge scholarship on Congress geared to undergraduates. Thoroughly updated—with ten brand new pieces and the others completely revised—this ninth edition includes cogent, timely analysis of the 2008 congressional elections, as well as coverage of: the 110th Democratic Congress,specifically its energy policy, its handling of the Iraq War, and its taxing and spending; the role of committees in Congress; leadership by women and minorities in Congress; the effects of campaign finance reform; differences in legislative activity between the Republican and Democratic Congresses; party coalition-building across the postwar era; and perspective on campaigns, elections,and political careers from member of Congress Daniel Lipinski.

Roots of the Bill of Rights

Author: Bernard Schwartz



Category: Constitutional amendments

Page: 1234

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Five volume set. 60203B v. 1--60203C v. 2--60203D v. 3 --60203F v. 4--60203H v. 5.

The Bar Kokhba War Reconsidered

New Perspectives on the Second Jewish Revolt Against Rome

Author: Peter Schafer

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck


Category: Religion

Page: 313

View: 190

Papers presented at a conference held at Princeton University in Nov., 2001.

Revisiting Relational Youth Ministry

From a Strategy of Influence to a Theology of Incarnation

Author: Andrew Root

Publisher: InterVarsity Press


Category: Religion

Page: 221

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Andrew Root reviews the history of relational/incarnational youth ministry in American evangelicalism and recasts the practice as one of "place-sharing"--not so much "earning the right to be heard" as honoring the human dignity of youth and locating God in their midst.

Poverty Reconsidered

An Inquiry Into the Use of Natural Resources in the Interior of Kenya During the Last Hundred Years

Author: Kjell-Ove Blom



Category: Human ecology

Page: 223

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"Roots by the River"

The History, Doctrine, and Practice of the Old German Baptist Brethren in Miami County, Ohio

Author: Marcus Miller



Category: Miami County (Ohio)

Page: 256

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